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Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” Casts Its Shadow Moon

Certainly one of the most daunting tasks in bringing a universally acclaimed novel to life on either screen is casting the perfect actor for a revered character. For many months, Starz and their partner FremantleMedia North America have been extremely diligent in their search for the most fitting actors to play such colorful and enigmatic roles. Today, they’ve found found their lead.

Early Thursday, Starz announced that Ricky Whittle (“The 100,” “Austenland”) was cast as Shadow Moon, our eyes and ears within the unique, kaleidoscopic world of gods old and new. Through Shadow, viewers will experience how these supernatural beings eke by in our society. In time, Moon will uncover his true destiny in the coming war between the gods who thrive in our modern world, and those want to bring back the good old days of constant adoration and blind allegiance.

For those of you not in the know, Shadow is the lead protagonist in Gaiman’s Nebula and Hugo award winning novel. An ex-con with no family or friends to rely on, Moon reluctantly assumes the role of bodyguard and errand boy to the mysterious Mr. Wednesday. Initially believing he found his purpose in life, Shadow discovers there’s more going on in this secretive underworld of deities and mythical creatures.

Most importantly about Whittle’s casting as Shadow is Neil Gaiman himself remarking how impressed he is by the rising star. “I’m thrilled that Ricky has been cast as Shadow. His auditions were remarkable. The process of taking a world out of the pages of a book, and putting it onto the screen has begun. American Gods is, at its heart, a book about immigrants, and it seems perfectly appropriate that Shadow will, like so much else, be Coming to America. I’m delighted Ricky will get to embody Shadow. Now the fun starts.”

Production for American Gods begins in April 2016.

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