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Lucifer - S3E17 - Let Pinhead Sing

Previously on Lucifer, “Infernal Guinea Pig”


Lucifer continues to flit from bad plan to bad plan. This week he’s decided that in order to keep Chloe safe, it wasn’t enough to stop working with Pierce, he also has to shift his focus from Chloe so that his father won’t “target” her anymore. I really need God to reveal his master plan just so that at the very least, Luci will stop coming up with these harebrained schemes based on assumptions … and yes, I know the harebrained schemes are the fun part of the show, but this season they are wearing a bit thin.

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When a pop singer named Axara (we’ll call her BeyoncéLite), is targeted at one of her shows, Lucifer decides to shift his focus to her and ignore Chloe. That plan backfires on him when BeyoncéLite turns out to be entitled, annoying, and off-key. While Lucifer is keeping her busy, Chloe tracks down the actual stalker, BeyoncéLite’s best friend and assistant who just wanted her bff to stop touring and go back to being a normal person. It’s sweet, but tragic and definitely psychotic, but it helps Lucifer realize that even when he was trying to shift the attention from Chloe he was still thinking about her the whole time.

Broken Hearts Club

Everyone else is depressed. Maze is still guilting Dr. Linda about Amenadiel so Charlotte decides to take them through mediation. Even though I really want this love triangle to wrap up, it won’t until Maze admits that she’s still in love with Amenadiel. Dr. Linda has managed to admit that her anger stems from being forced to give up Amenadiel because she really cared for him up but Maze is still maintaining that she doesn’t have feelings for him and that she’s just mad because they lied and that’s only half the truth. Until she can be honest and admit she made a mistake breaking up with him in the first place, this love triangle will drag out right until the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Pierce is in his office butchering folk songs because Lucifer got his hopes up about removing his curse and then bailed. Ella talks Dan into cheering him up even though Pierce can’t stand Dan. He decides to introduce Pierce to the person he thinks can help, Amenadiel. Even though they don’t like each other, Amenadiel and Pierce manage to come to a truce. After seeing how Lucifer has bonded with Chloe and how much faith Amenadiel has, Pierce decides that it’s worth having some hope for the future.

Although his plan was hokey, this episode had some fun moments. Lucifer and BeyoncéLite running scales and singing “I Will Survive” were definite highlights. With seven episodes to go, hopefully the story will start ramping up. If Pierce can find a loophole and remove his mark, then the fallout from that would be truly interesting. Lucifer needs to go celestial before this season ends.

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“Let Pinhead Sing”

Lucifer – S3E17 – “Let Pinhead Sing” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Lesley Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer guest starring Tom Welling

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