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The 100 - S4E9 - DNR

Previously on The 100, “God Complex”

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Said the Cockroach To The Raven

In the lab, Emori, Murphy, and Raven were left behind as the rest of the team traveled to Polis in light of the Jaha’s discovery of the bunker. Emori is pressuring Murphy to leave because they were left behind and no one is coming back for them. Raven tries to reassure Emori that Raven is too awesome to be left behind. As Murphy and Emori leave the main lab area, Raven’s nose begins to bleed and she has another seizure. I had no idea that people can just have a seizure and once the episode has passed, can get right back up and do what they were doing. Raven, as we previously stated, is awesome and does just that. Unfortunately, she starts seeing visions of Becca. Becca is telling Raven that she doesn’t have a lot of time left and instead of being a burden and wasting away her time left inside of a bunker that she should go out with a view.

Raven gets to work on finishing the rocket so she can space walk before she dies. Emori finally pushes Murphy to get enough supplies to last them 5 years in the lighthouse bunker Murphy was trapped in at the beginning of season 3. As they gather the supplies, Jackson and Miller return to pick everyone up and take them to Polis. Raven tells Murphy she’s not going. Murphy figures out that she plans on going into space. Murphy apologizes for the damage he did to her leg, but she forgives him and tells him to tell the rest of them that she floated herself.

Do Not Resuscitate

Jaha is getting everyone packed to move from Arkadia to the bunker in Polis. Jasper and his crew are not willing to leave. Their feelings are articulated well during the scene with Harper and Monty. Harper inadvertently killing Louis has weighed heavy on her and she is done fighting and feels every time they cross one hurdle there is some new danger. Even as Monty tries to reason with Harper to leave with him, she will not change her mind.

Once Jaha sees that Jasper and his crew aren’t leaving, there is a standoff with Jasper and friends locking themselves inside of the Ark. As Jaha prepares to blow the doors open, it is Bellamy who is the voice of reason and he convinces Jaha to let them stay since they have made their decision. As they say their goodbyes, Bellamy tells Harper that Monty left a rover for them if they change their minds. Once Harper and Jasper return to the bar they see Monty has actually decided to stay because of love, I guess.

Will You Fight Or Will You Burn

So many bad decisions were made in Polis; where should we begin? Let’s start with Kane and Indra apparently having some harebrained scheme to take King Roan as a prisoner since Kane took it upon himself to make an alliance with Trikru. That didn’t end well because when they tried to ambush Roan, Echo, the most ride or die of Azgaeda soldiers, had a team kill the would-be attackers and took Skaikru as prisoners.

Since Clarke wasn’t in on the plan to betray Roan, he brought her to his quarters. They decide to work out an agreement. Once Clarke and Roan arrived at the bunker, Indra was there with war chiefs from other clans and they bickered about how Azgaeda killed Trikru soldiers and burned villages down and they would not allow Azgaeda inside of the bunker. Clarke pleaded to everyone about what Lexa would have wanted, but Lexa wasn’t there and there is no commander to lead them. War would be the only way to settle their differences.

Clarke cuts her own hand to show Gaia she is a nightblood. Since Gaia has the flame Clarke tells Gaia to make her the commander. Roan believed the flame was destroyed so you can imagine the shock when he heard the ascension horn go off. As the war chiefs gathered for this new commander’s ascension they saw Clarke be cut to show that she is a nightblood and prepare to take the flame. Roan was not going to allow Clarke to make a mockery out of their ritual and spilled the tea on how Clarke became a nightblood. Hell, Abby was brought out by Roan to tell the chiefs that Clarke was made a nightblood through science. Oh Abby, let your daughter do what needs to be done. 

Roan was able to stop the ascension all together and put nightblood in doubt - if anyone can be made a nightblood how is it sacred moving forward? Roan, unlike most people, had a solution to this. One final conclave with a warrior representing each clan, the last warrior standing takes the bunker for their clan. The war chiefs agree and Roan asks Clarke “Will you fight, or will you burn?”

Since the quiet farm life didn’t suit her because she murdered a few people at Ilian’s farm, Octavia arrives riding Helios and announces “I’m here for the war!”

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I’ve felt like Ilian a good portion of the season when he said there’s not much point in fighting at the end of the world. Yes, it makes a better series for these clans to be at war with each other, but it doesn’t make a ton of sense to me that this is how they will spend their final days. I do like that with these warring clans there is no one without sin as all the clans have made mistakes. Hopefully this conclave will put an end to the war and we can move on to fortifying the bunker.

That being said, I would be lying to say I’m not super excited for this knockdown,  drag out death match coming! As Jasper said and Bellamy repeated to him, “Whatever the hell you want.” Jasper has gotten on my nerves for most of this season, and if you want to die then by all means kill yourself. However, don’t bring characters I like into your madness. Hopefully Monty has a plan to convince his best friend and girlfriend that life is worth living and suicide is not the answer. If you have been keeping up with these recaps you know that I am not here for Raven dying. But seeing Raven forgive Murphy felt well-earned. So if Raven can forgive Murphy for giving her that limp, I can as well. Watching Murphy go from such a despised character in season 1 to the unsung hero in season 3 to a character who cares about more than just his own survival has been great, and I’m looking forward to the role he plays throughout the last few episodes of this season.

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