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The Americans - S4E10 - Munchkins

Previously on The Americans, “The Day After”

Editor’s Note: Mallika is vacationing in India and was gracious enough to submit her top five moments from this week’s The Americans so as not to miss a week of coverage. She’ll return to doing full reviews in two weeks with a combined review of episodes 11 and 12.

1. Tough Mothers

We know Elizabeth’s mother was a tough lady and in this episode, we learn Philip had a forceful mother, as well. We intercut this story with scenes of Elizabeth and Young Hee, showing us Paige’s Russian mama bear in action. A very pregnant (very annoying) mother-to-be, Alice, threatens to expose the Jennings’ secret if her baby daddy comes to harm. What they “like” has very little to do with these mothers’ lives.

2. Tough Mothers have Feelings, Too

Elizabeth scoffed at Philip’s attachment to Martha but seems to have developed feelings for her own “agent.” She struggles to continue in her assignment until Gabriel lets her off the hook. There was an exorbitantly long, agonizing pause as we waited for Elizabeth to say “yes”.

Young Hee might have had a tough mother, but she’s made of softer stuff. Especially, when it comes to her family. Her voicemail to Patty/Elizabeth was heartbreaking.

Images: FX

Images: FX

3. Unexpected Duets

Lots of information revealed in conversation.

Kimmy is back. She tells James about her father’s real job in the CIA. Not for the first time, James/Philip can relate to her father. Secrets can bring you closer, but only if you keep them. This felt creepy, even if it wasn’t meant to be.

Paige and Matthew swap… information. Apparently, Philip isn’t the only father being more forthcoming with information. Matthew mentions Stan investigating a secretary who disappeared. Paige tells Matthew about her Pastor who disappeared. Could these two be related? Naaaah.

4. Paige, the New Liz

Paige is growing up to be just like her mother. Like any good agent, Paige uses her true feelings to bring her closer to mark, comforting the sobbing pregnant lady. She has better instincts than to request the tape right after the Pastor turns up.

She is mistrustful of her parents’ role in Pastor Tim’s disappearance. She may be wrong this time, but her questioning shows she’s a smart one.

Kids. They grow up so fast.


5. No More Gaading About

There’s no turning Gaad. He’d rather accidentally impale himself on some glass before even talking to the Russians. This was the most senseless death, but perhaps that was the intention. Rather dark to show the agents watch as the life left him. Then again, this is The Americans.

Other Bits 

Regarding Henry – What is up with Henry? After the seven-month jump, they’ve focused on a few, choice reaction shots of his face. This episode he hears yelling, doesn’t finish his dinner, smart mouths his mom and pummels the garage with a tennis ball. This boy is finally sensing something is amiss. Paige asks “When are you going to tell Henry?”

Kimmy and Jimmy Get High- Kimmy has a boy, but is still hoping for a man. It doesn’t seem like she and James/Philip have taken the romantic angle (not for want of Kimmy trying). This is only slightly less creepy.

Sex and Twinkies – Tatiana is the one to get loud, this time. She follows up asking Oleg to find a very specific type of woman. She tells Oleg she’s Department 12, but offers up no other details. This makes me wonder if she’s just playing her new lover. Have a Twinkie, Tatiana.

The New Plan – Tatiana requests an agent from Oleg. Gabriel talks of a new team. What is the next step in this intricate plan?

Martha’s Father – Stan and Aderholt take Martha’s dad for drinks. Naturally, he doesn’t want to believe the worst about his daughter. What will happen if/when Philip goes to talk to him?

Oh Yeah - Elizabeth says “thank God” in this episode.

The Americans - S4E10 - Elizabeth and Philip

The Americans S4E10
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    Performances - 9.5/10


The underlying tension ratchets up and I don’t know what’s going to happen next. This show is just so good. It also gave us a bit of hope with Elizabeth, something I was sorely needing. When she said “yes,” my heart lifted. The dissolution of Patty and Young Hee is surprisingly heartbreaking for a relationship lasting only this season.

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