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The 100 - S4E12 - The Chosen

Previously on The 100, “The Other Side”

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“It’s Called Surviving”

Before Skaikru decides who will stay in the bunker and who, for all intents and purposes, will be sentenced to death. Bellamy and Clarke prepare to bring Raven back since she is essential personnel. As Abby tells Clarke that they have 23 hours before the death wave, she also gives what felt like an extremely emotional heartfelt good-bye to Clarke. It’s hard to say if Abby knew at this time that she was going to ask Kane not to put her name in the lottery. Regardless this was a very powerful scene and kudos to Eliza Taylor and Paige Turco for pulling it off so well.

Murphy and Emori decide to tag along as well since in Murphy’s eyes, Bellamy killed them when Bellamy opened the door and allowed Octavia and the rest of the Grounders in. At this point, Murphy and Emori’s plan is to catch a ride to the lighthouse bunker and try to survive there. On the way to the lab, Bellamy crashes the rover because of an ambush set up by the left behind Grounders. The Grounders wanted their radioactive suits and would have taken it from them, but Echo was trailing and saved them. We already know Echo has surgical accuracy with her arrows, but watching her ride an irradiated horse in to save the them while she shot arrows off the horse was an awesome visual.

With the Rover busted because of the crash, Bellamy radios Monty and Harper to ask them for a ride to Raven’s lab. Bellamy is concerned that with the lost time, they will not be able to get Raven and make it back to Polis and he wants to just go back to Polis. However, Clarke does not want to leave Raven to die and she has a plan. Once they make it to Raven’ s bunker, Clarke decides that they should go back into space and live there. The rocket in Becca’s lab should get them to space and to the ark station. All they need to do is make it to the lighthouse bunker and get an oxygenator to take with them into space.

At least that rocket, even though it only has enough gas for a one-way trip, is going to be put to good use. Now let’s see if Clarke, Bellamy, Murphy, Emori, Echo, Harper, Monty, and Raven can grab the oxygenator and make it to space before Praimfaya hits in the finale next week.

There Was No Good Choice; There Never Is

This show has done an outstanding job this season at putting the characters in situations where they have to choose the best of bad decisions. Watching them make these decisions as they desperately try to survive has been heartbreaking, beautiful, and amazing. The scenes at the bunker this episode were no different - especially Octavia giving the mandate that Skaikru is only allowed to have 100 spots for their people, and if Skaikru doesn’t choose their 100 all of them will be killed. After they save the essential personnel there are roughly 80 spots remaining and they will have to sacrifice 364 members of Skaikru.

As Jaha eloquently put it, Skaikru will not give up without a fight.

Before Bellamy opened the door, Skaikru got comfortable, unpacked their bags, thought about the future and now that is going to be taken away from them to make room for the Grounders. Jaha had a plan to save all of Skaikru. Jaha was going to gas the grounders and hold the crops as ransom until the Grounders sent enough people out so all of Skaikru could stay. Kane confronted Jaha and tried to reason with him by explaining that they cannot defeat the Grounders and most of Skaikru would die during the battle. As Skairku were getting restless and sparking a riot to fight, the Grounders found Skaikru’s armory and are now in control of the guns and are ready to confront Skaikru to execute Octavia’s order. With this perfect storm brewing, Jaha and Kane decide to gas Skairku. Once all of Skaikru is knocked out, Kane and Jaha use Clarke’s list she created earlier in the season to choose who lived and who died. They saved all of the children and even against Abby’s wishes Kane saved her. The closest we got to losing a main character was Miller’s dad, David. ProFans, I challenge any of you to find a more gut-wrenching scene on network television this season. There shouldn’t have been a dry eye in the house as Kane begrudgingly pointed at the passed out Skaikru members stating which one would live or die. This scene was magnificent in how it drew all of those emotions out of the viewers and it will be a scene I won’t soon forget.

The 100 S4E12
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"The Chosen"

I love how Octavia is becoming a leader. With Indra by her side and with Octavia basically becoming the “queen” of the Grounders after winning the conclave, I am interested to see how she continues to use her newfound power as her confidence grows. With Abby still having the effects from being pulled out of ALIE and Raven no longer coming, I wonder if Kane saving Abby will be a moot point if she dies from her brain damage. I’m running out of adjectives to properly explain how pleased I have been with this season, especially the last handful of episodes. With this being the penultimate episode it does everything you want to be done to set up excitement for the finale as well as next season.

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