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If you listen to Podcast Fandom, you’ve probably heard us mention that we’re an Amazon Affiliate.


What does that mean exactly?

Well, if you shop Amazon (who doesn’t?) and use our affiliate link, we’ll get a small percentage of your purchase. Don’t worry. This doesn’t cost you anything. If the item you’re buying is $25, it will be $25 when you check out. The small percentage we get comes off of Amazon’s end. Sweet, huh?

What will we do with the funds?

While we know our affiliate earnings won’t be large, they will help in keeping the site running and paying for the podcast.

How will I know if I’m using your affiliate link?

Whenever we review a product or highlight a new BluRay release in our BluTuesday weekly feature, we will most likely link to the item on Amazon using our affiliate code. You won’t have to go to a special site or do anything differently than you normally do. Just clicking the link through our site is enough. However, we love to promote great geek items from all over. We frequently promote products found on ThinkGeek, Etsy, and other sites. In fact, on Cyber Monday 2013, we’ll be sharing our Project Fandom Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve curated a collection of some of our favorite books, games, movies, collectibles, comics/graphic novels, and more from 2013 and from all over the internet.

If you’re about to shop on Amazon, at any time, just go to and you’ll be able to do your shopping and support our site! Easy peasy. To make it easy: you can bookmark the link here.

I don’t shop at Amazon, but I’d love to support the website. What else can I do?

Really? You don’t shop at Amazon at all? Huh. Well, if you’d still like to help the site and show, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial at Audible. They have over 100,000 titles to choose from and they’ll give you a free audiobook download just for trying them out for 30 days. Just use this link here to get the deal.

Also, keep an eye on the right side banner ads found on any page of our site. We’re frequently posting great deals from Amazon, iTunes, Fandango, Roku, and more. We’ll eventually add a PayPal button so you can toss us a few bones if the mood ever strikes.

No matter what, we appreciate you visiting our site every day and listening to our podcast. We put so much time and energy into it because we love talking about the things we love with other fans. You guys are awesome.

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