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Scream Queens S1E12/E13 Dorkus/The Final Girls

Previously on Scream Queens, ‘Black Friday’

For thirteen weeks we watched intently, jotting down clues; eliminating suspects; gagging at Dean Munsch’s sexual appetite; swiping left on Tinder profiles and finally we get what we have all been waiting for: the identity of the remaining Red Devil Killer.

And our killer orphan is… Hester. (Cue sad trombone)

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Wompity, freaking womp.

Once it was confirmed that Hester was the brains behind the Red Devil Killing spree, my brain shut off. A two-hour finale filled with one hour of fluff and another hour of exposition brought this mostly fun season to a sputtering halt.

So how did things end for our motley crue?

  • We lose Handsome Pete to the Red Devil.
  • Hester got into some serious self-mutilation, but found the family she always dreamed of having.

  • Wes puts his mix-tape skills to use while he and Dean Munsch pretended to make babies, which evolves into a full-blown, weekends in Napa and wine tasting type of relationship.

  • Denise and Chad start and stop a torrid sexually intense five-month relationship. Denise leaves Wallace to fulfill her other dream: joining the FBI.
  • ZayDay and Grace are the new face of an equal opportunity KKT.

  • Chanel O, Sadie (Chanel #3), and Lindy (Chanel #5) shoot themselves in the their prison slipper adorned feet landing squarely where they belong: the sanitarium.

What did I get right?

  • Handsome Pete was a killer but not the killer.
  • Hester was the second baby.
  • Denise and Chad brought the quippy fun in their final scenes together.

What did I get wrong?

ZayDay had nothing to do with it. (so disappointing)

Scream Queens S1E12 & E13
  • 5/10
    Murder Most Foul - 5/10
  • 10/10
    Chanel Ain't Shitness - 10/10
  • 6/10
    Overall Season - 6/10


What started out as great guilty pleasure TV, ended with a thud. Well-placed music and snappy one-liners can only take you so far even in a show like Scream Queens. Ryan Murphy and crew left the ending with a cliffhanger, leaving the possibility of a second season, but is that something the people really want?

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4 Comments on Scream Queens S1E12/E13 Dorkus/The Final Girls

  1. I was so disappointed with the ending!!!!!! I don’t know if I would watch season 2.

  2. The ending was very predictable in terms of who the killer was. I don’t know why everyone wanted ZayDay to be one of the Red Devils. I ruled her out pretty early on. I’m all about ZayDay Williams

  3. Danielle I feel you on the disappointment. I didn’t need stellar performances but this ending was not very satisfying or fun. Even as a simple murder mystery if you don’t offer a twist you’ve lost me. I’d actually be fine with a 13 episode run with two parallel serial murders that meet up in the final episodes.

  4. I agree with everyone. I wanted Hester dead to be honest. I wanted her and Grace to be murdered and the Killer be one of the Chanel’s. The did love Chanel #3 in court and #5’s parents turning on her. But the best scene for me was watching Chad and Denise breaking up. 😂

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