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Sense8 - S1E7 - W.W.N.Double D.

Previously on Sense8, ‘Demons’


Sun—now known as Inmate #773—arrives at prison. When she meets her cellmates, she is reluctant at first, but then softens up when they congratulate her for what she did. The women share stories, and it seems most of them are there for killing their husbands or fathers, although somehow they all seemed to deserve it. One of the women remarks, “sometimes the only place to find a brave and honest woman is in prison.”

Unfortunately, there are also brave and dishonest women in prison, as Sun learns during her first day working in the sewing room when a woman steals her completed garments and turns them in as her own. Sun has to start over as the woman is allowed to go outside.


Lito is out to dinner with Hernando and Daniela. The three seem to enjoy each other’s companies enough, but Lito is nervous. Daniela suggests Hernando can pose as Lito’s bodyguard to further stem suspicion, and when a few fans and paparazzo come up asking for a picture that is exactly how Hernando behaves.

They continue with the bodyguard act even as they arrive home. But their good moods are spoiled when Joaquin is sitting on Lito’s couch. After a creepy speech about not being the bad guy and just wanting to watch Lito make love to Daniela so he can “learn from the best,” Hernando steps in and throws him out. Lito says he feels a bit like Whitney Houston and starts singing “I Will Always Love You,” and delivers him breakfast in bed the next morning.

Then, Lito gets a text from Daniela containing a picture of Hernando and Lito having sex. Daniela comes in and says Joaquin must have stolen her phone. Hernando and Lito are furious at her for taking the pictures, but she hysterically claims she’ll fix it and leaves.

I didn’t want to mention how much of a bad idea it seemed for her to snap a picture of the orgy from the last episode, because I didn’t want to spoil the mood at the time, and I wasn’t sure if it would come back to bite them. But I’m glad to see the consequences don’t involve Daniela blackmailing them. I enjoy this threesome and want to see it continue.


Riley is on an airplane heading back to her home in Iceland. Capheus is there with her, and is excited to see the clouds. The two talk about their fathers, and Riley is afraid that something bad will happen if she goes back, just like her mother told her. But Capheus says, “what if something good happens?”

Indeed, something good seems to happen when Riley arrives and her father greets her at the airport playing a ukulele. He takes her home and continues to serenade her by playing songs on the piano and telling her he is proud of her.

But when he gets up to go get her pancakes, a ghostly woman appears behind her (her mother?) and tells her that she should not have come back.


Will and Diego are walking the streets with the kid from the gang, heading to meet someone named Ludicrous Lincoln. Ludicrous is mad at Will because apparently Will had a relationship with Lincoln’s ex. The kid mediates the situation and Lincoln tells Will he wants diplomatic immunity in exchange for cooperating with their investigation.

Someone named 4K shows Will some photos of a hazmat team carrying a body out of the abandoned church. Will seems to recognize a man in the photos—Mr. Whispers. The images contain a license plate number so Will and Diego go to the car rental place where the van was rented. As they open the back doors to the van, Will sees a vision of Angelica’s dead body lying there.


Capheus is waiting for Amondi in his van during one of her treatments, and he watches her through the window being hooked up to an IV. When he returns her to Silas, it is revealed to be her birthday—she didn’t say anything because she likes her secrets. During the party, Silas tells Capheus to follow him, and they go inside where one of Silas’ former runners is tied to a chair.

The former runner had been watering down Silas’ goods so he could double-up on the money. Silas’ reputation is at stake, and he will not tolerate that… so he chops both of the man’s hands off without hesitation. Capheus looks on, stunned.


Kala talks to the statue of the god Ganesha about “the visions he has been sending her” since the day she tried to marry Rajan. She wants to understand them, particularly the man with the large… trunk. Just then, Wolfgang appears and tells her the gods don’t give a shit about them.

Wolfgang asks if talking to Ganesha has ever helped. Kala thinks Ganesha is responsible for stopping the wedding, and Wolfgang asks her if she thinks what is happening is some kind of miracle. Kala responds: “The sensation of experiencing the warmth of the sun while being soaked in a downfall at the same time? The word miracle sounds particularly appropriate.”

Later, during a flashback to a festival, Kala gets separated from her mom and dad and a boy rescues her and takes her under a float of Ganesha to “see what Ganesha sees.” Kala gets awestruck by the view, and that is what made her a believer. She tells Wolfgang that science is the language we use to talk about the same miracles that faith talks about.

Wolfgang says that one language makes sense, and the other doesn’t. Kala counters by asking about physics… where a particle can be both here and not here at the same time… and where gravity pulls objects to each other using a mysterious force… does that make any sense?

Wolfgang thanks God for gravity, and the two lean in to kiss, but asshole Felix shows up and pulls him back to his reality.


In the back of the store, Felix tells Wolfgang that Abraham, the buyer from a few episodes back, has agreed to take the rest of the diamonds and they will be rich. Wolfgang looks forlorn and says he wants to get away for a while, to India.

Later, Felix returns from the trip to meet Abraham, but said he was a no-show. There is a banging at the front of the store, and a woman is there asking for help. As Felix approaches the door the woman backs away and—just as you figure out what is going to happen—a car rolls by and fires a shotgun, killing Felix. The gunman is Steiner, Wolfgang’s rival cousin, who makes eye contact with Wolfgang in the store but lets him live for some reason.


Nomi and Neets are waiting for “Bug” to arrive. They are going to buy some equipment from him to get information about whatever mysterious entities are trying to take advantage of Nomi’s abilities. Nomi plans to use her hacktivist past to level the playing field. When Bug arrives, there is an awkward moment when he looks for “Mike,” forgetting that Nomi is Mike. But he gets down to business and sells them “NSA level” equipment.

Back at Neets’ place, Neets’ mother is talking about how people who used to hear voices were considered saints. She recounts a tale about how she was able to find Neets when she wandered off as a child using what could only be described as a sixth sense. With that story, she reveals herself as one of those people who is comfortable knowing that there is more going on that we don’t understand than all the things that we do, which puts Nomi at ease.

They find information on Dr. Metzger. He’s performed similar surgeries on three patients in the bay area and two of them have died. Invoking the spirit of Nancy Drew, they go to visit the living patient. When they meet Niles Bolger, he is essentially in a vegetative state. Nomi puts a hand on him and runs out crying, saying that that could have easily been her.

The duo stalk Dr. Metzger into a coffee shop by tracking his receipts, where they then use a device to clone his phone, allowing Nomi to download his contacts, calls, passwords, etc. Just then, Dr. Metzger’s phone rings—a call from a Dr. Matheson—and Metzger leaves in a hurry.

Nomi calls the number back, and a voice says, “I thought we were clear. Who is this? Is this Nomi?” Instead of shitting her pants and running—which is what I would do—she gangs up and decides she wants to break into Metzger’s house.

When they do, Nomi almost has his hard drive cloned when they hear someone come in the front door. Buying more time for the files to copy, Nomi goes balls out and doesn’t hide. Neets approaches Metzger with a mallet and pepper spray. Jonas appears, telling Nomi to get out of there because Whispers is coming.

Niles appears from behind Metzger and pulls a gun. Neets sprays him, and he and Dr. Metzger fight. Nomi gets the USB stick and they run away screaming for help. Niles shoots a few innocent people who responded to the screaming, and when Metzger is cornered he shoots the doctor in the head. When Niles looks in the mirror we see the old man—Whispers—and he makes Niles pull the trigger on himself.

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