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Lucifer - S2E17 - Sympathy for the Goddess

Previously on Lucifer, “God Johnson”

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The Good Son

After last week’s visit from his father, Lucifer, his mother, and Amenadiel are looking for the final piece to pull the Flaming Sword together. Unfortunately, The Mother is woefully naïve; she gives their pieces of the sword to a criminal who deals in artifacts and is promptly killed by a rival. This unfortunate turn of events leads to some interesting team ups though. Chloe and The Mother are forced to work together to track down the killer who may be the son of one of Charlotte’s clients. And because Lucifer and The Mother are constantly putting him on the back burner, Amenadiel ends up hanging out with Dan. 

Lucifer excels at combining its cast in unlikely pairs. The Mother and Chloe together are instant comic relief since neither woman likes the other, but pairing Dan and Amenadiel leads to unexpected character development. Dan immediately recognizes that Amenadiel feels overshadowed by Lucifer. He thinks it’s because they’re competing over Charlotte’s affections and though Amenadiel assures him it’s not romantic, Dan and he are able to commiserate over what it’s like to be overshadowed by Lucifer. Another great thing that came out of the Chloe/Mother pairing was that Charlotte told Chloe she used to be involved with Lucifer dad and that’s why they’re close. Hopefully, no one will think they’re dating anymore.

Demon Fight

While Chloe and Dan are teaming up with their new partners, Lucifer is forced together with his original partner, Maze. Because Dr. Martin helped Lucifer escape from the mental institution last week, she’s under review and may lose her license. Since Maze is already upset about Lucifer not telling her about his plan to go to heaven, she forces him to make sure Dr. Martin doesn’t lose her job.

Lucifer is actually the worst person to bring in to convince someone of your innocence so when it all goes wrong, the two of them just end up brawling on the street after Maze tells him he’s just like his parents. Bruised and bloody in Dr. Martin’s office, Lucifer admits that he didn’t plan on staying in heaven but he did keep Maze in the dark because he needed her to be angry. Though he realizes how much he hurt Maze, it doesn’t detract from what he did and it looks like this is Lucifer’s last official therapy session because Dr. Martin was suspended.

The episode culminates in Amenadiel discovering the final piece of the Flaming Sword. It turns out he always had it because God entrusted it to his favorite son. Now that they have the sword, the gang needs to head to heaven because The Mother is being consumed from within by a supernatural light that’s also deadly to humans. Hopefully, Dan doesn’t nick her the next time they’re in bed.

The Devil Is Laughing

“She’s generous … as a therapist, as a lover, as a friend.” – Lucifer, trying to convince the medical board not to revoke Dr. Martin’s license.

“I get that money, that money don’t get me, oh ain’t that funny how y’all all wanna be the G” – Chloe awkwardly trying to create a distraction by rapping. It was bad. Think Katy Perry and Migos bad.

So far, this back half of the season has been interesting, but it feels like this journey to heaven needs to happen ASAP. The show always seems to be grounded in the reality that is LA so this trip would be a major departure for the show, but it feels like it’s time to go big or home. The small taste of God that we got last week — with any luck — will be the set up for an epic battle, and if we’re lucky, Lucifer will take us to a place we’ve never been before.

Lucifer S2E17
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“Sympathy for the Goddess”

Lucifer – S2E17 – “Sympathy for the Goddess” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Kevin Alejandro,  Rachael Harris, Tricia Helfer, Aimee Garcia

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