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Quantico - S2E19 - MHORDER

Previously on Quantico, “KUMONK”

MHORDER is a cryptonym for an indicator for negative publicity for the CIA.

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With an assist from Sebastian, the team now knows the identities of all the Collaborators. To draw them out, the team uses Clay to set up his engagement party as the backdrop to get all of the Collaborators in one place and hopefully turn one against the other. Once the team gets into place and the Collaborators fall into their trap, getting them to turn is proving far harder than they realized.

However, Ryan, fresh off seeing his asset/boo Sasha being killed right before his eyes, decides to take a different method. Ryan approaches Alice Winter by giving up intel about the team to make her feel as if Ryan is going to turn to the Collaborators’ side. To my shock, it actually works as Winter admits to Ryan that they killed Sasha as well as Leon. Ryan was recording the whole thing and tries to blackmail her into turning on the Collaborators. She agrees and tells Ryan two more Collaborators will turn as well, but they need to meet in a secure location.

When Ryan arrives at the location, he is greeted by a reporter who takes a cell phone video of Ryan and questions him on being a CIA agent working on American soil. Later that night, someone breaks into the team’s HQ at the Farm, copies all of their files on the case, and deletes the originals off the hard drives. Once Clay finds out what was taken, he doesn’t have any time to assess what has happened because he sees the video of Ryan on the news and how President Haas will be all but impeached for authorizing the team.

Thanks For The Dance

At the engagement party, while Alex was trying to turn a collaborator she gets approached by another. Maxwell Fletcher wants Alex to come to his side because they need a hero the people will rally behind and will follow when the time is right. Alex was never sold on Ryan’s plan to meet with the collaborators who wanted to turn, and, of course since she’s Alex, she was 100% correct. Alex put her own plan into place; working with Owen as her handler, she meets with Fletcher, appears to take him up on his offer, and gives him hard copy files the team had on the collaborators.

Who’s Sleeping With Whom?

Clay was so close to becoming another Haas man to fall for that Shelby Wyatt charm. As Shelby said multiple times, the Haas men played were responsible for their role so it was refreshing to see Clay step up and basically tell Shelby to make him hate her again. Clay loves his wife Maxine and doesn’t want to do something he would regret with Shelby. Shelby definitely obliges with help from Caleb. So happy that Shelby doesn’t have to deal with that elephant in the room and they can move on to damage control as they try to fix the mess they are in. I’m going to miss Caleb. He has been a breath of fresh air and reminded us all why he was a fan favorite as he stole every scene he was in the last few weeks.

Quantico S2E19
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Starring: Priyanka Chorpa Jake McLaughlin, Johanna Braddy,Yasmine Al Massri Pearl Thusi, Blair Underwood, Hunter Parrish

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