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Marvel’s Runaways - S1E9 - Doomsday

Previously on Marvel’s Runaways, “Tsunami”

Dangerous Dig

By now we know this shows loves beginning with flashbacks and this episode is no different. This time we step back in time to ten years ago. Molly’s playing with a strange glowing rock while her parents frantically talk and try to gather things from their office. They discuss a dangerous dig and contact the Yorkes to tell them that they are worried. As the Hernandezes try to exit their office, they find the door has been locked and they also notice a bomb in the room. When the place blows up, Leslie, looking like a Great Value Olivia Pope, dressed in another trademark all white ensemble, calls Tina to tell her things have been handled. Tina seems slightly shaken by the finality of the news. Molly survives the bomb and her eyes glow as they usually do when she taps into her powers.

Back in present time, Robert has returned to the family home where he and Nico cross paths in Amy’s room. Nico’s in the room to check on Amy’s phone, which Nico left to charge. Robert is in the room because Tina won’t allow him back into their marital bed yet. He seems happy to be home and okay with the arrangement. Meanwhile, Janet goes to the media with a story to explain Victor’s absence. The official story is that Victor is undergoing aggressive treatments in private and will be away from the public eye. At school, Chase is popular again and everyone wishes him well. The gang is still fractured after Chase’s laptop destruction, but they are united in their plan to attend the school dance together.

In Over Their Heads

Another flashback occurs, but this time it’s fifteen years ago. Tina arrives home to find Jonah playing tea party with Amy. He warns Tina that although Amy is a delight now, she will turn on Tina as a teenager. In present time Jonah holds a meeting with PRIDE at the construction site. Darius is still in the mix and he watches the site from outside. He receives an update from his inside guy on the construction site that everyone has been let go and replaced by the Gibborim officials. PRIDE is clearly over Jonah and don’t really hide their disdain for him and a desire to finally be done with fifteen years of this project. Jonah pushes the start button on what looks like a space ship.

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Molly returns with a VHS tape of her parents messaging her right before they died. Alex finds a VCR and the teens watch the tape as Molly’s parents warn that the dig was not for renewable energy as they were first told, but instead the dig can literally destroy the world as they know it. While the teens discuss the tape, Chase makes an excellent point: even their parents might be over their heads.

The Yorkes call Graciella and she tells them Molly isn’t there and lets it slip that Molly’s parents left a key for Molly and that she doesn’t trust the Yorkes. As Stacey and Dale discuss Graciella’s phone call, Jonah calls and requests another urgent PRIDE meeting.

End of the World, So Let’s Enjoy Ourselves

Alex and Nico meet before the dance and discuss who could have sent Amy the warning text. Nico is still furious with Alex for hiding what he knew about Amy’s last days. At the school dance, Molly gives Gert a pep talk. Gert and Chase have a heart to heart and proceed to have sex. Karolina finally directly expresses interest in Nico and kisses her while they look for Gert and Chase.

Meanwhile, Jonah meets with PRIDE and tells them that their children know everything.  Yes, spineless Frank spilt all the tea. The parents try to locate the kids and Geoffrey realizes that Alex took his access card to the construction site. Darius and his partner are discussing Darius’ issues with Geoffrey, she wisely warns him to not get killed with their baby on the way. He tells her about the strange encounter he had with the teens. Who can blame her for not believing him and heading off for a burger?

Darius watches the construction site as the crew arrives. When the teens are stopped by a polo shirt clad security guard, Karolina tells him that they have a photography project and need access to the site. The guard calls Frank to verify Karolina’s story. Frank and Jonah are both in a car on the way to the construction site and Frank plays along.

The teens enter the site and try to fill the hole. Amidst saving the world, Gert tries to talk to Chase about their encounter. Molly moves a truck into the hole, Chase uses the Fisticons to destroy a computer, and Nico uses her mother’s staff to fill the seemingly never-ending hole. The parents arrive and aren’t really shaken until they see Molly’s eyes light up and Karolina shining without her bracelet on. Geoffrey asks Leslie if she knew about her daughter’s ability and she says no, but it is what she was afraid of. Even Leslie has the good sense to be concerned about things related to Jonah.

Subtle Highlights and Questions

  • The sistership between Molly and Geert is great. Every scene these two have together feels authentic.
  • The teen film references were fun, as was Gert’s glowup for the dance.
  • You could tell Graciella was waiting to tell The Yorkes about themselves. Her distrust for them was perfectly portrayed.
  • The discussion of what to name their group wasn’t too forced.
  • The episode wasn’t action packed, but again it provided some key points and a great ending that will lead us to further answers about Jonah’s ultimate plan.
  • Will PRIDE turn on Jonah?
  • Will any of the parents be able to persuade their children to give up their quest?
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Starring: Allegra Acosta, Ariela Barer, Brigid Brannagh, Ever Carradine, Rhenzy Feliz, Virgina Gardner, Brittany Ishibashi, James Marsters, Julian McMahon,Lyrica Okano, Kip Parude, Angel Parker, Ryan Sands, Greg Sulkin, Kevin Weisman, Annie Wersching, and James Yaegashi

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