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Queen Sugar - S2E8 - Freedom’s Plow

Previously on Queen Sugar, “I Know My Soul”

As mid-season finales go, “Freedom’s Plow” was fine. Some of the relationship conflicts were put to rest a bit too neatly, and some were downright confusing, but there’s still plenty of drama to be explored when the season picks up again this fall.

It doesn’t take long for Ralph Angel to need the assistance of Charley, who hasn’t been returning his calls or answering his messages. Bills need to be paid and he still needs his payroll check to stay in compliance with his parole. “I’ll do what I gotta do” looks a lot like, “I’ll just drop this major bomb and hope everyone goes back to assisting me when I want it and not questioning me when I don’t.”

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He also has to answer tough questions from Blue, who wonders why his mother no longer joins them for meals. Darla and Ralph Angel put aside their issues long enough to explain to Blue (as best they can) why Darla hasn’t been around as much and why her illness requires a consistent routine. Though he can be a complete meathead, it’s clear Ralph Angel cares for Darla, especially when he expresses joy and pride at her sobriety celebration. Two years sober is a huge accomplishment, and Darla’s sponsor makes it plain that she expects Ralph Angel to be a help and not a hinderance in Darla’s recovery. Perhaps it’s this conversation that prompts him to propose by episode’s end. It’s sweet, romantic, and lit by candlelight because Ralph Angel didn’t pay the electric bill. Still, Darla says yes.

Charley’s vulnerable admission at the end of last week’s episode shaped her entire cover story. It’s an honest piece about what she’s doing with the mill and how she doesn’t necessarily have all the answers. This causes concern among the farmers who left Landry’s mill to grind with the Bordelons. Once again, Charley has to ease their fears and assure them that she’s in it for the long haul. It looks good and sounds fine, but it doesn’t feel genuine. No one outside of family knows about Ernest’s new will, and Charley admits to Ra that she hasn’t made any decisions yet. Of course, telling the farmers what they wanted to hear (whether she’s 100% sure or not) was the right play; it just felt out of place that they are, once again, questioning her.

Much of what Charley does and goes through in this episode is frustrating to witness because it feels like it’s all still shaped by others’ expectations. Remy had the gall to be upset that her interview didn’t mention the divorce, but she’d already told him she had arranged to have the divorce announcement be a separate story on her own terms. In fact, he accused her of being calculating because of it. So, why is he upset now? Then, she apologizes to him and begs forgiveness. For what, exactly? How about Remy apologize for using her dead father’s words against her and applying meaning to them to hurt her? This manipulative side of Remy has me wondering if Charley shouldn’t just be alone for awhile as she figures out her mess.

A few weeks ago, I wondered on the podcast if the series was shifting to showing Davis separate from the Bordelon family. Prior to this, Davis never had a scene that didn’t include one of the family members. This week, he has a business meeting/lunch date with the singer who caught his eye during Micah’s community service. Is anyone really here for a Davis redemption arc? Micah sure isn’t. He interrupts the lunch and accuses Davis of being a liar (which he is), and storms out. Later, Davis is finally able to get to the heart of what happened to Micah when he was arrested. Before he was brought to the jail, Micah was psychologically tortured by the arresting officer, who also hurled racial slurs at him. This was one of the more emotionally gutting scenes the series has done thus far. We all knew something more had happened to Micah, but I’m not sure anyone correctly guessed what it was. Hopefully, in addition to having the heads of everyone involved, Charley and Davis will finally get Micah some counseling.

Because the episode seemed determined to give each couple a somewhat “happy ending” exiting the first half of the season, Nova overlooks so many warning signs when it comes to Dr. Robert Dubois. Listen. I don’t like him, but I was willing to let it go depending on the events in this episode. Nova, reeling from the words in Ernest’s will, packed a bag and headed to Atlanta. Dubois takes her to a dinner party that had Get Out written all over it. Sure enough, it’s not long before Nova finds herself listening to “Make America Great Again” rhetoric from a Great Value Bill O’Reilly. Even worse, Dubois used to share the same ideas of respectability and bullshit. He sees rubbing elbows with the alt-right adjace as a way of getting things done and “playing the game.” Nova leaves, but he follows her all the way back to New Orleans where he shows up on her doorstep unannounced. He’s figured out a way to use the bigot’s words to their advantage so they can both make the change they wish to see in the world. I was too busy creeped out by his insistence in getting all up in Nova’s personal space. She rolls with it, so…. Girl, I guess.

Thankfully, the one couple whose relationship was up in the air at the end of season one made it through the first half of this season relatively unscathed. Vi is still pursuing her pie business, and despite fainting due to lack of food and stress, she’s the only Bordelon I’m not worried about. *knock on Hollywood*

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on the podcast this weekend. 

Queen Sugar S2E8
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"Freedom's Plow"

Starring: Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle Durrett, Nicholas L. Ashe, Greg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Bianca Lawson

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15 Comments on Queen Sugar - S2E8 - Freedom’s Plow

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: My response to all the men on this show save Hollywood:

    Glad to see Mr. Prosper had Charley’s back. My heart breaks for Micah. Later for Great Value Sterling K Brown walking Nova into a room of racists without warning and then trying to make it seem like a good thing.

    I’m mad we have to wait! I’m not going to speak on Ralph Angel because we all know our response to him. See the above video.

  2. For the podcast- Charley didnt need to cry or apologize for shit! Nova needs to drop Dr DuBobby (new name even tho white people love infantalizing us. SN: SNL’s Lorne Michaels called Tim Meadows “Timmy”) His approach and outlook is all wrong. Aunt Vi’s petty gave me life even though she needs to sit down and let Hollywood love on her some more. My God Micah tried it and broke my heart. One dad point to Davis.
    An explanation (Not an excuse) for RA
    Whatever his age folks are expecting a victim of the prison system to have the same critical thinking and emotional maturity as his college educated sisters. He doesn’t have the tools. He is definitely closer to a child’s mind than a man. You gotta meet people where they are. He understands his own emotions on a base level (fighting for Blue, supporting Darla incorrectly). He needs support from a child’s level and even he doesn’t know that’s his maturity level. Some folks are sounding like that 45 supporter at that Sunken Place party when they talk about letting him fail bc he’s unprepared.
    I am going to edit this but if nothing else I’m offering perspective on RA.

  3. FOR THE PODCAST:Hi Nina and black ass co hosts!
    WOW! My thoughts are all over the place so I’ll try to make this quick. Charley fight and get your boo, and let these farmers know your here for the real deal. So glad Aunt Vi is okay but still had to check a Nova and kept it 100 saying if I was you I’d break that chocolate man in two lol
    RA your mouth wrote a check you couldn’t cash! Now your sorry? And after one fight you realize you want Darla forever? Sigh let me not be the hater. Yay black love.
    Lastly. With Micah and Davis…Ava DuVernay said EVERYONE IS CUTTING ONIONS DURING THIS SCENE!. I have little cousins around Micah’s age and I broke down when Micah revealed what he been through. Whew… Throughly enjoyed the episode can’t wait for it’s return

    I agree Nina, a lot of the drama seemed to be tied up in a neat little bow.
    I’m not here for Remy and Charley….just no. All that crying, begging, apologizing she was doing, nah after what he said last week…..SHIT wouldn’t be me! I guess if Nova wants it with Dr. Dubois than ok. Nova hasn’t done anything for me this first half of the season anyway.

    RA AND DARLA!?!?!?!? ENGAGED!?!?!?!?
    I just feel like it is too soon, along with the timing. I mean after everything we saw of RA last week, and now we’re just supposed to accept that he wants to put a ring on Darla’s finger, I’m not really feeling it as of yet. The farm is still up in the air, the Landry’s, Darla’s parents are still a factor, and Darla, her sobriety, and well being will CONTINUE to be a MAJOR factor as well.

    I just don’t know if RA himself is ready to COMPLETELY take all of that on. We’ve seen Darla grow so much throughout these two seasons, each episode we have seen her get stronger and stronger, as for RA I don’t think we have. In terms of Blue yeah, the farm to an extant, as for his relationship with Darla not so much. We’ve seen her supporting him since the back half of season 1 up till now, it seems like RA THIS episode finally started to open his eyes and see all of what Darla is and needs, I mean it is like finally he starts to think of someone other than himself, but she has needed that support all of this time.

    There is just so much more that is coming for Darla and RA, and I just hope that RA will be able to be there for her, and is able to comfort her. We’ve seen Darla stand on her own, and we know that she can take care of herself when things get rough, and we’ve seen her stand by RA many times, I just hope that RA can do the same for her, her sobriety, and life depends on it. Love the podcast! ❤️

  5. For the podcast: I’ll try 2 b brief:
    1. RA-luv dark sweet chocolate but lesson learned: don’t write a check ur butt can’t cash.
    2. Davis is still an a$$ however I give him props for reaching out to Micah to learn the truth. I have a feeling this isn’t over.
    3. Charley au natural-liked the new look as well as her firm commitment 2 the farmers. As for Remy, I thought she let him off a tad easy ; he needed another wk of timeout.
    4. Nova/Dubois-what was the purpose of bringing her to that particular gathering? Nova seemed to give him the boy bye but he’s persistent. They are channeling Beyoncé: aka their connection in the back seat of the car a la”partition” & he ‘s like “crazy in love” w/Nova.
    5. Micah-my heart ached 4 him; that incident was terrifying. I cringed as he told the true story; how traumatic. I hope he can now start the healing process.
    6. Hope Aunt Vi is OK.

    That’s all I have-eagerly looking forward to the second half of the season.

  6. Yikes @ that Charley/Mr. Back & Forths development. You know, after the end of last week’s episode, I was worried they were going to make Remy be in the right for his little speech, but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. But wow, the way it played out this episode was even more disappointing and frustrating than I could have ever imagined. Not only did Remy not apologize for the way he spoke to her and the things he said to her, they had Charley apologize to him and BEG him to be with her. I am… disgusted.
    I went from being all for their relationship last season, to tired of them earlier this season, to annoyed with this last episode, and I’m out right rooting against them now. I really, really, really, hope that their kiss/talk was just part of the theme of all three siblings making up with their love interests in the midseason finale, and the rest of the season will be spent tearing that down as Charley realizes how much of an self important asshole Remy is. He does not like her for who she is, they cannot possibly last long. I can already see what’s going to happen the first time she spends the night at his house she’s gonna wake up in the morning to a picture of Sharna stare into her soul on the nightstand get up to go brush her teeth w/ a tooth brush she assumes he got for her and then Remy is going come bursting in bathroom yelling what are you doing that Sharna’s tooth brush.

    As for the Darla/RA reconciliation… It was slightly less enraging, but Darla still deserves better. Didn’t even get a apology for his awful behavior last episode? He just proposes and suddenly all is okay? Whatever. Did he give her they mama ring that Ernest left in that lock box cuz that fool ain’t had no money for the light bill but he got money for a ring. If it is they mama ring I hope Nova chew his ass out when she sees it. He know good and well he needed to be proposing with the Ring Pop that’s in his price range.

    Micah’s confession was horrifying to watch, but the actor did so well with it. I’ve been wondering if there was more to the story or not, and I’ve been imagining all kinds of different terrifying scenarios, but that wasn’t one of them. I’m glad he got that off his chest, and I hope Davis finally does something right in his life, and takes the steps to make sure Micah gets the help he needs to deal with that.

  7. Feel free to skip anything that may have been already said if this is too long!

    Excuse me Ralph Angel you telling them that you own the farm and that you don’t need their help does mean they can drop the farm. Also how about you apologize for some of the shit you said before jumping into asking if your sister if she is keeping you on the pay roll. This is why I can’t stand Ralph Angel he got so upset when Chary pointed out he wasn’t ready/qualified to run the farm talking about some he’ll figure it out only to turn around what a week or 2 later blowing up her phone because he got bills he can’t pay. He always wanna suck his teeth when she says he uses her for her money but that is exactly what he does he only calls/initiates conversation with her when it’s about the money or something that benefits him. An I hate the she be ” throwing” her money at problems/around anyway excuse some viewers use as a counter argument whenever she points how the very money/lifestyle her siblings use as a way to judge/ tear her down in an argument especially RA ( i.e. house/field negro, making Micah soft) suddenly becomes a positive when it benefits them. Question besides her jumping to pay the full cost of Ernest’s funeral and hiring the caters (I personally don’t consider that throwing her money around) what else has she done that would be considered her flaunting her money in relation to her siblings? People act like she acts just like Terri from soul food she way more generous with her money if you ask me and lot less judgmental. Terri would have been cut Ralph Angel ass off.I hope I’m wrong but was RA saying she changed her hair and that she looked nice the first time we’ve seen him say something that wasn’t nasty, about the farm, or about him to her. He wants all this support from his sisters but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him ask either of them how they were dealing/coping ( w/ Ernest death ,Charley’s divorce, )or tell them he is proud of them for the work they do (Nova’s activism & Charley opening the mill).

    No! Don’t do it Darla! Just say no to Ralph Angel! It was nice of him to come to her meeting to show some support, but that doesn’t make up for what a total and complete asshole he’s been the last few episodes. He didn’t even apologize! I think Darla’s sponsor might be my new favorite minor character on the show, she sees right through RAs bullshit, and said so to his face. She was polite about it, but she clearly knows what’s up. More people need to be ready to give him reality checks, and tell him what an asshole he’s being right to his face.

    Were we seriously supposed to think that Remy was in the right last week when he was such a dick to Charlie? Sorry, nope. Still on her side. Her divorce, and how she conducts it, is none of his damn business. Not to mention how you basically call her manipulative for giving the reporter the exclusive to her divorce to get the mill story she wants then turn and say I didnt like the story why didn’t you mention your divorce.

  8. If this too long skip some if you need too.

    RA was working my nerves again tonight. He wanted to dismiss all of Charley’s concerns about him being able to run all facets of the farm, talking about that he’ll do what he needs to do, but as soon as them bills start coming in, he’s all upset his sisters aren’t running to his aid with their checkbooks open. I don’t even understand how he fixed his mouth to tell Aunt Vi telling the truth don’t mean they can just drop the farm , you idiot that’s exactly what it means.

    Why on earth is Charley begging Remy like Keith Sweat to be with her? Remy stays flip flopping like pancakes on what he wants to be mad at Charley about, reading Charley the riot act practically every scene this season, and I’m supposed to cheer on this kiss? I mean the divorce STILL isn’t final, so why would you have felt better if it was mentioned in the article? How does the public knowing prove she is ready to be in relationship with you? I could understand if she was hiding from her family but they all know about the divorce and her wanting Remy. Also she told you ass she was doing a separate article on her divorce last week but I guess you ass was too busy thinking of a way to twist her deceased daddy’s words into a insult instead of listening.

    I’m so tired of Charley having to defend her every move to men.Old McDonald (wasn’t he the old army dude from house of Payne )and his homeboys need to go somewhere constantly questioning her commitment and intelligence on the under because she would have to be dumb as a box of rocks to spend $9 million ( I know Remy ass told them how much she spent for that mill) on a old rusty mill and take out a loan on top of that to fix it up to turn around be like I’m tired of country living I’m packing up and going back to L.A. I’m glad prosper told they asses they need to stop questioning her.

    Davis tried it. He lies to his son, to his wife, treats them both with disrespect, but then demands unequivocal respect in return. He can’t be a father only when it benefits him and needs an ego boost as an authority figure.

    Poor baby Micah. That was literally torture, not just the pig playing Russian Roulette, but the knowledge that if that gun had gone off, King Bacon would’ve gone on a paid vacation and never meet any sort of consequence for killing an innocent teenager. All because Pork & Beans is angry and envious that a black kid doesn’t have to grow up struggling. So many black lives have been destroyed in the past few centuries because of salty-ass whites. An fuck Ralph Angel again for calling him soft for being traumatized by his experience he gets no slack for not knowing the whole story since he wanted to be a judgmental ass about it without getting the full story.

    Aunt Vi giving me Crooklyn teas that I wasn’t ready to relive tonight.

  9. The only great scenes in this damn episode is the scene were Micah finally talks about what happened to him with that piece of shit police officer (so glad i wasn’t the only one in the group who thought Micah was going to say the officer put his dick in his mouth) and anything with Darla who was the real MVP of this episode. I hate Ra and his sad ass proposal, i hate Nova’s new shiny head, coon ass boyfriend and i hate that Charley actually begged that Fuck boy Remy for forgiveness when she did nothing wrong. Does Vi have the sugar or something? All i know is she better not die in the next half of the season or I’m going to be pissed.

    That’s my feedback for today, can’t wait to hear your podcast

  10. For the Podcast:

    I’m just going to say a few things about this messy ass farm family. RA pulled a “trump” when he forgot all that yelling he did last week but wondered why his sisters weren’t returned his calls. Negro do you need a transcript? I’m very happy Darla stayed clean, I’m not sure why but she’s one of my favorite characters on the show.

    While I applaud Remy’s light skin charm causing Charley to “bend the knee” this man is walking a fine line. Charley could’ve simply cussed him out for last week and disregarded his opinion about that article.

    I loved Aunt Vi telling Nova about herself. At one point I expected Lady Olenna to come from the closet and add to the pile. While Aunt Vi is right, she too is stubborn as hell and might need to listen to Hollywood.

    When I recapped the episode with you and Rebecca I said I wanted more Davis and the scene with Micah is why. Davis ain’t shit but he’s all Micah has, I really enjoyed this scene. You know while Micah is telling the story that racist cop is still out patrolling the city. It makes me mad but that’s some real-life shit. Loved the episode and the recaps.

  11. FOR THE PODCAST: Hey Nina and guests! I loved the midseason finale, but I’m only leaving feedback to shit on Remy. Last week, this light-skinned negro had the nerve to insult my new favorite character, Charley, for protecting her business, family, and reputation. Remy was so pressed about Charley making them Facebook official that he couldn’t see that romantic rumors about him and Charley would’ve taken attention away from the mill and would’ve cast her in a negative light. Why? Because society says women can’t just be single mothers and great at business. And this week? We see Charley begging HIM for forgiveness? Forgive what, bish?! She didn’t do anything wrong! I hated that scene so much. Anyway, Remy, it’s time for you to bounce. If it ain’t about business, just stay away with your fragile male ego. (ahem, Devin).

    P.S. Ralph Angel ain’t got no business marrying anyone. Wasn’t this negro just looking at his bills and worrying about being on his sister’s payroll in the beginning of the episode? He still has some growing to do, professionally and mentally.

    Anyway, love the podcast! Can’t wait til the show returns in the fall. <3

  12. For the podcast:

    RA - I really can’t stand RA because it didn’t occur to me that he turned the power off himself and already had those candles and flowers set up for the proposal until my wife told me the next day. Given RA’s track record, I was inclined to think that nigga lights got cut off, that those were the flowers Charley gave her at the ceremony, and that ring was purchased hot at a trap house with his bill money. I hope Darla stays sober because marrying him would make anybody wanna use.

    I just can’t get into Nova and Milk Dud’s relationship. They don’t have chemistry. He’s too corny for Nova. This stalking nigga popped up at her house from another city. He would’ve been mad at me because he wouldn’t be coming in because he didn’t call first. Maybe my views will change if he really takes down the those racists in the second half of the season.

    Charley - Loving the new hair but I am a bit disappointed because I thought those 3a curls were a sign that the white mama was gonna show up. I’ve had enough had of Remy’s light skinned antics and I’m mad Charley was over there crying and begging for his ass.

    Micah’s story broke my heart. I love that they stayed and watched to make sure the police didn’t get out of hand when they had those guys cuffed by the school. That’s exactly what I do.

  13. I’m gonna try to keep this short.

    For the podcast

    RalphAngel ain’t shit! How you gonna propose to anyone when you can’t even pay the damn bills? He just needs her paycheck to get the lights put back on. Run away Darla!

    Fuck Remy & his judgmental ass! Run away Charley!

    WTF bullshit is DuBois on? You don’t be ambushing a woman you’re interested in by taking her to some Get Out situation! Run away Nova!

    For once Davis was a half way decent father. Poor Micah. I hope they sue the shit outta that police department.

    Aunt Vi betta be faking cause I can’t handle it if she’s really sick.

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And thanks for having this black ass podcast with your black ass cohosts!

  14. Hope I made it in time.😯

    Hello Nina, and Bevy of Blackassness,

    I’m sure ya’ll will say what I feel. Just a quickie…

    -I find myself suddenly team Charley but I’m still trying to understand WHY she felt she had to apologize to Remy?

    -Did you guys think that Micah was gonna say that the cop raped him??

    -will Nova and the Ashy Professor take on the Louisiana PD and we will get a subsequent sighting of White Calvin? I’m holding that White Calvin flame along with Shanna.

    That’s all. Great show followed by an even better podcast. Love you all.

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