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Marvel’s Runaways - S1E7 - Refraction

Previously on Marvel’s Runaways, “Metamorphosis”

Future Warning

We’re treated to another flashback, this time to 25 years ago when Victor and Janet first met at an event. He flirts with her by talking about time travel. Other memories, including Chase’s birth and a championship match during Chase’s childhood are revisited: Victor picks Chase up from school after his son wins a major championship. Victor shows no interest and Chase calls him on it along with a bit of cursing. Victor responds by knocking Chase in the head a few times. In present day, Victor wakes up in his lab to the sound of noise from his time machine. On the machine’s screen is the image of Chase, who is grown up and bearded. Chase’s ardent message from the future is for his father not to pick up the Fisticons (The powerful gloves Chase used during the crew’s altercation with Darius in episode five.) Victor is visibly shaken.

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Victor, showing a new lease on life, tells Chase that he’ll attend his parent-teacher open house that evening. This is a surprise to his family because Victor has never displayed an iota of interest in much to do with Chase’s life outside of academics. Mother and son discuss Victor’s personality change and Janet’s affair with Robert. Janet assures Chase that she plans to stay with Victor if his personality shift is permanent.

Beware of Gifts

Frank is feeling confident due to a new gift of healing hands from Jonah. Frank interrupts Leslie as she is helping a grieving family say good bye to their loved one on his death bed. After requesting everyone, apart from his wife, leave the room, Frank heals the man. Leslie is furious and in private she warns Frank that his new gift can cause trouble. Later on, Jonah and Leslie go head-to-head over Frank’s gift. Leslie is focused on upholding her father’s church and legacy while Jonah takes credit for Gibborim as his own religion. Jonah explains that the church is about to fail, and it seems he is setting Frank up to take the fall for the church’s failure. Jonah tasks Leslie with strengthening PRIDE in order to focus on the greater goal.

While he’s going though items in storage with Leslie’s assistant, Frank finds an old picture of Jonah and Leslie. Jonah looks as he does today, but Leslie is a child. Frank flashes back to his memory of Jonah and Leslie in bed. At the open house, Frank confronts Leslie about the picture. She confirms some things including the fact that Jonah came to her father years ago and that he represented what Leslie’s father thought about the world and the universe. Frank asks why she didn’t tell him and she explains that she’s embarrassed because she has been in a relationship with Jonah.

High Times

The teens meet up at school and Molly is wigging out. She admits that Angel is on to them due to her mistake at the black-tie event. Molly explains that she didn’t tell them earlier because they make her feel like a baby. The group squabbles and Molly goes off to attempt to join the dance team again. The captain is rude and offers Molly a role which basically consists of grunt work. Karolina talks to Molly and promises her that they are still friends.

Meanwhile, the Steins are testing Jonah’s serum which Dale secretly took a sample of when Jonah saved Victor. Dale accidentally drops some on his skin. You’d think a scientist would be more careful. Dale quickly reacts to the serum and becomes high, and during the open house he starts to exhibit withdrawal symptoms.

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Leslie is going around doing her rounds and checking on the PRIDE members at the open house. She talks to Tina and tells her to take Robert back and stresses how important stability is to Jonah. Leslie then checks in with Janet to make sure that Janet will tell Robert that their affair is over. Even if Janet won’t leave Victor for Robert, who’s to say that Robert will want to stay with Tina? At one point, Victor thanks Robert for taking care of Janet when he couldn’t and crushes Robert’s hand in a tight squeeze. Hints of the old Victor are still apparent. When Janet and Robert are alone, Janet breaks it down to Robert. She plans to stay with Victor because she feels he has a second chance and Victor has changed. Robert is genuinely shocked. Apparently, he didn’t believe Nico when she told him that Janet was staying with Victor.


Dale is coming down from his high and he notes that Victor is going to have a massive come down from his life-saving dose of the serum. The Stein and Wilder parents meet up and Chase and Karolina spot them. This is the catalyst the teens need to call a truce. They promise to keep each other informed; Alex tells them that the data is almost finished decrypting. The Wilders tell the Steins that Molly knows about the secret ceremony and in order to save her from Jonah and Tina, Molly needs to be quarantined. The Steins pack Molly’s things and inform her that they are sending her to stay with a second cousin. Molly feels betrayed and Gert has to pull Molly away before she gets angry and uses her powers. Realizing that Molly has no choice, Gert tells Molly that they are sisters and Molly is the strongest one in their group and that this strength will help her survive the situation.

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As Dale predicted, Victor’s back to his old self. Near the end of the evening, he attacks the lacrosse coach and tells him to apologize to Chase publicly and put him back on the team. By the time he returns home, the old Victor is back in full effect He’s cruel to Chase and chastises his son for being in the lab without him. Victor physically attacks Chase and just as he is about to level up the settings on the Fisticons and go full force, Janet shoots Victor in order to protect Chase. Well, future Chase did warn Victor not to pick up the Fisticons.

Fun Tidbits

  • While this was a slower episode than most of the previous ones, similar to the black-tie event in episode six, the school open house allowed for interactions between most of the main characters.
  • The clothing continues to be fun. This week, Nico donned an AC/DC inspired schoolboy hat with spiky pigtails to match.
  • How will Jonah orchestrate the church’s downfall? Can’t help but feel bad for Frank; he’s been lied to for all of his married life and he’s going to be set up for the church’s demise.
  • What will the decrypted data show?
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