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Supergirl - S2E14 - Homecoming

Previously on Supergirl, “Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk”

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The DEO received an alert that Cadmus was moving a weapon via a convoy. When Supergirl and Martian Manhunter go to intercept it, they learn the cargo was none other than the father of Alex and Kara,   Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain), last seen helping Kara and Mon-El escape from Cadmus custody. Once Jeremiah is brought back to the DEO, he is greeted by Alex and received a round of applause from the DEO. However, of all people, Mon-El is a bit hesitant to welcome Jeremiah back with open arms because he has been with Cadmus for so long. Jeremiah tells Mon-El they should keep their guard up around Cadmus. Jeremiah tells them that Cadmus is planning to drop a fusion bomb on National City and blame it on the aliens. J’onn will have the DEO search for the bomb, but in the meantime there will be a homecoming dinner to welcome Jeremiah back.

During the dinner Mon-El will not let his suspicions go and as Kara pushes Mon-El to say something nice to Jeremiah, Mon-El basically says Jeremiah’s rescue was staged by Cadmus in some way. Kara is not going to stand and let Mon-El be disrespectful to their father and asks Mon-El to leave, and Jeremiah asks to show him out. As Mon-El attempts to apologize in his hilariously clunky way, Jermiah threatens to tell Kara who Mon-El really is and doesn’t think she would approve.

That’s the last we heard of this? Excuse me, Dr. Danvers. Can we get some follow up please? Maybe Kara doesn’t need to know, but the audience is dying to find out.

Mon-El is able to bring Winn in on his mistrust of Jeremiah, and Winn sees Jeremiah hack into the DEO mainframe. With Winn’s assistance, Mon-El tells Kara what is happening and convinces her to confront Jeremiah. When they do Jeremiah states he just wants to catch up on what his daughters were doing in the last 24 months.  Yeah, whatever!

Since Winn has no evidence of Jeremiah doing anything other than that, Alex walks off with Jeremiah but is highly pissed off with Mon-El, Winn, and Kara most of all. This leads to Kara and Alex talking it out. Of the cast, Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh show the most chemistry when they are paired together and this scene was no different.  This is definitely one of the best scenes of the season.

When the team finally traces Supergirl’s heat vision radiation to a warehouse they feel as if they are closing in on the bomb. However, Supergirl and Alex do not find the bomb. Jeremiah uses this confusion to finish downloading what he tried to earlier. When J’onn confronts him, Jeremiah is able to overpower J’onn, Winn, and a couple of DEO soldiers since the arm we thought was injured was enhanced with cybernetics. Jeremiah escapes, but Winn put a tracker on him. Supergirl and Alex confront Jeremiah with Lillian Luthor and Cyborg Superman ( That name is so ridiculously corny ). They are unable to recapture Jeremiah because Luthor destroyed a set of train tracks that would kill the passengers on a train if Supergirl didn’t leave to intervene. When Alex had Jeremiah at gunpoint he would not be taken alive and since Alex wouldn’t shoot him he got away. As Kara and Alex are licking their wounds, Winn calls to tell them what Jeremiah stole. Jeremiah took the National Alien registry. With that type of information in Cadmus’ hands, Supergirl and the others cannot afford to sulk as the Alien population is in immediate danger now that Cadmus knows where each and every one of them are.

Supergirl S2E14
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This has been one of the best episodes of the season as it seems there are real stakes. I also loved the little breadcrumbs they placed in this episode from Jeremiah knowing who Mon-El really is, to whatever deal Jeremiah made with Cadmus. What is Jeremiah willing to sacrifice for the safety of his daughters? Does he include Kara in the equation since she is an alien? The DEO hasn’t lost a lot of battles, but this one would definitely go in the loss column. How Kara and Alex will bounce back will be interesting, as well as if Alex will do what needs to be done if she confronts her Dad again.

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