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Supernatural - S10E8 - Hibbing 911

Previously, on Supernatural: “Girls, Girls, Girls

Jody Mills is matched with an overeager partner during a mandatory sheriff’s retreat, when a gruesome corpse is discovered, Jody calls Sam and Dean to help investigate.

The return of Sheriff Jody Mills.

Sheriff Jody Mills arrives at a mandatory Sheriff’s retreat in Hibbing, Minnesota. Before going in, she gives a homeless girl, who looks like she just stepped out of Woodstock, some money; probably because she reminds her of her vampire, teenage daughter she left back home. At the retreat, Jody, who’s dour by nature, is paired with super-peppy Donna, Sheriff from last season’s “The Purge” episode. They hear of a body that was caused by an animal attack, and Jody immediately calls the Winchesters.

Sam and Dean and Jody and Donna

The boys are searching for any info on the Mark of Cain. When they get the call from Jody, they decide to ride to Hibbing.

When they get there, Donna immediately recognizes them as FBI Agents, but the boys get Jody to distract her while they investigate, since Donna doesn’t know about the supernatural world yet; that changes when Donna sees the sheriff of Hibbing over a dead officer while showing fangs. Donna tells Jody, who leaves a message for the boys, while Donna and Jody investigate a room that Donna saw the Sheriff use the night before. They meet up with the boys at the room where they find a bunch of sun block and an address. Donna convinces the boys to let her come hunt the vampires. Dean asks Jody to give Donna “The Talk” about vampires, and they head out to the address.

Vampires in Hibbing

They arrive at the barn; Dean gives Donna a big machete and tells her, if she’s going to swing, she needs to swing hard because with vampires heads have to roll. They find the sheriff, who warns them to run, but too late, as they are waylaid by local vampires including the teenage, homeless girl Jody gave money to at the start. Turns out the Sheriff, Les, was the leader of the vampire clan but left when he grew a conscience and became a cop to protect people. The Clan wants him back, but when he refuses to kill, the group gets beheaded by the girl. Dean breaks out of his bonds and kills two of the vamps while Donna kills the homeless girl just before she bites Jody. Afterwards, Jody offers to help tutor Donna in the ways of monsters and how and what kills them. Meanwhile, Dean tells Sam that, for the first time since he came back from being a demon, he feels like the Mark of Cain didn’t compel him to kill and felt like his old self. While they are leaving, Dean rubs the Mark on his arm, suggesting that he may have been lying.

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