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Lucifer - S3E23 - Quintessential DeckerStar

Previously on Lucifer, “All Hands on Decker”

Back to Normal

Now that Chloe has broken up with Pierce, Lucifer wants to go back to the usual DeckerStar shenanigans (btw I did not approve that portmanteau and I don’t like it). But, as Dr. Linda points out, not choosing Pierce is not the same as choosing Lucifer and if that’s what Lucifer truly desires, then he needs to tell her how he feels. Of course, Luci throws that out the window and instead keeps bringing up significant moments in their history to “get back to normal” which only infuriates Chloe because it seems like he’s trivializing their history.

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On the flip side, Dan opened up to Charlotte and now they seem to be happy; only Charlotte is still having the dreams where her past clients come to kill her and she goes back to hell. Her dreams are realized when a past client, who she covered up a murder for 15 years ago, is now connected to a new murder. While he doesn’t turn out to be the murderer this time, Charlotte is able to get justice for the crime she was complicit in back then. And because Charlotte helps Chloe close both cases, Lucifer realizes that Chloe doesn’t need him to be good at her job (we’ll discuss that another time, kiddos) and instead she keeps him around because Chloe has chosen him. It’s a much-needed breakthrough (hallelujah) for their relationship and they finally kiss.

North Star

While Lucifer and Chloe finally open up to each other, Pierce has worked out a plan with Maze. He wants to kill God’s favorite son, Amenadiel, and get his mark back. Since he can’t have Chloe he doesn’t need it gone and he thinks he can frame Lucifer for Amenadiel’s murder and that will get Maze back to hell because Lucifer will take her with him. This plan is dumb because Maze might not care about killing Pierce but she does care about killing Amenadiel and when she won’t do it, Pierce knocks her out to go do the deed himself. Speaking of Amenadiel …

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said Chloe wasn’t the key and it’s Lucifer, Pierce, and Amenadiel’s own growth (or lack thereof) that affects their powers? Well, apparently, Amenadiel was the only one who read my recap because after a talk with Charlotte about how her subconscious impacts whether she goes to heaven or hell, he realizes maybe the same thing goes for celestial beings. Lucifer, who cannot let go of the idea that God is manipulating them because then it would mean he has to take responsibility for once, denies this theory but Amenadiel is starting to realize that, like Dorothy, the power to go home was within him all the time.

Which brings us to Charlotte. Last season, it seemed like she was always on borrowed time while The Mother inhabited her body and this season, we got to know her as she struggled not to wind up back in hell. But of course, her time was still finite. Charlotte was never going to survive all this, she’d already been brought back once and there aren’t any third chances. When Pierce tries to kill Amenadiel, Charlotte instinctively jumps in front of the bullet and dies in Amenadiel’s arms. And then in one of the most beautifully acted scenes on this show, Amenadiel spreads his angel wings, and carries her to heaven.

The end to Charlotte’s story was beautiful. Tricia Helfer and D.B. Woodside captured Charlotte’s last moments and Amenadiel’s return to godhood with a quiet grace. But the person I really feel for in all this is Dan. He, too, had truly moved on and now he’s back to square one. Next week will be about avenging Charlotte and sending Cain to hell where he belongs. He doesn’t deserve to walk this earth anymore. I wonder if his personal hell would be being in hell but not realizing he’s there.

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“Quintessential DeckerStar”

Lucifer – S3E23 – “Quintessential DeckerStar” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, D.B. Woodside, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Lesley Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer guest starring Tom Welling

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