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Scream Queens - S1E5 - Pumpkin Patch

Previously on Scream Queens, ‘Haunted House’

Picking up where last week left off Dean Munsch finally agrees to close the campus for Halloween night and hires Denise Hemphill as additional security for the students.  Hester successfully plots with Candle Vlogger and Chanel#5 to send Chanel O to prison for the murder of White Mammy. You’d think some time in the slammer would change her attitude, no such luck. She is still a bitch and the 3 hours on the inside might have made her a worse person. Tina and Chanel# 3 continue to form a bond after they spring Chanel O out of prison.

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Grace is relentless in her search for presumed dead, ZayDay. With the help of her father, Gigi, Denise and Handsome Pete, Grace discovers The Devil’s workshop and a kidnapped ZayDay. During their Halloween night house arrest, Chanel O decides to hold a vote for President. A newly freed ZayDay foils Chanel O’s plans for a landslide vote after she shows up unharmed and ready win.

Minion Update

Broke Bradley Cooper is alive and kicking; armless, but alive.

Kill of the Week

Sadly there was only one off-screen murder this week: Blonde, Eiffel Tower Twin- If Chanel O is anything, it’s creative. Her The Shining inspired pumpkin maze set the perfect scene for the hedge-clipper evisceration of Chanel #5s paramour.

Pop Culture Reference 

The Devil held ZayDay captive in the subfloor of his workshop. He opens the hatch and peers into the hole in the floor. Zayday sees him holding a white puppy, preparing to lower some lotion, I mean snacks, into the hole. Great direct call back to Silence of the Lambs. 

Humpin’ Around

Denise and Chad have participated in some sexy-time, with light bondage and role-play. At this point I shouldn’t be surprised but I was, more so because Denise claims it was some of the best sex she’s had. Chad really does have the magic stick.

Wes and Gigi finally bow-chica-wow-wow and Grace and Pete break up the session. Possibly the most awkward sex scene on a show, not known for good sex scenes, if Gigi’s plan is to cloud Wes’ vision, it’s definitely working.

Who Done It 

ZayDay returns to KKT unharmed and well before Grace. She shares the tale of her escape: The Devil gave her roses and a meal of Compton Nachos; she shows her gratitude by stabbing him in the hand and running away.

As the viewer we have to decide whether we believe ZayDay, and right now, I don’t buy it. I’m firmly on team Hemphill. ZayDay is a killer.

Scream Queens S1E5
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Gigi is the mastermind; Boone is in cahoots, but who is the he, she wants him to take care of: Chad? Wes? Pete? There are only three men of note remaining and of those three Chad could easily be killed and wouldn’t necessarily be missed outside of some comic relief, and it would make for a hilariously crass funeral.

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