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Secrets and Lies - S1E7 - The Cop

Previously on Secrets and Lies, The Confession

Ben is at Fenton, the journalist’s house. He’s got articles all over his wall about Cornell. He’s uncovered that she’s got the highest closing rate in cases and it’s partly because if she can’t find evidence, she’ll just make it up. She’s framed people before and put them in jail. In other words, she’s crooked. He wants Ben to help him bring her down. Ben is still pissed at Fenton and doesn’t want to help, but then realizes how long his pretty ass will last in prison. Fenton tells him about a woman who’s in prison after Cornell made up evidence against her. Ben goes home to tell his wife he plans to help Fenton take down Cornell. Her bitch ass basically tells him to stop fighting against Cornell and to accept his fate and let his ass go to jail. Girl. Why ain’t this man divorced yet? I bet his wife killed that kid.

He goes to jail to visit someone who turns out to be Cornell’s daughter. She’s in there for drugs and it sounds like Cornell put her there. She doesn’t really tell him much aside from the fact that his case sounds a lot like the Seth Goring case, in which a little girl as murdered and Cornell is trying to pin it on him. Cornell finds out he went to visit her daughter and is she ever pissed. She brings him into the station to try to convince him to confess. She tells him he has PTSD and he tells her to go to hell.

Ben decides to track down the other guy Cornell is trying to pin the murder of a child on. Seth Goring. The wife turns out to be that lady who was yelling at Cornell in her office a couple episodes ago. He can’t talk to Seth because he has apparently hung himself after Cornell hounded him from town to town after they kept moving to get away from her, claiming that other girls had come forward and said he’d done things to them. None of it true, of course. But she led him to suicide. The wife warns Ben that things are only going to get worse for him because Cornell will never back down and nobody will do anything to stop her.

“I’m guilty of plenty, just not what I was accused of.” - Ben

The Cornell family leaves the house to go to Uncle Michael’s annual Christmas party. Ben carries the wrapped gifts to the car, including the flashlight. He breaks Michael’s gift, either on accident or on purpose on the way to the car. He drops everyone off at the party with the excuse that he needs to get a new gift and uses that time to get rid of the flashlight. He runs out into the woods and buries it in the ground. Actually, he doesn’t even bury it. He just hides it under some leaves. Christy is pissed when he gets back, because being pissed is pretty much what she does. She’s got resting bitch face. You’d think that considering her husband is being falsely accused of murder that she’d pull her head out of her ass. This should be a time when maybe things aren’t about YOU. Ben and Resting Bitch Face get in a fight about why he was in the woods and she makes him leave. On his way home, someone tries to run him off the bridge. He’s pulled over by some male cop who threatens to “make him disappear”. I thought it would be Cornell but it seems she sent this guy, whoever he is.

Back at home, one of Seth Goring’s sons shows up to chew Ben out. He thinks Ben leaked to the press about his dad killing himself and he’s pissed about it. He thinks his dad is guilty and that Cornell didn’t frame him, because he found photos in the basement and now that the press is back on them, they’ll start digging and his mom will find out his dad was guilty.

Cornell comes over and arrests Ben and tells him they found the flashlight in the woods. However, they dig and find no flashlight and she has to let him go. It was all a scare tactic. That bitch. She just looks evil now. I wonder how they know he hid the flashlight out there. Did his wife turn him in? She’s the only one who knew he was out there. And I don’t trust her at all.

As they’re looking for the flashlight, Ben recognizes one of the women as someone he’d seen with Fenton. He puts things together and realizes she was the one who leaked Tom’s DNA results to the press and that Fenton had paid her, which is illegal. He confronts Fenton about it minutes before Cornell shows up. Resting bitch face must be contagious, cause she’s got it too. She arrests Fenton.

Back at home, the original Resting Bitch Face, asks again why Ben was in the woods. The fight doesn’t make any sense. It escalates into her saying, “I want a man who can keep up with me.” What does that even mean? I don’t know. Ben doesn’t know. She wants to know what happened in the woods or she’s leaving. He opens the door and shows her the way out. She takes the kids with her, but they don’t want to go. They hate her too. The little one is crying and Resting Bitch Face is just standing there resting her bitch face. I don’t like her face and you can pinpoint the moment when Ben decides he doesn’t like it either.

Ben drops off more Christmas gifts at Uncle Michael’s and confronts him about calling the cops on him about the woods. I don’t trust this Michael guy. He’s suspicious. It’s also suspicious when Cornell shows up at Ben’s house late at night, standing outside in the rain like a weirdo. She talks weird and cryptic about his family and what a shame it would be to lose his family. I feel like she might be schizophrenic or something. She talks like she’s not right in the head. She shows him surveillance video from the cab he was in which showed him walking to Jess’s place when the cabby dropped him off. She surmises that since he doesn’t remember that, he must have blacked out, which means he could have done anything.

Next week’s episode looks ridiculous. This show is getting tedious. I’m ready to just toss Ben in jail regardless of his innocence and be done with it.

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  1. One of the young stars in tonight’s episode is a dance friend of mine in Raleigh

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