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The 100 - S5E3 - Sleeping Giants

Previously on The 100, “Red Queen”

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This is Our Home

With the last two episodes getting us caught up on the highlights of what we missed during the 6-year time skip, this episode brings us back to the present. I really appreciate how the characters show us what they will do in the name of surviving. Clarke’s method of using one of the prisoners as live bait to try and pick off the prisoners, even without Madi’s approval, was interesting since we’ve seen Clarke be an advocate for peaceful resolutions in the past. Clarke fires the first kill shot against the prisoners. So when Clarke is eventually captured, after she instructs Madi to hide, at face value its understandable why the leader of the invading prisoners, Charmaine Diyoza, is a bit upset. Once the prisoners find Madi, Clarke begins to answer Diyoza’s question about what happened to the world and Clarke negotiates Madi’s escape.

Dying Alone Would Have Sucked

Bellamy, Raven, and the rest of the Space Grounders use their last bit of fuel from the ark to land on the prisoner ship in search of enough fuel to get back to Earth. After Emori causes a rough landing, the team searches the seemingly abandoned ship for fuel while the intruder alarm is blaring throughout the ship. Echo, Monty, and Murphy stumble upon a chamber with 283 people in cryo-sleep. After they already heard the radio transmission of the prisoners searching for Clarke and Madi, they are faced with a decision. Should they pull the plug on this army or will that cause more potential trouble for their friends on the ground? Bellamy, with input from the team, decides to use the cryo army as leverage for a negotiation with the prisoners on the ground by threatening to kill cryo army. For the plan to work, Raven must stay on the prisoner ship and is only allowed to stay because she lied to Bellamy about an escape pod just in case the negotiations go south. Murphy decides to stay with Raven as the rest of the team go to the ground only because he believed there was an escape pod. I think I’m going to enjoy the way Bellamy leads. He doesn’t seem to necessarily want to be the leader, but is willing to make the best choices available while still getting input from the team.

283 Lives For One

While Clarke gives Diyoza the season 3 recap of ALIE starting the end of the world the first time, they are interrupted by Diyoza’s prisoner patrol radioing them after seeing Bellamy and the others landing on the Ground and corners them at gunpoint. Since Diyoza feels lied to, she orders her men to kill four of the landing team to even out the four men Clarke has killed. Luckily, Madi comes in to save Bellamy and the team by killing the would-be killers of Bellamy and friends. Madi tries to bring them up to speed on what is going on with Octavia and the bunker as well as Clarke needing their help.  

Diyoza also orders McCreary to put the collar on Clarke as it would seem the interrogation methods are about to turn up. McCreary is clearly the more blood thirsty of Diyoza’s lieutenants as he took a sick satisfaction in using that shock collar to torture Clarke. It’s hard to watch Clarke be electrocuted, but it shows that these prisoners are not to be trifled with. While this torture continues, Madi and Bellamy drive up in the rover and as Bellamy steps out he shows Diyoza the mug she left on the prisoner ship. Bellamy’s play is simple: let’s come to an agreement or her army of 283 will be killed. Diyoza suggesst to Bellamy that Clarke must be important to be willing to kill 283 lives for her. Bellamy replies yes.

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"Sleeping Giants"

Starring Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Marie Avgeropoulos, Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles, Luisa d’Oliveira, Chelsey Reist,  Lola Flanery, Adina Porter, Henry Ian Cusick, Isaiah Washington

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