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Supernatural - S13E1 - Lost and Found

Previously on Supernatural, “Who We Are/All Along the Watchtower

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It feels as though the dust had barely settled since season twelve’s wild finale - after the Winchesters had to deal with Lucifer going extra by possessing a rock star then the POTUS, he decided to pull a Rosemary’s Baby and threaten all of existence in creating a nephilim because why not. In the end, Sam and Dean’s misadventures resulted in a ridiculous body count (naturally), a renewed cold war between angels and demons, an accidental rift between dimensions and the deaths of two of Supernatural’s beloved characters.

So what are the boys to do? Take in a hellion of a rescue project, apparently.

Immediately taking place after the season 12 finale, “Lost and Found” was an understated premiere that gives the brothers a chance to process what occurred in the last 24 hours and sort out their new plan, now that the world they knew was completely obliterated by Lucifer. No longer with backup from above or below, Sam and Dean have to rely on their instincts when it comes to raising Jack (Alexander Calvert), Lucifer and Kelly Kline’s love child and the latest avatar of destruction.

A literal babe in the woods, Jack allowed his impulses rule him until he happened to make fast friends with a slacker named Clark (Rob Baco) and his mother, the sheriff, Christine Barker (Andrea Menard). Not your typical one-on-done demon/angel/creature fodder, the Barkers seem to have some lasting power and may play a crucial part in Jack’s development for the foreseeable future - for better or worse. They didn’t die, so odds are good they’ll likely pop back up during season thirteen, especially since Dean gave Sheriff Barker “The Talk” about the way of the world.

At the moment, we haven’t a clue about the current state of things. Most angels appeared to have gone rogue. Demons are rudderless without Lucifer or Crowley. The Men of Letters is in shambles, yet they managed to wipe a significant number of monsters and hunters off the map during their brief reign in North America. In a sense, Supernatural has given itself a soft reset to allow the Winchesters a breather and focus on “raising” the greatest threat in all of existence.

If anything “Lost and Found” reaffirmed Sam and Dean are on the same page in spite of their contrasting views on Jack. The brothers provided valid points about the nephilim and how he should be “handled”. Contrary to his appearance and heritage, Jack appears to have had a strong upbringing thanks to Kelly Kline; the only downside to him is his inability to control his allegedly limitless powers, which is an understandable concern because he could end creation as we know it.

Still and all, various beings from multiple factions will try to sink their claws into Jack this season, as the angels tried and died during the premiere. Now that God is off the grid and Satan is nowhere to be found, it truly is a free for all in the highest order. And the Winchesters are caught in the middle yet again as babysitters for the supreme being. It’ll be fun to see what kind of path showrunner Andrew Dabb and story editor Davy Perez will pave for Sam, Dean and Jack given Supernatural’s prolific backstory and expansive mythology. Will we dive even further into the rabbit hole of alternate realities and ancient omnipotent beings, or will season 13 be scaled back and focus on a more personal story arc?

Given how the premiere played out, the inclusion of Calvert as Jack along with the power vacuums in Heaven and Hell promises to significantly shift the series’ dynamic. So strap in tight, because we’re in for another long trip down the dark and twisted road.

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"Lost and Found"

Supernatural - S13E1 - Lost and Found | Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Mark Pellegrino, Alexander Calvert, Misha Collins, Samantha Smith | Writer: Andrew Dabb | Director: Phil Sgriccia

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