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Ms. Marvel - Vol.3 #15

Previously in Ms. Marvel #14

The ending to this Crushed arc was perfection. Kamala fell for Kamran hard and fast. Finding out he was also an Inhuman made him even more appealing: Finally, there’s someone who’s just like her in every sense. Except he’s not. He abducts Kamala and takes her to New Attilan where his boss, Legion, is preparing to take over and lead the Inhumans.

First, Kamala confronts Kamran for taking her against her will. He blames her for liking him and sneaking out with him the night before. That’s right. It’s her fault for liking and trusting him. Kamala calls him out for what he truly is: incredibly gross.

Legion interrupts their spat to make it clear he wants Kamala on their side. She’s powerful and they could use her. While he monologues, she sneaks a call to Bruno, delivering an S.O.S. Bruno, a.k.a. the best friend ever, runs out of class and uses an app to track Kamala’s phone. We’re going to pretend that’s not creepy because I suspect this is something he and Kamala set up ahead of time - like him understanding her calling and hanging up was a distress signal.

Meanwhile, Kamala can stall no longer and makes a run for it. Kaboom - the Inhuman Kamala seriously injured before - gives chase. Kamala uses the little knowledge she has about New Atillan to lead Kaboom into a trap. Now she has to face Kamran, who’s furious she made him look bad in front of Legion.

Even though she’s heartbroken, Kamala refuses to give him power over her. She kicks his ass and runs right into two guards bringing Bruno in. He doesn’t understand why he’s being gripped up. Apparently, he didn’t get the memo that Queen Medusa was no longer running things. Kamala uses her powers to help them both get away from the guards, and they end up taking a ride down a trash chute straight into the Hudson River. Gross.

The water taxi Bruno hired is waiting nearby to take them home. Kamala knows it will take time to get over Kamran’s betrayal, but she’s grateful she won’t have to go through it alone. #TeamBruno

Meanwhile, Legion accepts Kamran’s failure because he knows Kamala is not the only Inhuman in her family’s bloodline. Say what?

Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts:
  • So, um, where’s Medusa?
  • Who else in Kamala’s family is an Inhuman? Wondering if it’s a blood relative who doesn’t live with her or someone in her immediate family.
  • I love that Kamala is mature enough to understand Kamran is victim blaming and that it’s disgusting. I’ve always thought Kamala’s true strength is her mind. She’s quick at figuring out what to do, even when she’s scared. It makes sense she’d talk herself into focusing on escaping first and dealing with hurt feelings later. Watching her make the decision to take back control and not allow herself to be manipulated was awesome. Well done.

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