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Queen Sugar - S1E8 - Where With All

Previously on Queen Sugar, “In No Uncertain Terms”

Queen Sugar - S1E8 - “Where With All” | Starring: Rutina WesleyDawn-Lyen GardnerKofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle DurrettNicholas L. AsheGreg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Marycarmen Lopez, Bianca Lawson

It’s a bit of a trope to have characters with fractured relationships be forced into confrontation because they’re physically stuck with being in each other’s company. Add an impending storm and you have the perfect, predictable recipe for drama. As played as it may be, it really worked in “Where With All,” since the Borderlon family all seem to have the same stubborn trait. It would take a category 3 hurricane to bring them together (or the death of a patriarch).

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As you’d expect, Aunt Vi’s is the designated safe place for such an emergency and she spends the majority of the episode trying to shepherd her family home. What she doesn’t expect is to give safe harbor to the two people currently at the top of her shit list.

Hollywood has been staying with Ralph Angel at Earnest’s house, but once it’s boarded up, he makes his way home to make sure Violet’s home is secured as well. And despite her insistence that he worry about where he’s living and not there, he returns later with everyone else. A rousing game of Spades, dinner, and drink only delayed the inevitable. When Hollywood finally offers a full explanation for his actions and lies, Violet compares him to her abusive ex, which doesn’t go over too well. Even though Violet doesn’t come straight out and forgive him or take back what she said, we are shown that the comparison couldn’t be more wrong when Darla finally apologizes for her past.

Was she being a tad manipulative when she shows up with a belated birthday present for Blue when there’s a storm approaching? Perhaps, but she’s there now and despite Violet’s vicious side-eye, Darla stays the night. She overhears Violet warning Ralph Angel against trusting her again and thanks Violet and Hollywood for taking care of her son when she couldn’t. Hollywood was the one who found her with a john and took Blue away.

Darla may have committed the bigger and worst transgressions, but of Blue’s parents, she seems to be a bit more stable than Ralph Angel, who we see still makes questionable decisions (like leaving his baby alone in the park with some damn churros while he robs a store). I find myself rooting for Darla harder than I root for Ralph Angel. And Bianca Lawson was simply fantastic in her scenes this week.

The biggest confrontation of the night goes to Nova and Charley, who’ve had it brewing since Nova’s radio interview. She still hasn’t given a true apology for taking the $10,000, and despite Charley’s request that she not do things with Micah without asking, Nova offers Micah a place to stay when he gets accepted to a local private school. She pushes the issue until Charley finally admits all the reasons she thinks Nova is a bad influence, including growing and selling weed and sleeping with a married man. This, too, ends without being settled, and I have a feeling they’ll encounter some external turmoil that will force them to put these issues aside until we’re closer to the finale. Still, it was great to see someone call Nova on her bullshit. Charley has her ways (like when she refused to let the day workers go home early in the face of a hurricane), but I don’t believe she’s wrong here.

Though they have amazing chemistry, Remy and Charley taking their relationship a step further was the only misstep in this episode. Yes, he’s handsome and supportive, and seems to be loyal, but I wish we’d given her a little more room to breathe and regroup before jumping into another relationship. In the same episode in which she finally decides to stop wearing her ring she also cuddles with Remy and they share a kiss. I’m not against her showing agency and deciding she’s ready to move on, or even decide she wants a casual fling because she feels like it; but it would also be awesome if we got to see her be okay alone for awhile, too. Again, they have chemistry and I truly believe Remy is a good guy, so this isn’t a major problem at all.

One of the episode’s best achievements was using these encounters and confrontations to give us some much-needed backstories. First, via a bedtime story Darla makes up for Blue, we learn that she and Ralph Angel were best friends since they were children and she turned to drugs after he’d gone to jail. And since the whole house hears Charley talking about Nova’s affair, Aunt Vi asks Nova how she could do that considering Charley just went through and what she saw her own mother go through when Earnest cheated with Charley’s mother.

Y’all know Aunt Vi good for some side-eye and hard truths.

Queen Sugar S1E8 = 9.5
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11 Comments on Queen Sugar - S1E8 - Where With All

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: Hey Nina and her Black Ass Co-Hosts ✊🏾 I missed this show so much. Although it was soapy this episode was so very very Black. Charley and Nova’s fight was so real and I’m glad Charley called Nova on her self-righteous attitude. I’m very happy that Remdogg got his moment at the end. And Bianca Lawson acted her ass off. Do you think Vi will finally soften to her? I know how my people can hold a grudge, apology or not. Can’t wait to here your thoughts.

  2. For the Podcast:

    All this blackting is fucking great! Can somebody please make a gif of Aunt Vi in her robe and bonnet throwing that hard side-eye? That’s the stare of 100 black mothers, I was legit expecting Vi to let Darla finish and then cuss her the hell out. Shit, I thought she was going to cuss out Hollywood when he started boarding up her windows without asking first.

    My one gripe for the episode was not teaching Micah how to play spades. As a light-skin guy who grew up in the suburbs I didn’t have the resources to learn spades (resources being other black folks) so I think it would’ve been nice for Micah to learn.

    I don’t have kids, so I’m thinking that Charley is being a little too defensive with Micah hanging around Nova. Do you guys think Charley is right or she’s being too much?

    Nina, please play this in the background while you read my feedback. Thanks.
    Well well well. What an episode of Queen Sugar we got this week. Before I go any further I want to dedicate this week’s comments to that black ass Juwan. Oh yeah, nigga. This is happening. You hear that Imperial March playing in the background!!!! And before I get in to my bullet points, I want to give a special shout out to my homie Jamelle and the rest of the Light Skinned Coalition. And as always, I must say that all praise is due to Al B. Sure and the DeBarge Family. None of this would be possible without them. Now, let’s get into this shit!
    1. Nova – I hate this heffa. Good Lord. Why is she such a fuckin jerk??? Get over yourself, lady! I was SO glad Charley jumped in that ass like Nina on Facebook when white folks get out of line. It was right and well deserved. Nova KEPT trying it and Charley went Timbs first in that rectum. I loved it. Also, Nova and Shantal are moving pretty damn fast. But apparently too fast for Nova’s self righteous ass. She acted like crashing at that woman’s house during the storm was too soon. I swear I pulled a muscle rolling my eyes at this chick all episode. She makes me wanna hate fuck her! Y’all know what I mean. The kind of sex you have where you both talk pure shit to each other. “Shut yo punk ass up”… “Whatever nigga. Shut me up then. You stroke like a bitch”. That kind of shit. Just disrespecting each other and when it’s done one person says to the other “So, call me tomorrow”, and the other agrees to. I hate you Nova! Why won’t you let me love you?
    2. Darla – I am rooting for this woman now. Do right, Darla.
    3. Vi was acting like Nova – Speaking of Darla, did y’all see how stank Vi’s attitude was with her? SHEESH! I mean, they told us some of the story behind how Darla got custody of Blue and how Darla was out in the streets, but shit! They had Vi out there on some Nova shit when it came to her. I didn’t like that. I like Vi, but I wasn’t feeling her this episode, even though I understand her point. It just seemed overboard to a degree, and as Darla said it might be a bit out dated IF Darla has actually cleaned her act up, which hopefully she really has.
    4. Water Head ‘Wood – Aye, one more thing about this Darla shit. Man, the things she said about Water Head ‘Wood made me think and tweet that he’s really a good dude. He messed up by not telling Vi everything about his ex, but in general this big head ass nigga seems like a really good guy.
    5. Rem Dogg 2016 – Now, you KNOW I wasn’t gonna leave feedback on this ep and not mention my dude Remy. I told y’all he was the man with the master plan. You saw him up in that house chillin with the whole family. You saw how Charley came in there and bossed his ass around like woman does when she cares for you. You saw when Charley climbed in that bed to get some of the Rem Dogg’s bone. You saw that shit, Juwan!!!!!!! You know he was in there giving her the smooth stroke and whispering all that good game in her ear while doing it. Rem Dogg 2016, bitches! Be mad! *Sips Juwan tears*

    So sorry this is long! I came back to cut. I had a fucking novel here. It is still too damn long so feel free to skip stuff.

    Damn Hollywood went in on RA. I mean I would too if I had stale cereal and milk. So this nigga basically freeloads off Vi right? How this nigga feeding our gerber baby? How is this nigga even alive? Is he still stealing churros? He need to get it the fuck together and have the basic shit in your house. If it wasn’t a storm, he was just going to show up to her house anyway and take shit from the fridge? Hmm. He acting like a hood cricket right now. Hopping from one place to another.

    Charley ain’t shit right now. She and her lightskint chronicles this episode was too much. She got those workers out in the field and then here she go chatting it up with lightskint Batman throughout this episode trying to act like she ain’t excited for that “tropical storm” after she took that ring off. And despite that argument of her valuing marriage, we all know something is going to happen between her and brown butter Remy. She ain’t divorced yet! That succulent cocoa butter kiss proves it.

    Let me just say, Bianca Lawson, is so fucking BEAUTIFUL. But she ain’t shit. She sees Blue today and we know she is going to go ghost on that ass the next. Vi ain’t playing though she wants that ethereal vampire out of her house. Also, I bet Blue’s bed is the best thing she slept in in years. When she said “We can both stay” I thought, who gave you permission to say that? Girl what? But RA is a man who keeps stale food so I am sure he’ll his way back to vampira shortly. When he does, Roberta will be pregnant and conk nigga’s ambiguous posse of NOLA niggas will get RA in jail.

    Hollywood’s coco puff head ass think he is slick. “Oh I am just helping” bitch who you trying to fool? “I am trying to board your windows” Naw, he tried to find a way in so his ass don’t get swept up in the storm. And looky here this slippery ass nigga got in. If he was petty, he was probably thinking about drilling holes for water to leak in.

    Of course once the brown liquor starts flowing and people start playing spades real feelings start showing up. Hollywood should be thrown outside the door with the storm like the river monster he is for bringing that shit in the house.

    So this episode is essentially a bunch of people doing and saying shit without permission in Vi’s house without paying the damn rent. I love this show.

  5. For the podcast

    Another amazing episode of Queen Sugar! I love this show so much!!!

    1) Vi & Hollywood: She still hasn’t forgiven Hollywood. Nor has he apologized. Seriously tho, Hollywood really hasn’t grasped what he did wrong!! It’s not that he’s still married. It’s that he lied about all that shit! Ugh! At least we got some really good backstory about VI’s ex husband who definitely won’t be coming back for his house cause Ernest took care of his abusive ass! So is Vi gonna forgive Hollywood? And how long will it take? What does he have to do?

    2) Charley & Nova: Charley pissed me off but also had some very good points. She’s not a very understanding boss. Damn girl! Let those men get home! A fuckin storm is coming! Storms ain’t no joke down that way! But she had a good point with Nova’s hypocritical ass! Family or not, nobody’s gonna put their child into that crazy situation with drug dealers coming to her door & shit! Nova does good stuff in the community but she lost her damn mind on that bullshit! She’s so self righteous about her causes. It’s not that her being so a devoted community activist is bad. It’s just that she feels her causes are way more important than everyone else’s stuff. Ugh! Loved that fight tho! It ain’t settled. Just one battle in their ongoing war.

    3) Darla & RA plus cute little Blue: ok. I’m inclined to give Darla a second chance. That was a heartfelt apology. She loves that baby. Nobody is saying she needs to get custody back. Supervised visits would be acceptable tho. Plus the three of them in bed together like that was adorable!

    4) Charley & Remy better have only slept! Maybe a kiss or 2 but that’s it! Don’t give Davis any ammunition!

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!


    Here’s the thing, I like the Bordelons, I really do, but these people are assholes. Lucky for them, they have just enough good stuff going for them (I can’t think of the damn word I wanna use), that I can forgive some of the shady, stupid shit they keep doing.

    RA, this #bigdummy needs to stop thinking with his dick. He can’t make a smart decision to save his life. Clearly all he got goin for him is good looks. He gon fuck around and let Darla back in and she gon get Blue hurt. Speaking of Darla, she save those crocodile tears for someone else and stuff her sorrys in a sack. I might have felt bad for her if she didn’t recount her story that way. You remember all those details from your drug haze? Then you remember that dude you fucked for drugs. Fuck up outta here with shit. Yeah, yeah drug addiction is a disease, blah blah blah. I’m worried about the baby. I love how Aunt Vi hit her with that “fuck you want” look. They better watch her.

    Nova is determined to make me hate her. It’s bad enough she stole that money, but she really think she better than everybody else, don’t shit. How she gon assume it’s okay for Micah to stay with her? She treats Charley like shit but she can take his son? Without permission? Bitch, you got me FUCKED up. I was proud of Charley for getting in that ass and I hope she don’t apologize. The real question is what’s up with them? Is Nova jealous of Charley? Is she resentful? Charley seems intimidated by Nova and that can lead to resentment. I’d this because of Charley’s mother? What childhood shit are they holding on to?

    Charley might be the most entitled, bratty, pigheaded, stubborn, selfish know-it-all on TV. Like what the fuck? It’s okay to have the migrant workers blow away in a hurricane? How is that good business?? I get it, that she’s dealing with a lot of shit, but something tells me she’d be the same way of she didn’t find out her husband is a piece of shit. Did she sleep with Remy? Who knows, but I won’t be mad if she did. If for no other reason than I’m petty as hell. I think the fact that she actually likes Remy would stop her from doing it.

    As much as I love Hollywood, I need him to give Vi some space to get her head right. It’s nice and all to board up the windows and help the family. Shit, you can even stay during the storm so you don’t float away, but get the fuck up out her face with yo bullshit while she pissed. Men always do this shit. It’s so easy to explain NOW, after the fact. Hit the bricks, asshole. She’ll call you when she’s ready. Or she won’t.

    I love this black ass show and the black ass shit that happens. Three bottles of Henn! Spades! And they were playin Rise & Fly! Aunt Vi sleep in her scarf. I get my black ass life every week with this show. It feels so damn good to see ME in this show, but at the same time, they’re not alienating other races. Beautiful.

  7. Hey Leslie and Brandon. I love your chemistry with your husband and all the impactful work you do for the black community Leslie. Brandon, I am getting my entire life listening to your Atlanta recaps.

    Now of course Darla did an awful thing and I understand Ralph Angel wanting to protect Blue but he also was not there for Blue either when he went to prison. I really want to know what he went to jail for. Was it that he robbed a store because he couldn’t afford formula (still wrong but at least there is a noble motive) or did he just do something completely stupid like steal cellphones? But he just like a man though. Darla was good enough for Ralph Angel to sleep with to make himself feel better but then when she wants to see her son she just a former crackhead not worthy of his time. Do yall think Darla purposely came over during the storm hoping to maybe get stuck there to have more time with Blue? I do since she could have brought that present by at any time before or after the storm. She just wasn’t counting on having to spend the night with Aunt Vi giving her the side eye. Is it bad that when she was talking about the magical toy I thought she was talking about crack at first instead of Blue?

    Also, Nova is talking out both sides of her neck. Last week she berates Charlie for spending $3 million on her lying husband, but then scolds Charlie for running away from her home when things get tough. Which one is it Nova? Is it ham hocks or neck bones? Is it collards or turnip greens? Pick a damn side. I agreed with Charlie that Micah does not need to be around Nova having an affair. However I am wondering how Micah will take to the news that Charlie is now acting on her feelings for Remy. Now I’m not saying Charlie can’t move on from her trifling husband, I am just concerned that a new person coming into her and Micah’s life so soon could cause for them to not fully deal with their hurt and pain.

    Finally, I disagree with Aunt Vi. Ernest would not have any room to run Hollywood after he not only cheated on his wife, but had a baby with his mistress. Not saying Hollywood didn’t do anything wrong, but I would rather be in Aunt Vi’s situation than Ernest’s wife.

  8. Another powerful episode
    The writing & acting on this show is phenomenal. I find myself talking to the tv😄
    with all the drama.

    Charleys in control & controlling I.e. Discussing Micah’s choice of schooling to aunt vi (he’s going to an Ivy League college), to the farmhands (don’t stop working-it’s only a tropical storm-the men gave her that “girl bye” look). Remy seems to be the only person who calms her down. BTW, they finally “knocked boots” or did they just kiss/snuggle?

    Darla/RA- Is Carla trying 2 get her family (RA & blue) back? Can she be trusted? I do like the fact that she has & is allowed to bond w/blue despite her troubles. I thought her “thank u” was heartfelt & touching. So apparently did RA & Hollywood but aunt vi wasn’t having it-witness that shade she gave Darla.

    Nova vs Charley-the Storm within a storm-this was a heavyweight fight w/both ladies hurling verbal shots at each other- they were both so in their feelings- Cant say there was a winner-I’d call it a draw. Irony about the history of infidelity in the family-we learn Charley was a product of an affair, Charleys hubby cheated on her & nova had a long affair w/married man.

    Aunt vi/Hollywood-aunt vi is now my fav character. She is the rock of Gibraltar for the family-I just love everything she is. You know she loves Hollywood but I’m glad they didn’t reunite right away. Hollywood lie destroyed her trust & he will need 2 earn it back. I felt bad for him too (not for lying)-he seems like a good man-hard working, loving, caring, giving….now he’s alone & homeless…. but we know he’ll fight for vi.

    That’s all I have-apologies if it’s too long.


    Aunt Vi/Hollywood

    I hate to say it but this is the first time I’ve disliked Aunt Vi this season. I understand her attitude toward Hollywood and that she was hurt by him lying to her about Maxine Shaw but he had good intentions and I’m sure she would understand under normal circumstances. But to compare him to her physically abusive ex husband was a bit too much. I can also understand her pettiness towards Darla, but after that heartfelt apology Darla gave it was really cold of her just to walk away. I don’t mind a character being petty but at least be a little reasonable. Her pettiness is going to be a major point of contention between her and Ralph Angel going forward.

    Ralph Angel/Darla

    I’d like to think that he’s maturing as the series has been going on. He obviously wants to do the right thing by Blue and is trying to protect him but Blue loves his mother and it’s only right that she be let back into his life if she’s really clean and repentant. That scene of all three of them together as a family was really touching. Darla ain’t slick though, coming over in a hurricane, I see you girl.


    Nova needs to chill and stop overstepping her boundaries, especially when it comes to Micah. You are the muthafucking plug, that boy has no business being anywhere near your house! I’m glad Charley read her ass for filth.


    Break baby Charley was acting real privileged by flippantly sending those migrant workers back out in the field. She’s still not showing herself to be good with the farm business by not listening to the people with the experienced that she has tasked to help her! That decision will probably come back to bite her in the butt next week! I know that yella thrown away nigga Leonard is probably roasting me in his feedback over that one shade lighter than a paper bag nigga Remy. He was acting real light skinned this episode, wallowing all over Aunt Vi’s good couch, not speaking to Hollywood when he came in the house, taking advantage of Charley in her moment of weakness. This nigga ain’t slick. Watch, when Rem Dogg ruin Charley’s business credit and stop answering her texts I’m gon be like I told y’all not to trust that nigga.

    Great episode up until the very end. Ava why you do this?!

    Love you guys take care!

    Shut up Leonard!

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