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Supernatural - S12E17 - The British Invasion

Previously on Supernatural, “Ladies Drink Free

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Last week we had a strong feeling that the British Men of Letters were going to contend with potential threats on two fronts: the proudly resolute hunters in the States, and a possible splinter group within their ranks that’ll challenge their merciless agenda. That dilemma arrived way sooner than expected in this episode as the Winchesters and company fudged things up for their stodgy allies. Their snafu resulted in a new MoL mandate: sweep America clean of creatures and hunters alike.

Much of “The British Invasion” was set up to finally add some depth to Mick Davies (Adam Fergus), our lone emissary of the MoL. For a time it appeared that Mr. Ketch would be a bigger presence while Castiel’s away, but he and Mary are apparently too busy “hunting” from the comfort of a king sized bed with 1000-count cotton sheets. Instead, we’ve begrudgingly accepted Mick and his impressive five o’clock shadow… only to witness the tragic results of a hardened agent regaining his conscience.

Although Davies’ loyalty may have started to wane after killing a nubile werewolf, the guilt Mick suppressed all his life from a previous trauma resurfaced due of his murderous actions. Via flashbacks we learned Davies’ entry into Hogwarts Kendricks was earned through ingenuity and hard work rather than legacy, like most of his classmates. Young Mick and his best pal Timothy were summoned by the headmistress Dolores Umbridge Dr. Hess (Gillian Barber) to test who has the greater resolve between the two. After Mick exited Hess’ office a blood-soaked mess with dagger in hand, the doctor knew her pupil was willing to do whatever’s called on him in the name of the order.

After 30 years of unflinching loyalty and maintaining The Code among his subordinates, Mick’s brief stay in the colonies began to soften him to the point that he questioned THE authority herself to her face. Yeah, that was a big no-no.

Imagine how isolated and twisted the life of a Man of Letters must be. The level of disconnect is staggering, as evidenced by Doctor Hess and Mr. Ketch’s cold reception towards Mick speaking up about the merits of teaming up with other good guys. This moment of clarity ultimately ended with Davies taking one in the back of the head. I must admit, the Men of Letters had me fooled for a hot second. Most of us began to presume only a handful within the operation like Ketch and Lady Bevell were hardlined ideologues but nope… Mick was an exception to The Code.

We barely knew him but he will be missed… kinda. Remember, he DID order the deaths of a few innocents this season and personally eliminated a target last week. Still, Davies was on the mend and only began to restore his humanity. It’s a sad end for a broken man with impeccable taste in clothes.

Before that semi-surprising third act, Mick, the Winchesters and Eileen Lahey (Shoshannah Stern) finally got a bead on the world’s greatest pregnant escape artist Kelly Kline and used her as bait to lure out Dagon (Ali Ahn). From the jump it appeared none of them were ready to take on another Prince of Hell - even when Dean had The Colt back in his possession (thanks for that, Mick). It all went to pot before Dagon even materialized and seconds into the fracas, Eileen accidentally killed Hess’ right hand Rennie (Darren Adams) who represented everything Britons hate about themselves. Now that Kelly is under the protection of Dagon yet again and the Men of Letters are down one more agent, the Winchesters and Lahey have lost any support from their reluctant allies.

Proficient in tracking Eileen may be, she likely won’t find a new trail for Sam and Dean to try another snatch and grab. Though her presence makes one wonder if Lahey’s familial association with the Men of Letters will come into play for the remainder of the season. If one recalls, during her first appearance in last season’s “Into the Mystic”, we learned Eileen’s grandfather was a Man of Letters and an American liaison in their European operations. Her family background could fit into the current narrative, however this generation of Men is violently dismissive of any confederates that aren’t radically loyal to The Code, legacies or not.

If anything, the return of Eileen was a nice touch given the chemistry she and Sam had in “Mystic”; apparently their friendship had been maintained off-screen as the two appeared a little more than cordial in their conversations. If Dean noticed a connection, you know something’s up!

Anyway, the struggle to find devoted followers has been especially taxing Down South as Crowley continued to gloat about having Lucifer under his thumb. Yeah sure, Fergus may control every molecule of Satan’s body but it seems his minions either forgot to enchant Lu’s mind (or “forgot” out of spite). For some time, the Dark Lord has freely communicated with Dagon, leaving Crowley none the wiser. It’s clear Fergus has zero confidence in his staff and the feeling appears mutual when Lucifer is paraded around as Fergus’ lapdog. Lucifer played the part of a defeated opponent for Crowley’s sake yet his usual demeanor returned when facing his audience. A wry smile and glowing eyes is all the demons needed to know the real King of Hell isn’t done by a long shot.

Except for the absence of Castiel and Rowena, “The British Invasion” retained the vigorous beat Supernatural achieved since it returned from its winter break. The situation became even bleaker now that the boys know Kelly could pop any moment and threaten all of creation. Crowley is definitely losing his grip on Hell, and a Prince is roaming the Midwest slaying anyone that gets in her way. Of course they’ll also have to contend with a posh band of sociopaths who believe their brand of good is absolute.

It’s not a good time to be a hunter. Not a good time at all.

Supernatural S12E17
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"The British Invasion"

Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Mark A. Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Samantha Smith, David Haydn-Jones | Writers: Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming | DIrector: John F. Showalter

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