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Orphan Black - S3E9 - Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow

Previously on Orphan Black, ‘Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method’


Cosima becomes convinced that her new bae, Shay, is working for Castor. She shares this information with Scott and Delphine, then spends much of the episode moping over being used. Delphine goes to Shay’s house with two henchmen, ready to kill Shay and stage the murder as a suicide. My, has Delphine come a long way in her ruthlessness! Cosima gets a call from Gracie, who confesses she was the one who dropped a dime to the clones. She did it to be reunited with Mark, she says, as Mark steps out of a black car to greet her. Cosima calls Delphine just in time to prevent Shay’s death. But did Delphine kill her anyway?


Helena is trying to turn over a less savage leaf while living with Allison, Donnie, and their children. Her transformation hits a speed bump when the drug suppliers hold her nitrogen tank as ransom for the pills they provided. After Donnie’s jealous fight with his connection last week, the suppliers don’t want he and Allison dealing for them anymore. Helena and Donnie meet the drug dealers at a warehouse. Donnie meekly asks for the nitrogen tank and a refund of the money they paid for the pills. Although the refund is out of the question, they give back the tank, and all is going pretty well until they threaten Donnie’s children. “Did you threaten babies? You should not threaten babies,” Helena says. She locks Donnie out of the warehouse, emerging sometime later covered in blood, with a saw in one hand and a bag full of cash in the other. They got a refund.


Sarah, Felix and Mrs. S arrive in London, where Mrs. S meets up with her old pal Terry. We don’t really need to know his name, because he dies pretty soon after we meet him. Terry is there to give S a gun and further decode the message about the Castor original. The number on the message is an old prisoner identification number, so Terry sets off to learn who the number belongs to. When S and the gang later find him tortured in his apartment, Terry whispers to S the identity of the Castor original.

Score | 7/10Mrs. S sends Sarah and Felix off to a bar to wait for her. On the way out, Sarah swipes Terry’s phone, which she uses to trace down the person who gave Terry the identity of the Castor original. This guy is so helpful, he drops Sarah and Felix off at the original’s home. He’s killed in his taxi just a few moments later, so we don’t need to know his name either. When Sarah breaks into the Castor original’s home, she finds a woman. It’s Mrs. S’s mother!

While she was in prison, Mrs. S’s mother had experiments conducted on her. She was told that it was for cancer research, but she knew better. She reveals that there is no male Castor original. She absorbed her twin brother in the womb, so she has both male and female DNA. She is the original for both Castor and Leda, so she can’t be killed (yet). This is pretty disappointing for Mrs. S, who’s already turned on the gas by the time Sarah convinces her to abort the assassination. What else will we learn from Momma S?

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