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Outcast - S1E2 - (I Remember) When She Loved Me

Previously on Outcast, “A Darkness Surrounds Him”

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Early in “(I Remember) When She Loved Me,” Kyle tells his unresponsive mother that he’d promised not to feel guilt about anything that happened to her because of the way she treated him. This seems a little unfair considering she was possessed by an evil spirit, but it doesn’t matter because Kyle clearly does feel guilty. So much so that he absconds with her, taking her back to the home in which she terrorized him as a child.

As Kyle struggles to care for her, he remembers both happier and downright horrific times they shared. In a split second, in the middle of playing with Kyle in the yard, his mother is possessed. One second they’re having a good old time, and the next mommy’s covering herself in (and eating) mud.

Anderson stops sweet-talking his female parishioners long enough to assist Kyle in another exorcism. None of what worked on Jacob or his wife works on Kyle’s mother; not the beating, the sunlight, or tasting his blood. Defeated, Kyle allows for his mother’s return to the hospital.

“(I Remember) When She Loved Me” was a total loss for our tormented hero. He guilts his sister into taking a gift from him to his daughter’s birthday party. She waffles a bit, but finally presents the book to Amber, who loves it. A note telling him as much makes his otherwise crappy day. However, this may be short-lived because his ex figures out the used book with no card definitely came from Kyle.

The flashbacks were intense, but this week’s outing was nowhere near as gruesome as the premiere - errant tooth under the stove aside. Still, there was plenty to bring the chills. A mysterious man looking like every creepy old white dude in every horror movie in the ’80s sits in on one of Anderson’s sermons, but don’t let the head nodding and praise hands fool you: He later visits Kyle’s mother in the hospital and taunts her. The single tear rolling down her face would suggest she’s completely aware of what’s going on around her.

And Chief and Mark look into a complaint from a local farmer.  Someone’s been killing and vivisecting animals and leaving them pinned to trees. The officers find the carcasses and a trailer which shows sign of some definite demonic activity. Could Rome have another possessed resident?

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