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Silk (2015) #9

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Silk #9 | Writer: Robbie Thompson | Artist: Stacey Lee | Color Artist: Ian Herring | Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham | Cover Artist: Helen Chen

Silk #9 Cover

Last week, when I saw my subscription notice for this issue, I wondered if we’d get any movement on the search for Cindy’s family, or more scenes with her therapist (I enjoy those), or if we’d get an answer to Cindy’s apparent move to the dark side. We got a bit of everything in this issue, and it was all great.

Cindy may have only been playing at “breaking bad,” - a fact that comes to light late in the issue when Cat listens in on a bug she planted on Silk’s clothes - but that doesn’t make her connection to Cat any less real. While Jessica Drew, Mockingbird, and Peter Parker all struggle to understand Cindy, Cat simply gets her.

While on a job breaking into Parker Industries, the two share their stories while trapped in an elevator shaft - yes, a trope taken straight out of the soap operas; everyone knows all the secrets come out when two people are stuck in an elevator. Silk explains her time in the bunker, and Cat reveals how her plans to go straight were upended. Now, it’s just easier for her to be exactly what people already expect of her.

I love this shift in color as they are no longer trapped. The spell broken, it is back to business.

I love this shift in color as they are no longer trapped. The spell broken, it is back to business.

Realizing that confiding in a criminal who she’s also lying to may not be the healthiest life choice, Cindy takes her therapist’s advice to seek out one of the few people she trusts: her ex, Hector. It’s probably for the best that the newly engaged Hector has moved with no forwarding address. Still, this leaves Cindy with no place to go except the bunker, which is where she finds Mockingbird waiting.

Cindy’s undercover days are over. Silk can go back to being a good guy. This is what Cat overhears on her recording device and this is also what Cindy’s co-workers hear as they are also on the bunker’s rooftop, having found the place while tracking down Dr. Kapoor - per Cindy’s request. See, Cindy? This is why you need to answer your phone.

Note: It would have been awesome if this issue included a reminder of Cindy’s co-workers’ names.

The next issue should be intense now that Cindy’s secret life as Silk is known to her friends and now that Cat knows Silk was playing her. I suspect Cindy will try to convince her everything wasn’t a lie, and since I’ve come to love the team-up between the two, I hope Cat believes her.

Silk #9
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