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Marvel’s Inhumans - S1E5 - Something Inhuman This Way Comes…

Previously on Marvel’s Inhumans, “Make Way For Medusa”

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This week’s flashbacks provided a look into Karnak’s and Gorgon’s relationship prior to Maximus’ uprising. Karnak’s abilities made it so that he was always cleaning up after Gorgon when his foolish schemes went awry. It’s a reminder that even members of the royal family can struggle with the roles they’re expected to play after going through terrigenesis.

Now that he’s on Earth with unreliable powers, it’s the first time Karnak has had to deal with being uncertain. As such, when they’re ambushed by Reno (Michael Trotter), Karnak’s able to deflect the bullet, but it ricochets into Jen’s (Jamie Gray Hyder) stomach. On the run from Reno’s business associates (who kill Reno when they discover his actions), Jen teaches Karnak how to put his faith in himself and not in his powers. By the time he’s rescued by and reunited with Gorgon, Karnak’s a different Inhuman. He even says thank you.

By using Locus’ (Sumire Matsubara) — the capture Inhuman rebel — power, Black Bolt, Medusa, and Louise begin to track Karnak. When Maximus calls Locus’ communicator, he learns that Black Bolt has been reunited with Medusa, but he doesn’t correct them when he realizes they think he still has Crystal.

He next places a frantic call to Auran, who has recently healed herself from the explosion and taken control of Declan and his lab. She’s not happy to learn that Maximus has been secretly working with a human and that Maximus didn’t have Declan kill Black Bolt when he had the chance. Auran’s unaware that Maximus hopes to use Declan and Black Bolt to become Inhuman.

While Auran and Mordis make plans to use Sammy and Declan to lure Black Bolt, Maximus looks for volunteers to head to Earth to assist them. No one’s lining up for their new king’s mission so Maximus decides forced conscription is the way even as Tibor advises against it. Maximus feels as though he’s sacrificed a lot for the freedom they all want so others should as well. Later, Tibor thinks he’s getting gripped up by Maximus’ men for questioning the king’s decisions, but they’re really Inhumans who resist his rule.

It’s through Locus that Louise gets an idea of what life is like for Inhumans who aren’t the royal family. Locus’ ability means she’s used as a locator and not a healer which is what she wanted to be before going through terrigenesis. It’s real easy for Medusa to say they’re doing their best for everyone within an imperfect system when she benefits from it. Once they’re reunited with Karnak and Gorgon, Locus succumbs to a bullet wound she got from the drug dealers chasing Karnak. Before she dies, she implores Black Bolt to be the king Attilan deserves.

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"Something Inhuman This Way Comes..."

Marvel’s Inhumans - S1E - “Something Inhuman This Way Comes” | Starring: Iwan Rheon, Anson Mount, Serrinda Swan, Ken Leung, Eme Ikwuakor, Isabelle Cornish, Mike Moh, Sonya Balmores

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