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Lucifer - S3E10 - The Sin Bin

Previously on Lucifer, “The Sinnerman”


They’ll Rock You And Roll You

Apologies, dear readers, because there was a sign about this week’s twist that I didn’t realize until I was watching this week. It clued me in pretty early about the reveal and I was kicking myself for not putting two and two together last week. So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Following his desperate blinding last week, The Sinnerman is pretty cocky. He knows Lucifer can’t compel him to divulge his plan and he has an ace up his sleeve: a woman he abducted and is keeping hostage. The only way he’ll give up her whereabouts is if he can lead them to her himself. Lucifer wants to do this plan because he wants to get The Sinnerman alone, but Pierce wants them to find The Sinnerman’s accomplice since the girl was abducted after The Sinnerman was arrested.

Luckily, Chloe actually agrees with Lucifer so the two of them cook up an Oceans Eleven-esque plan in order to get The Sinnerman out of jail. It involves Ella distracting Pierce and sending Dan a fake bomb, which he initially thought was a severed head (dont ask). Once they break The Sinnerman out, Lucifer takes him while they are distracted and Chloe discovers that the abducted girl faked her kidnapping because The Sinnerman asked her to.

To Shed Off Disgrace

Now that Lucifer has The Sinnerman alone, he wants to torture him and find out why he’s been messing with Lucifer’s life. He uses Maze, but Maze can’t find anything supernatural about The Sinnerman and she’s sure he’s human, which doesn’t make sense. When Lucifer becomes frustrated and just wants to kill him, Maze tries to remind him that angels aren’t allowed to kill humans, but Lucifer decides that that’s the best way to lose his wings and get his devil face back: by committing the ultimate sin.

This is where it gets interesting. As Lucifer tries to work up the nerve to kill The Sinnerman, he realizes that The Sinnerman wants Lucifer to kill him. Just when he’s about to find out why The Sinnerman wants to die, Chloe and Pierce come in and Pierce shoots The Sinnerman … because Pierce is THE FEDS! … I mean, Cain. As in Cain and Abel. Cain is the original murderer cast out by God for killing his brother and forced to wander the earth and never die. Cain also has a connection to angels as some Biblical scholars connect him to Samael, the Angel of Death, or say that Cain was actually the son of Satan and that’s why he was tempted to murder his brother.

Lucifer stabs Pierce to prove he is immortal and Pierce confirms that he is Cain. Now the question Lucifer needs to be asking is why Cain wants him to murder a human. If it’s true that angels are not allowed to kill humans, then Lucifer committing that action must be a step towards fulfilling Cain’s plan. It makes me think of the film Dogma. That story revolves around two fallen angels who have been cast out of heaven and find a loophole to return. The problem is that the loophole presents a flaw in God’s plan and their return would prove God wrong and undo the world. I wonder if Lucifer taking a human life would create some sort of loophole for Cain to finally end his wandering and leave the earth. But we’ll have to wait until January to find out what Cain wants from Lucifer.

The Devil Is Laughing

“Nice to see you again … too soon?” – one of The Sinnerman’s many sight puns.

“Obi Wan Can’t See Me is Maggie’s only hope.” – Lucifer trying to convince everyone to use The Sinnerman to get to Maggie.

The clue I missed last week was Pierce telling Chloe that The Sinnerman killed his brother. Not only was it a deviation from what Pierce told Lucifer (to Lucifer he intimated that The Sinnerman killed a lover or partner), but also admitting that it was his brother who died was a red flag. Although I love Kevin Carroll’s acting, I’m glad Pierce (and Welling) turned out to more integral to the story rather than just being a new love interest for Chloe. Speaking of love interests, the B-plot this week is Charlotte meeting Trixie. Not only does Trixie convince Charlotte to pull up her big girl pants and be a mom to her kids, she also sets up a date for Dan and Charlotte. Best wingman ever.

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"The Sin Bin"

Lucifer – S3E10 – “The Sin Bin” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Lesley Ann Brandt with Tom Welling, guest starring Kevin Carroll

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