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Supergirl - S2E20 - City of Lost Children

Previously on Supergirl, ““Alex”

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Let’s Call It a Night

Guardian has been trying to be a beacon of hope similar to Supergirl and Superman, but instead he inspires fear similar to Clark’s famous frenemy from Gotham. That’s evident when he saves a woman from muggers, but she runs in terror at the sight of Guardian. This is enough to make Jimmy question his purpose and effectiveness as a hero. Even after an attack by an alien from the normally peaceful Phorian race, Jimmy’s attempts to help are shot down by Hank, who says Guardian’s skill set isn’t needed.

Guardian does get a lead on the alien attacker and goes to their home to find her son Marcus. Marcus is terrified of Guardian, but once Jimmy takes off his helmet to reveal himself he calms the young alien down. Marcus is brought back to the DEO where Alex is unsuccessful in questioning him. However, Marcus feels a bond with Jimmy and is more receptive to talking to him. As the two continue to bond, Jimmy takes Marcus to Catco where Marcus begins to open up about where his mother is, but something comes over Marcus and his telekinetic powers and he starts destroying Catco until Supergirl arrives to take him away. Marcus comes out of his trance.

After Jimmy has a heart-to-heart with Hank about what type of hero he can be, Marcus tells Jimmy he can show him where his mother is. Wynn goes along with Jimmy and Marcus since Wynn has a portable device that will dampen Phorian’s telekinetic abilities. Once they reach Marcus’ mother, they find she is hiding with close to a dozen other Phorians. Rhea powers up the machine (more on that in a moment), but Wynn’s device is unable to dampen all of their powers. Since the Phorians have a hive mind of sorts, Jimmy is able to reach out to Marcus through the trance and once he does, Marcus is able to calm the rest of the Phorians.

Welcome to New Daxum

We find out the Phorian’s telekinetic attacks are because of a side effect of the machine Rhea and Lena are working on. Earlier in the episode, Lena told Kara about some of the specifications of the machine. When Kara tries to call Lena to ask her about what the machine is supposed to do, Rhea picks up Lena’s phone and begins to read Kara the riot act. Rhea tells Kara that everything that happens next is Supergirl’s fault because Kara wouldn’t let Rhea leave with Mon-El.

Supergirl, Mon-El, and Hank locate Rhea and rush to the site, but she has already powered the machine. Supergirl leaves to destroy the machine, Hank is unable to fight Lena because she has a device she picked up from a white martian that allows her to lock green martians in their mind — this is similar to what the black mercy did to Supergirl except it’s a nightmare — and Mon-El pulls a gun on Rhea, but is unable to pull the trigger once Rhea tells Mon-El that his father killed himself when Mon-El didn’t return with them. Supergirl is unable to destroy the machine and sees a fleet of over 100 Daxum ships come out of the portal. Since Mon-El did not leave with Rhea, it appears her master plan is to create a new Daxum starting in National City.

Finally, Jimmy gets to do something more than just be a vigilante with terrible fight scenes. Even though I felt like he could do more, I am fine with the role Jimmy played this episode by being able to reach out to Marcus when no one else could. When Rhea was talking to Lena right before she turned on her, I felt a Harrison Wells/Cisco Ramon evil teacher/exceptional student vibe. (If you didn’t see what I did there do yourself a favor and catch up on one of the greatest episodes of The Flash.) I can’t wait to see how Lena reacts when she awakens.

Supergirl S2E20
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"City of Lost Children"

Starring: Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, David Harewood, Mehcad Brooks, Jeremy Jordan

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