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Review: Spider-Gwen #3

Previously in Spider-Gwen #2

I’m kinda bummed that I’m not enjoying this series more. I was all about Spider-Gwen in the Spider-Verse, but I’m having a hard time connecting to - and caring about - the character here. I wonder if it’s an age thing. Even though a lot of what Gwen is dealing with is pretty serious, her inner thoughts feel very juvenile.

In this issue, Gwen finally faces her dad after dodging him for a few days. He wants her to stop being Spider-Woman. It’s getting too dangerous and he’s unable to keep the police off of her. She worries someone will get hurt if she walks away. It breaks his heart to see she’s shouldering this level of guilt and responsibility. Not only does he want her to not feel like she owes the city her protection, he wants her to forgive herself for Peter’s death.

The Vulture breaks up this father-daughter moment by soaring through the window and unleashing a gas. He wants Captain Stacy to tell him who Spider-Woman is, because he’s sure they have a personal connection. How dense is this guy? Who the hell does he think it is? Gwen uses the cover of the smoke to change into Spider-Woman and she attacks. He wants her head for Kingpin and emits more gas that sends Gwen into a choking fit. He’s so busy monologuing he doesn’t realize Captain Stacy has recovered. Vulture takes a bullet to the shoulder before flying out the window. Gwen wants to give chase, but her dad warns her not to. She uses her webs to keep him trapped (in the smokey house?) so she can follow the Vulture.

The bullet wound has slowed The Vulture down so Spider-Gwen catches up easily. Through the smoke, she knocks him out, but the gas makes her loopy. She’s just about to pass out when Captain Castle shows up in his Punisher tee, rocking a gas mask, and holding two clubs. As they fight, he continues to refuse backup from his fellow officers. He’s determined to be the one who brings down Spider-Woman. And when he does, he’s shocked to see she’s just a teenage girl.

Gwen takes advantage of this distraction and knocks him out cold. Now she has a dilemma. Does she take off with The Vulture? If she leaves him for the cops and he figures out who she is, he may tell. In the end, Spider-Gwen isn’t a criminal - no matter what the authorities think - and she leaves Toomes web-wrapped for the cops.

Meanwhile, Ben Parker from next door helps Captain Stacy into his home so May can take care of him.

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