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She-Hulk - Vol. 3 #3

Previously, “Issue #2

When we last left Jennifer Walters, she was blowing off some steam with Hellcat battling robots and twisted scientists. At the end of it all, she offered Walker a position with her law firm as a private investigator. This brings her staff up to four: Walters herself, Hellcat, her secretary Angie Huang, and her pet monkey Hei Hei. Just as an aside, there is something a bit…special with Huang; I barely noticed it at first, but I really picked up on something different with her in this issue. Oh, well; I’m sure whatever it is will come to light soon enough.

At the end of the last issue, Walters came face-to-face with Kristoff Vernard - the son of Victor von Doom, aka Doctor Doom. Vernard solicited Walters to help him gain asylum in the U.S. from his unstable father. This involves a mad dash to the courthouse, some battles with the fearsome Doombots, and finish you have to see to believe.

The entire series has been brilliant from episode one, and this is no exception.This issue even has some clever breaking of the fourth wall, which is something I always enjoy. I also enjoy the way he writes the witty banter between Walters and Vernard; it’s almost as if it’s a reverse Uptown Girl situation. The art is splendid as well, but at this point, that goes without saying.

I feel that the mark of a good book is when the ending makes you want to read more…regardless of how it truly ends. This one did that for me, and I’m waiting with baited breath for the next issue.

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