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Mr. Robot - S3E6 -

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Kill Switch <command/mechanism>
Hardware or software that immediately ceases an operation when a normal shut down cannot be executed. It may also be enabled if sensitive data is compromised or stolen remotely, thereby rendering a device inactive.

The Dark Army’s reign of terror continues unchallenged as the whole of the world is in greater disarray than even Whiterose may have predicted. Scant few like Elliot and Darlene know of her machinations and an exclusive handful like Moss and Irving have been privy to the reason why such extreme measures have been taken by the Dark Army so far. Still and all, in this episode written by Kyle Bradstreet, the aforementioned strategy this sinister force fsociety had blindly aligned themselves with have displayed how much - and how many people - they’re willing to sacrifice to accomplish their goals. opened during a somber ‘life celebration’ in the Moss household which revealed the origins of Angela’s promise to Edward Alderson in looking after Elliot whenever he can’t, a conversation that seemingly took place before Ed revealed to Elliot his terminal condition. The case of the sads continued with Angela’s mother Emily (Julia Crockett), preferring to spend her final days with family rather than prolong the inevitable at the hospital, shared her hopes in seeing her daughter again in another life.

Just as young Angela cracked the weakest of smiles, the wistful flashback sharply transitioned to the final scene of last week’s stellar “eps3.4_runtime-err0r.r00”. Amid the continued destruction of the E Corp cubicles and corner offices, Elliot finally got the whole picture from Moss without her saying much of anything. “Him”. “Whiterose”. “Stage 2.”

Somehow Malek’s eyes became wider than we’ve ever seen as Elliot sorrowfully accepts than all those who were supposed to look after him when compromised by Mr. Robot, have ultimately exploited him.

What followed was an altogether odd game of tug of war between Elliot and Mr. Robot which became increasingly violent as Alderson managed to get closer to the data storage building’s batteries. If it had to be compared to any property, it was Fight Club part deux but with a slightly harmonious ending, on account of Elliot illuminating Mr. Robot to Dark Army’s duplicity and skewing of his original plans. For weeks now, Elliot had remarked how he missed Mr. Robot to a degree and needed to see his old plans through; now he’s seen two of them accomplished with horrifying results. It’s been a costly lesson for Alderson as the entire world suffers while these wildly dynamic, hyper-talented personalities remain at odds.

Now that Whiterose has proved to her allies and enemies that she’s willing to do whatever is necessary to see her plan to its end, this may finally be the catalyst Elliot and Mr. Robot needed to reunite and revise their plans to neutralize their enemies and rebuild the world they helped destroy. The same cannot be said for Angela… poor, delusional, scarily frigid Angela. The Dark Army’s plans certainly haven’t lived up to her expectations. Technically, they did evacuate the New York building as guaranteed; however we know in hindsight they weren’t going to blow it up in the first place. It’ll be interesting to see how Moss will justify her loyalty to Whiterose and unyielding belief in her clandestine scheme.

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Despite Elliot and Mr. Robot’s last second team-up to prevent the building’s destruction, Whiterose proved her genius was absolute and her plans flawlessly schemed. Knowing Alderson was an asset that could not be trusted, and that Wellick was becoming increasingly erratic, we now know ‘rose had manipulated the pair to believe delivering the paper trail to New York into one building so it could be eliminated completely was THE plan, not a plan.

The relief and feeling of accomplishing the impossible was soon drained from Elliot’s body after he realized what the Dark Army had truly accomplished: 71 E Corp facilities across the country -with servers identical to the New York building - were programmed to overheat and explode, caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, killing potentially tens of thousands of innocents, and most important to Whiterose, irreparably damaging the rival conglomerate’s sterling reputation.

Worst of all, ‘rose managed to keep her nose clean and the Dark Army’s influence unknown by throwing her chief assets under the bus. Knowing Tyrell’s location was compromised, Irving gave him instructions that required him to stage his own captivity and reveal himself to the public, creating the framework that Wellick was pressed by Dark Army to complete their agenda. Additionally, this scheme has the potential of placing most of the blame on Elliot, as his literal and figurative fingerprints are all over fsociety’s activities. It’s a brilliant play that would provide the ultimate distraction as the Dark Army ramps things up for Stage 3, if they chose to go down that route. As it stands, E Corp and the Federal government will have their hands full with the aftermath of the largest synchronized terrorist attack in history.

The damage has assuredly been done on the world, within the country, and among a once close circle of friends. Knowing he cannot trust Darlene and Angela, Elliot has no other option but to start from scratch in his crusade to stop the Dark Army with one person who understands him best… himself.

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Mr. Robot - S3E6 - | Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Portia Doubleday, Carly Chaikin, Martin Wallström, B.D. Wong, Bobby Cannavale | Writer: Kyle Bradstreet | Director: Sam Esmail

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