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Secrets and Lies - S1E10 - The Lie

Previously on Secrets and Lies,The Mother

I was just going to suggest what if it turned out Ben was the killer after all, but then I realized I had missed last week’s episode when it was determined the killer was female. Pretty certain it’s a Crawford though. Or that crazy ass Jess.  

So, Abby is missing and possibly being held in that vengeful Jess’s house. Ben breaks into Jess’s house and almost beats the crap out of her just as police show up. She starts yelling that he raped her. I don’t remember that. The lies! He is arrested and Cornell shows up and makes crazy faces, like she’s done from day one. Jess’s house is searched and the bloody blue jacket is found soaking in a sink. Ben is freaking out about Abby in the interrogation room, but Cornell tells him Abby is home safe. She had just gone for a walk and didn’t tell her mom. Cornell finally admits that she knows he didn’t kill Tom. She lets him go and almost makes a sheepish face for all the accusations she made against him. Almost.

Cornell interrogates Jess but she doesn’t believe a word she says. She threatens her that if she finds out she’s lying about the rape she’ll charge her and make sure she serves every single day of the sentence. She won’t admit to lying about the rape and she also pretends she knows nothing about the bloody jacket that was sitting in HER SINK in HER HOUSE. “Is that blood?!!” she says. No, it’s Kool-aid, bitch. Even though the jacket was found her in house, Cornell thinks someone is trying to frame Jess. What if it was the wife of the guy who was stalking Ben? That would be awesome.

Now that Ben is free of suspicion, Christy is more than happy to be nice to him. She invites him for a late Christmas gathering, but they’re still signing divorce papers. Why is everybody so happy now? Yay, divorce, I guess. Ben goes out beside the house and inside a loose vent finds a small pair of bloody shoes. Those are Abby-sized shoes.

Ben asks her if that’s blood on the shoes and she says, “No, it’s Kool-aid, bitch.” Okay, she doesn’t. She just says she’s sorry. She’s not! She looks dead behind her eyes. Ben’s so stupid. He asks her if she “found Tom”. She says no, she just didn’t want to get in trouble. He asks for what. Can we just throw his ass in jail being a moron? Why do we gotta dance around this? My time is precious.

He asks more stupid questions and then everybody starts to cry because they know what this means. She “accidentally” beat Tom to death with a flashlight. They were trying to run away together because of the fighting with their parents. Abby put on Jess’s raincoat, which explains the bloody jacket. Abby leads Tom out to the river to hide until his dad gets back. She thinks Scott coming home stops the Ben and Jess thing and fixes her parents’ marriage. Tom gets upset and wants to go home. He says he’ll tell on her, so she hits him with the flashlight to stop him from going home. She didn’t want to get in trouble, so she hid her shoes and went back to bed.

Ben takes the bloody shoes out to the woods and sets them on fire. Natalie thinks they should turn Abby in. I agree. She killed him. Off to jail you go. However, Ben wants Christy to go on the run with her. So, they do. Then Ben goes and confesses to Tom’s murder. This just got stupid. I’m gonna build a time machine, go back in time, and not volunteer to watch and recap this. All the other things I could be doing right now!

Even his lawyer is like, “Girl, shut up.” So Ben fires him. Cornell knows he didn’t do it, but she has to take his statement anyway. She doesn’t believe that Abby killed Tom by accident. She thinks this because he was hit 6 times. It’s a rage killing, and was premeditated. I agree. Nothing else makes sense. If it was an accident, she’d look nervous and guilty or something. She was nothing all series. Dead behind those eyes! I think she’s a psychopath just as much as Cornell does. But Ben is still stupid and still in jail.

In the car with her mom, Abby says that this wouldn’t have happened if she had made it to the river with Tom. She was probably planning on drowning him. Bad seed!

And then that’s it.

What? This show is stupid. I’m glad it’s done. I should have watched the other version instead.

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