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Mr. Robot - S3E2 - eps3.1_undo.gz

Previously on Mr. Robot, “eps3.0_power-saver-mode.h

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Undo <command>
A feature of many applications that allows the user to reverse the effect of the last action or actions.

In the second episode of an already substantial third season, everyone save for the precious elite are doing whatever they can to keep their heads above water. Elliot hopes to redeem himself by changing his perspective on E Corp and their management within; Darlene is on the hot seat by DiPierro and her perpetually grating boss Santiago (Omar Metwally), and Dr. Gordon is formally acquainted with Mr. Robot, and doesn’t like what she sees. Oh, and there was one helluva surprise no one could have anticipated.

Poor, seemingly hopeless Elliot. He actually accomplished the impossible and turned the world on its head, and didn’t realize the level of destruction he caused or who he pushed that much further into power until it was far too late. Yes, he was in prison most of the time last year and Mr. Robot was in the driver’s seat for a majority of the planning, however Alderson believes he’s a more pragmatic view of the world and what must be done to undo the carnage he wrought on billions.

Of course that won’t stop Mr. Robot from butting in on occasion and intimidate those who show the slightest of compassion and empathy for Elliot. Already weary of Darlene, both Elliot and Mr. Robot recognize her erratic behavior is a troubling sign that something or someone is pulling her strings. The latter’s suspicions were confirmed after a virus he wrote overnight to track Darlene’s location was foolishly opened by a FBI agent. After DiPierro (Grace Gummer) vouched for Alderson’s reliability as an informant, their entire operation may be over because one innocuous email. Don’t try to outsneak a sneak.

In the meantime, Elliot and Krista (Gloria Reuben) reunited for an impromptu session, on Alderson’s birthday no less. Easily recognizing that he’s in a real bad spot, Dr. Gordon tactfully inquires about Elliot’s dark twin until Mr. Robot himself finally graces her with his presence. During the brief exchange, Mr. Robot harps about needing his other half to complete their mission and how he can see things Elliot never can, such as Darlene’s betrayal. After Krista’s salty introduction to Mr. Robot, she finally has a better understanding of who Elliot is and the potential danger he may still inflict on others.

No doubt the most shocking turn in “undo.gz” involved Joanna Wellick’s public display of loyalty for Tyrell, the figurehead for fsociety. After weeks of rumor and scrutiny, Joanna appeared on Let’s Be Frank to clear the air about her husband’s involvement with the Knowles murder investigation. As we know, this devious Danish viper set a plan in motion to turn Tyrell’s emotional “outburst” on Sharon Knowles on his rival and Sharon’s husband, Scott. While the FBI appeared to be dead set on arresting Joanna for her involvement in Sharon’s murder in the season two finale, using Derek (Chris Conroy) as a patsy appeared to stymie their investigation, if only for a short while.

Still, it was enough for Joanna to put on her best smile for the camera and convince a national audience that the Wellicks were falsely targeted and they couldn’t be any more in love. Not exactly the best thing to do when you’ve promised your “undying affection” to an irrational 20-something man whose frontal lobe clearly isn’t close to maturity. Deceived by Joanna and emasculated by her bodyguard Mr. Sutherland (Jeremy Holm), Derek popped a couple rounds into their SUV, wounding Sutherland… and killing Joanna.

Stage 2 will certainly not be off to a smooth start once word reaches Tyrell of his wife’s death (and his son’s disappearance in the system). This senseless could doubly disrupt the Dark Army and the FBI’s designs. Knowing how the former operates, however, their leader will take this tragic setback in stride.

Viewers may not realize how truly blessed we are each time B.D. Wong is onscreen as endearingly menacing Whiterose. In the few scenes Wong has equally entranced and unnerved, well, everyone in his presence, Mr. Robot’s narrative had also ramped up another dangerous level as Whiterose’s deceptively genteel approach is tested by her shortsighted associates. Whereas many of us have come to appreciate the subtlety and elegance of W.R.’s evil genius - this, of course, cannot be regarded by her rivals and grudging allies.

This week, W.R. was wearing her mask as the solemn Minister Zhang among a sea of officials during a global economic forum. The keynote speaker was none other than the world’s biggest asshole Phillip Price (Michael Cristofer), a miserly blowhard that vacillates between apathy towards his equally affluent contemporaries and an open disdain for practically everyone else. In this instance, Price was essentially whinging about China not falling in line with the rest of the world and accept E-Coin as THE universal currency. Resting all their influence on bitcoin, the People’s Republic is attempt to make a wedge in what’s left of the economy to ensure their interests are being met. Of course, a bloviating megalomaniac like Phil believes there is only one answer to China’s “defiance”: war.

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Never one who likes to be challenged (especially when it’s complete waste of her time), Whiterose gives Price the courtesy of a brief meeting about their shaky alliance put in effect last season. Price and Zhang gave a quick refresher during this sequence, which involved China granting E Corp assurances if Price used his influence in the United Nations to expedite a vote to annex the Democratic Republic of Congo to the People’s Republic.

What once appeared to be a tense yet fruitful partnership has gone sideways; In spite of Phillip’s tantrums - and poorly timed threat against her - W.R. as Zhang made it crystal fucking clear to Price that not even the most powerful man in the world is beyond her reach. While Price is believes everyone is below him, Whiterose doesn’t see anyone her equal. Not because she has an inflated sense of self like her “partner”; all that matters to her is the success of the project. Price, Moss, the Aldersons, even the Dark Army is nothing but an extension of her will set in motion.

This tenuous partnership? Wholly undone.

However, a shining nugget about Mr. Robot’s probable future was revealed during Whiterose’s limo ride with Grant (Grant Chang)… the sole reason China is interested in annexing the Congo is the acquisition of the Luwow mines, which is a very real location in the Masisi region of the DRC. One of the richest mineral deposits in the world, the Luwow is known for providing a majority of the world’s supply of Tantalum, a transitional metal that’s used in a number of devices… including capacitors. If you’re up to snuff with physics, one would know capacitors are essential for a number of experiments that require massive amounts of energy, like nuclear fusion or particle acceleration. Curiouser and curiouser.

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Mr. Robot - S3E2 - eps3.1_undo.gz | Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Portia Doubleday, Carly Chaikin, Martin Wallström, B.D. Wong, Bobby Cannavale | Writer and Director: Sam Esmail

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