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Marvel’s Inhumans - S1E3 - Divide… and Conquer

Previously on Marvel’s Inhumans, “Those Who Would Destroy Us” 

What’s happening on Marvel’s Inhumans isn’t necessarily bad, but the execution… well, that’s pretty bad. I can’t tell if the fight choreography is terrible or if it’s just edited poorly. Also, the dialogue is laughably bad at times. “You’ll never hear the voice of your oldest son again.” That son has a name, drama queen. And I’m still not sure why we need Crystal.

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History of Maximus and Black Bolt

As hinted at last week, we learn (via flashbacks) that Maximus was devastated when he learned that he is not Inhuman at all. He’s just a regular-ass human; as such, he’ll never be the king of Attilan. That honor is bestowed upon his brother Black Bolt, who has no interest in the gig. Sucks to lose a job to someone who doesn’t want or need it. Their father is so focused on Black Bolt being king that when Black Bolt’s deadly power is revealed, he insists his son will learn to control it so he can rule… even though that means putting the entire kingdom at risk.

The Would-Be, Wannabe King

Back on Attilan, Maximus is sure Gorgon laid a trap by leaving his comlink open, but he instructs Auran to go anyway. He sends her backup in the form of a handful of Inhumans, including one so dangerous he’s been kept locked away. Mordis — the most powerful Inhuman after Black Bolt — can shoot lasers out of his glowing eyes. No word yet on why he was locked up. Once he’s on Earth, all he does is complain about how much they’ve walked so maybe he whined people to death.

Maximus promises Crystal no one will die if she’ll just read a prepared speech that names him the king. He thinks it will solidify his position with the doubters if a member of the royal family endorses him. She plays along just enough to make her escape with Lockjaw, but once they land on Earth Lockjaw gets a wicked case of sleepy. Are his powers affected like Karnak’s? Or did he just eat too much before they left?

Chill and Deadly Surfers

Not since Point Break (the original) have you seen such badass surfers. Not only are they down to fight with and for Gorgon, they’re equipped with semi-automatic machine guns. They know what it’s like to have a king and then have some White dudes come along and take over. Basically, they’re fed up with White Nonsense and that’s understandable.

Their run-in with Auran, Mordis, and the others end in a draw with both sides earning injuries. Gorgon and his new friends get away.

Meanwhile, Karnak stumbles upon a major marijuana operation in the Hawaiian jungle. Instead of slitting his throat on sight, the trio of dealers tie him up and debate what to do with him. It is decided Karnak’s life will be spared. However, since his powers are acting up, Karnak doesn’t believe he’ll be any good to his people or his king so he decides to hang out with them for awhile. I think he just wants to score free pot. And I’m not judging.

Gimme a Prison Break 

Black Bolt’s arrest (and show of power) gets the attention of Dr. Evan Declan (Henry Ian Cusick). He’s clearly rich, powerful, and apparently collecting Inhumans like Pokemon. He enlists the help of an inmate to get to Black Bolt.

Soooo, Attilan can’t be an advanced civilization, right? How the hell have they been living on the moon with the technology to travel to Earth undetected, but not understand how police, commerce, and ATMs work? Medusa is hungry so after spying others get money and pay for food, she demands an ATM just cough up cash for her, the queen. That’s right. She tried to run an ATM’s pockets.

She eventually breaks into the nicest house I’ve ever seen and relieves the owners of some food, cash, a gun, and clothes. A newspaper story about Black Bolt’s arrest leads her to the prison where Dr. Declan’s contact has just helped Black Bolt escape to a waiting helicopter.

Medusa remedies this slight setback by pulling a gun on Louise (of Callisto Aerospace, a company looking to colonize the moon) and forcing her to follow the helicopter.

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"Divide... and Conquer"

Marvel’s Inhumans - S1E3 - “Divide… and Conquer” | Starring: Iwan Rheon, Anson Mount, Serrinda Swan, Ken Leung, Eme Ikwuakor, Isabelle Cornish, Mike Moh, Sonya Balmores

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