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Orphan Black - S2E1 - Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

Previously on Orphan Black


Our favorite clones are back! In the second season premiere, Sarah frantically tries to find Kira and Mrs. S. Her clones’ phones have all been disconnected and Paul isn’t answering. She stops in a diner to gather her thoughts and is approached by two creepy men who kill the diner’s owner. Sarah gets away and finally connects with Felix. Rachel claims to have Kira and wants Sarah to come in, but we know Sarah ain’t about that life. Felix works with Alison to obtain a gun for Sarah. Delphine pretends to help Dr. Leekie while working her own agenda. Posing as Cosima, Sarah gets to Rachel who admits that they don’t have Kira. The house was already ransacked when they arrived. Later, Sarah goes to Art who tells her that the two men in the diner are a part of the same religious group as Helena.

Here are the top six moments from the premiere:

1. When Felix wore assless chaps.

2. When we got to see Paul’s fine ass. 

3. When Sarah (as Cosima) jumped in Rachel’s ass. 

4. When we learned Alison was in a musical. 
5. When this little shit got fresh with Sarah. 

6. When we learned that, “OMG! Helena is alive!”

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