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Orphan Black - S4E10 - From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths

Previously on Orphan Black, “The Mitigation of Competition”

This season ended, as they tend to do, with a lot of questions answered and a lot more raised.

We finally got some answers about Delphine’s shooting. She was saved from being finished off by detective Duko when Krystal’s phone went off with impeccable timing as she hid behind a car. This distraction gave enough time for a van to pick up Delphine and whisk her away for treatment on the island.

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Surprisingly, excellent detective that she is, Krystal recognizes the man who took Delphine as the same man who is taking over for Evie Cho, Ian Van Lear. She leverages this information to get Felix to tell her the truth about what is actually going on, but refuses to believe that Sarah is her clone, as she is a 7 to Krystal’s 10. Given that I have had lengthy debates with my friends about clone hotness rankings, I don’t think I can really judge Krystal for that one (for the curious, my definitive ranking is: 1. Sarah 2. Cosima 3. Krystal 4. Beth 5. Alison 6. Mika 7. Helena 8. Rachel 9. All the ones I’ve forgotten).

Over on the island, Cosima is finally able to synthesize a cure, but is betrayed by Susan Duncan, who wants to use their findings to restart human cloning. Cosima and Charlotte run off into the cold with a vial of the cure, and are picked up - just as the hypothermia sets in - by the bearded man who has been appearing in Rachel’s eye, and may be the founder of neolution, still alive after over a century. Also still alive: Delphine, much to Cosima’s relief, who snuggles up with her to share body heat and warnings not to trust her saviors.

Unfortunately for Susan, betrayal runs in the Duncan family. Rachel goes above her head to the board to take over running the program. Worse, she also stabs Susan in the gut after Susan makes the baffling decision to tell her that she regrets making her. That is not the way to talk to an unhinged woman with a knife!

Also a baffling decision, Sarah, finding Susan bleeding on the ground, puts her gun down to help her. Because of this, Rachel is able to gain the upper hand, beating her with her cane and stabbing her in the leg. The episode ends with Sarah bleeding alone on the beach as Ferdinand calls her to let her know that he has Kira and Siobhan captive, which means that I, for one, will be having a stressful time waiting nearly a year for the next season!

The Good

It was good to see Krystal finally let in on the Clone Club secret, even if she didn’t believe it (or maybe because of that). Her disbelieving expression when Sarah tried to explain that they were clones was priceless.

The Bad

RIP Evie. Being killed by your implant can’t be a nice way to go. One of these days we’ll have an Asian-American character on Orphan Black who isn’t evil and/or dead, but today is not that day.

It would have been nice to see more of Helena, Donnie, and Alison apart from the brief interlude to inform us of Alison’s inability to stomach deer stew.

Quotes of the Week

Rachel – “I’ve already eaten, Ferdinand.”

Ferdinand – “But have you been serviced?”

Krystal, being told that Sarah is her clone - “Wait. Is this what you think I look like? Are you, like, blind cos this girl looks nothing like me! Like, first of all, my tits are way bigger. And secondly, even if you could drag a comb through that hair she’s like a 7 on a good day and I’ve been told I’m a 10.”

Orphan Black S4E10
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    Performances - 10/10


An excellent end to an excellent season! After a messy season three, season four was a return to form, presenting the most cohesive story since season one, with a refocus on the Leda clones and an interesting, but more manageable storyline.

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