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Secrets and Lies - S1E8 - The Son

Previously on Secrets and Lies, The Cop

Since the arrest of the lab technician last episode, all the evidence from that lab cannot be used against Ben. But Cornell isn’t going to give up. She’s just going to keep searching for and/or manufacturing more evidence against him. Ben’s lawyer tells him that he has to figure out a response to the video of him going to Jess and Tom’s place the night of the murder. If he can’t explain that on the stand, the jury will find him guilty for sure, and his only other option would be to take a plea deal. He goes to see Jess to find out if she knows anything. She doesn’t have any information to give him that would be helpful. It’s weird that he was headed to her house and she can’t say anything about whether or not he was there.

Ben’s kids want to come home because they hate their mom. I mean, I’m paraphrasing. Christy wants to come home to pick up some stuff, but is insistent that Ben not be there. He wants to see his girls and celebrate Christmas with them, but Christy refuses. Man, I hate her. Ben goes to where his wife and kids are staying and begs to see Abby and Natalie. Christy plays that victim card she’s been carrying around and uses their children as a pawn in her game of revenge. I’m starting to think she killed Tom and this bitter act is a cover up. Either that or she’s just a shitty mom.

Your heart was in the right place even if your head was up your ass.” - Ben

Santa Dave brings Ben a Christmas present… it’s the flashlight. Which explains why they didn’t find the flashlight in the woods. That was a big thing to do for a friend. Kudos to Dave. Only, I think that makes him an accessory after the fact, or something. My law lingo is rusty. Ben and Dave take the flashlight, holding it with their bare hands and all so they can leave fingerprints all over it, and drop it down into what is probably a sewer of sorts.

Ben has a flashback to the day his wife accused him of cheating (which was also the night Tom was killed) she knew it was Jess before he even admitted to it. Dave says it’s because Ben was being very obvious during a touch football game. The way he touched Jess and looked at her. Even Dave noticed and he’s an idiot. During this discussion, Dave admits that on the night of the murder him and Ben went out to a bar to get drunk and Dave drugged him and that’s why he can’t remember that night.

They were pills for stress and he thought they would help Ben. He didn’t think he’d have such a bad reaction. Ben yells, Dave cries, then they make up like bros do. There’s hugs and tears and can we just find out who the killer is? Dave tries to help Ben remember what happened that night. Dave remembers that in the bar, drunk and drugged Ben was not himself. He was ranting and raving and harassing people in the bar. He left the bar yelling that he was gonna “fix it” and then Dave stuck him in a cab and sent him home. Ben has the realization that he was drunk, drugged, and violent that night and could have done anything.

Ben and Dave go back to the bar to ask some questions and to retrace their steps. The lady he harassed is there, he apologizes, and she tells him that the night he was there he showed her a picture of an ultrasound from the baby Christy had aborted. Ben has been carrying it around for 6 years. Cornell had found out he was showing people the picture of “his son” and she assumed he meant Tom and that’s why she thought Ben knew Tom was his son. Ben finds Tom’s tooth in his jacket pocket and suddenly everything comes back to him. He had gone to Jess’s house to warn her that Christy knew about their affair. He walks into the house. Jess is asleep, but Tom is up. When he takes him back to bed, Tom tells him about the tooth he lost. Ben slips it out from under the pillow and slips in some money. Then he goes home. He takes the tooth to Cornell to explain to her what actually happened that night. She basically sees it as more evidence that he was the last person to see Tom alive.

Ben’s lawyer brings up an alternate story for the murder. Tom dies on the same night Christy finds out Ben had cheated, 6 years after the fact. She’s angry, so she kills Tom. This is what I’ve been saying too. His lawyer also admits to Ben that Christy paid his retainer of $25,000. The kind of money Ben knows they don’t have. The lawyer is sure that Christy would never spend her last $25,000 on Ben, so there must be a lot more money where that came from. Ben searches the house and eventually finds it hidden in the walls of the attic. A box full of thousand and thousands of dollars, all tied together like she robbed a bank. I bet she did. That’s why she’s so angry. All that bank robbing. 

I kind of think it’s Christy, but in the previews for next week, the voice over guy calls it a “twist” and that if you think you have it figured out, you don’t. So, it’s not Christy. I know who the killer in the original was but I don’t think it’s the same in this version. So, I have no idea. I’m still leaning towards a female though.

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