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Project Fandom Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Collectibles

To help you shop for your friends, family, and even yourself, we’ve compiled this Holiday Gift Guide full of all the interesting, fun, and just plain cool things we’ve found in our travels throughout 2013.

Today’s section of the guide features those items most-beloved among so many geeks and fans of all shapes and sizes, far and wide. Things you may or may not open (depending on factors ranging from value to packaging art); conversation pieces used to adorn our shelves, our walls, our tables… high-quality display cases… These are the accepted currency of fandom; these are collectibles.

Alien Plush Chestburster

Full size, cuddly plush replica of the alien baby chestburster from the movie Alien. From Thinkgeek, where you can also find a number of other awesome geekish toys and gadgets. - ProFan Rivka

Breaking Bad Plushies from Mezco Toyz

Cuddle yourself up with 8” Jesse and Heisenberg plush dolls. They’re heavily stitched for durability and Heisenberg looks enough like Bryan Cranston that you might get urges to also watch Malcolm in the Middle. At least I did. They’re adorable. But be warned, they might try to sell meth to anyone who visits your house. - ProFan Patti

Coloring for Grown Ups: The Adult Activity Book


You ever walk past a box of Crayola 64 and feel the nostalgia of being a little kid. You are tempted to sneak and pick up a Disney Princess or Hot Wheels coloring book for old times sake. Maybe it is a stress reliever, or maybe your kids are in a selfish phase and don’t want to share Dora coloring pages with you.  With activity pages like: Homeless or Hipster; Valentine’s for Grown Ups and more.  Coloring for Grown Ups is just for you. - ProFan Kituria

Giclee Prints from Ukiyo-e Heroes

“The Power of Vanquished Souls”
(Mega Man)

Ukiyo-e heroes takes your favorite classic video games—Metroid, Zelda, Donkey Kong, even Pokemon—and turns them into striking, stylized Japanese woodblock style prints. - ProFan Robyn

The Hound’s Helm - Game of Thrones

Has your geek ever dreamed of being the second scariest man in all of Westeros? Satisfy his or her wishes with this full-size Hound’s helm replica from the HBO store. It’s made of fiberglass instead of Valeryian steel, so it won’t hold up in battle, but that doesn’t matter because it has a FULLY OPERABLE JAW. Display it on it’s wooden stand decorated with the House Clegane sigil, or wear it around the house as you joust with dust bunnies. - ProFan Robyn

Magneto Hoodie from

I bought one of these Magneto hoodies for a friend. It’s a very cool idea. This company also makes a Dr. Doom hoodie, and several other super hero versions, including Loki, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Venom. - ProFan Rivka

NeverEnding Story eReader Cover by GeekifyInc on Etsy

A replica of The NeverEnding Story for your NOOK, Kindle, and other assorted newfangled eReaders. I want it, and I don’t even own, nor ever want to own, a NOOK. The cover is handcrafted from high quality leather and suede. It’s for sale on Etsy for $58.95. Since they’re custom made, it can take up to ten days to be shipped to you, but I’d say it’s well worth the wait. - ProFan Patti

Portal Bookends

The left side is a figure going through the orange portal and the right side is a figure coming out of the blue portal. And, in-between, you put your porn… I mean, your bibles. Or your Harry Potter books. Whatever you enjoy to read. The bookends are made of durable aluminum with non-slip rubber padding on the bottom. - ProFan Patti

Personalized Superhero Portraits from The Comics Factory

Do you have a special someone who is a hero in your eyes? Is your family a group of extraordinary people disguising themselves as mere mortals? Capture the superhero in you with a personalized comic portrait from The Comics Factory. Great customer service and the ability to proof prior to printing, this is a great gift for the secret superhero in your life. - ProFan Kituria

The Walking Dead 10″ Daryl Dixon Deluxe Action Figure from McFarlane Toys

The leader in collectible action figures, McFarlane Toys, never fails to deliver, and this figure is no exception. As you’ve come to expect from McFarlane Toys, Norman Reedus’ likeness is captured to near perfection; you can practically hear his accent. The detail is fantastic, and it comes with a poncho, a hunting knife, and Daryl’s trademark crossbow. It’s simply badass, just like Daryl Dixon (and just like Norman Reedus). There are figures for basically every character on the show, so if Daryl isn’t your guy (you’re crazy), you can likely find your favorite character. - ProFan John

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