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Spider-Woman (2015) #6

Previously in Silk #7 and Spider-Woman #5

I apologize for posting this a week late. Prince died and then Beyonce dropped Lemonade, and I’ve not wanted to do anything else with my life except mourn and bask in their musical blessings.

This issue, though, was worth the wait. So far, this Spider-Women crossover event has been excellent. With the undeniable chemistry between Jessica, Cindy, and Gwen (and authors who clearly have strong handles on who these women are) and such talented artists, one might think a successful collaboration was a given - but we know that a weak story could have turned this into a stink bomb.

With Jessica and Cindy trapped on Earth-65, the event allows Cindy to further work through her family issues and it allows Jessica to firmly settle into being a mother and a superhero - and even direct her maternal instincts into keeping Cindy and Gwen on task.

Armed with the knowledge that her Earth-65 doppelgänger works for S.I.L.K., the evil operation ran by Earth-65’s Cindy Moon, and that she might have the teleportation bracelet, Jessica pays a visit to the Drew house in the suburbs.

One of the many fun aspects of dealing with a multiverse is seeing the different versions of the characters we know and love. Here, Jesse Drew is a man with a wife and two kids. Jessica’s visit - which had all kinds of Uma Thurman/Vivica A. Fox Kill Bill vibes - forces her Earth-65 counterpart’s secrets to the surface and makes her miss her baby boy even more.

Thankfully, young Reed Richards has opened up a way home. While Cindy and Gwen go about seeing what trouble Evil Silk stirred up in their absence, Jessica heads for home and her baby.

I so love everything about this series. Jessica’s dialogue is always smart and laugh-out-loud funny, and her verbal sparring with the other Spider-Women never disappoints. Hopeless continues to give Jessica such a distinct and strong voice.

I had huge reservations when I learned that Spider-Woman artist Javier Rodriquez would not be doing the inside art for this issue (though he did an AMAZING cover). I was extremely relieved when I saw the first page. Artist Joelle Jones’ sharp style flowed seamlessly into the series and the colors - as usual - are gorgeous. Her work actually reminded me of Land’s a bit, and I loved his work on earlier issues of this series.

The story picks up again in Spider-Gwen #8, which is reviewed by ProFan Shanna. Then I’ll be back to continue my coverage with the next issues of Silk and Spider-Woman. Finally, Shanna will bring it home in the finale, Spider-Women Omega #1. 

Spider-Woman #7
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