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Preacher - S3E6 - Les Enfants du Sang

Previously on Preacher, “The Coffin

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Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.
- Hebrews 12:4

A whole lot of strange happened in this week’s installment, an obvious statement perhaps because when isn’t Preacher strange? In this case, the episode was the standard fare yet honed and refined by writer Rachel Wagner, who also penned the equally memorable season two episode “On Your Knees”. While the plot as a whole confidently steers our characters into darker, untested waters, there was a lively energy throughout and an awareness of how utterly bizarre this slice of the universe can be. Wagner (with the clever direction of Laura Belsey) embraced the grotesquerie while drawing upon the elemental force that drives Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy: a feeling of belonging within a cynical, discordant universe.

Amazingly enough, Tulip, Jesse, Jody, and T.C. weren’t at each other’s throats at the start of the episode and managed to draw up a plan off the fly to steal the souls Gran’ma needs to make it another day. It turns out the Bank of the Bayou that was featured prominently in season two regards Sabina Boyd as one of its esteemed customers. Knowing it caters to those who collect the obscure and unusual - namely souls - Tulip used her preternatural abilities to case a joint and rob it free and clear with enough time to spare thanks to Jody and T.C.’s uh, unconventional distractions.

It’s bad enough that viewers were dared to imagine what horrors T.C. committed in the petting zoo, Jody made short work of their chief adversary while the cops were busy chasing Tulip, per Marie’s wishes. Sadly, the Boyds made an unexceptional impression in the short time they were featured, and Sabine’s last conversation with Jesse falsely promoted a tinge of hope for reconciliation, at least between the former lovers.

Alas, the wrath of the L’Angells was made complete and the Boyds were no more once their matriarch was harvested for Marie’s benefit. Now Gran’ma, Jody, and T.C. hold all the cards: they acquired enough souls to keep Grams ticking for the foreseeable future, Tulip is being held for ransom yet again, and Jesse’s blood compact remains intact. Everyone Jesse has cared for is now either under the thumb of Gran’ma, pushed out of Custer’s life or eliminated - as was the case for poor Sabina (Prima Cruz). Once more Jesse has the sole option of re-establishing contact with The Grail, which at this moment would greatly favor the latter over the former.

What a hot stinking mess The Grail has become in short time. Thanks to the All Father (Jonny Coyne) sticking his bulbous vomit-stained nose in Starr’s business, the sociopathic German is unable to get any work done, specifically his grand scheme of usurping dear leader with himself. And now we know it’s likely for the best… whilst dining on a whole horse (talk about nasty), All Father further disclosed why he wants to jump start the apocalypse. Simply put, nuclear fire would cleanse the earth of sin real good, real fast. By the time most of the world’s population is turned to ash, the surviving few will be happy to grovel at the feet of Humperdoo, who of course would be guided by All Father and his loyal sycophants. For all his frailties, questionable tactics, and glaring character flaws, right now Herr Starr is the only person that’s able to save the world from an obscenely corpulent megalomaniac.

While the heist reached new heights of absurdity in Preacher’s run, unquestionably the full introduction of Eccarius and his attempts to bond with Cassidy provided a full gamut of emotion wrapped in farcicality. Regardless of the gobs of old world magisterial presence and painfully antiquated decorum, Adam Croasdell exuded ample amounts of charisma and earnest sincerity as the ancient vampire. Eccarius openly wears his nostalgia for the good old days with pride and reverence, and managed to share his yearning for forgotten rites and showmanship with the founding of Les Enfants du Sang. Granted, the situation isn’t as secretive or grandiose as Cassidy remarked many a time, yet it’s bright as daylight that all involved are craving that sense of belonging, a purpose to their presently uneventful lives.

For Proinsias (and most of the audience to be certain), the vampire “cult” was a laughable display that unknowingly mocked the majesty and allure associated with the immortals. Nevertheless, Eccarius and his followers make due in Mrs. Rosen’s basement to engage in their interplay and commiseration. Unlike his comic book counterpart, this Eccarius may be the one to impart wisdom to Cassidy - and perhaps help Proinsias access powers he never knew he had. The entire segment in the French Quarter was especially amusing; still feigning an indifference to Eccarius’ abilities, Cassidy finally broke character after his starchy pal glamoured a father and daughter only to transmogrify into a kitten to escape detection.

Let it be known that if you want to impress Cass, add a baby animal into the equation.

In spite of everything Eccarius shared with Cassidy - and most important of all, offered a hand of friendship - the Irishman resisted. Lest one forgets, it’s only been a few days since Tulip and Jesse ousted him from Angelville for his sake, emotions are still very raw. Once the dust settled after their latest caper, Tulip made time to call Cass and in her roundabout way made sure her friend wasn’t abusing himself out of shame. O’Hare’s concerns were founded due to Cassidy’s proclivity for self-harm and rampant benders, however she didn’t expect the cold reception from her pal who claimed to be ready to move on without her and Jesse.

Eventually the three will reunite yet it’s up in the air how this will occur - or if it’ll even happen by the season finale. One thing’s for certain: all our humble players require a great deal of introspection and time for personal growth, the latter being a luxury none of them truly can’t afford at the moment. Not when they’ve figurative and literal demons nipping at their heels.

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"Les Enfants du Sang"

Preacher - S3E6 - Les Enfants du Sang | Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, Ruth Negga, Ian Colletti, Pip Torrens, Noah Taylor, Julie Ann Emery, Malcolm Barrett | Writer: Rachel Wagner | Director: Laura Belsey

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