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The Bridge - S1E10 - Old Friends

Previously, on The Bridge: “The Beetle

David and Gus

We see a kidnapped Gus sobbing and slobbery in the back of Tate’s car which looks huge like an SUV but turns out to be a sedan. Gus asks lots of questions: Why did you take me? Why did you tell me to get closer to my father? Where do babies come.. ZZZZittt Tate tazes Gus and stuffs him in a large plastic barrel illuminated by a glow stick and slowly filling with water.  David Tate has a wild imagination and lots of disposable income. No one is questioning how he has financed this torture and terror spree?

Charlotte Gets Stiffed

Charlotte and Ray exit the courthouse and she is stomping around like a toddler. Big Daddy didn’t leave her a dime, but she got the house and land. Everything else went to his daughter and rightfully so. Charlotte blames Katie for turning her father against her. Katie tells her she did that on her own by being a stupid whore.  Tampa Ray and Char meet up with Tampa Tim in middle of the desert, which seems to be the only place for people in El Paso can meet in private. Don’t they have any parks? Charlotte shows Tim the transmitter and demands to know who he is working for. He lies, Tampa Ray brandishes a gun then the truth flows about Tim’s ATF affiliation. He starts to beg, reminds Char that he took her to prom. She grabs the gun from Ray and shoots Tim three times in the chest.

Frye and Adriana

Adriana finds Frye in a drunken stooper at the office. He has fallen off the wagon. Frye confesses to having a part in the accident involving Tate’s wife and son. Frye was partying with Santi and they ran out of cocaine. Santi hightailed it across the bridge to re-up, he hit Tate’s wife’s car and never looked back. Adriana tries to reassure him that Santi drove the car not him. But Daniel did not come forward when the time came to press charges. He received a job offer and took it without a second thought. Adriana tells him there is always time make a change and invites him to an AA meeting the next morning.  We next see Daniel and Adriana at the AA meeting and it is his turn to speak. Of course he can’t take anything seriously but after a sharp elbow from Adriana he breaks down. He needs a break and goes outside for a cigarette. Guess who is waiting for him? David Tate with a syringe full of sedative and successfully checking off box 105.1 of six year plan to seek revenge on, everyone.  Adriana reports that Daniel is missing to Detective Wade, she also dimes him out for his peripheral role in the death of Tate’s family.

Sonya and Marco

Sonya is at the emergency room barely recovering from her injuries a broken arm and an unstated dislocated shoulder. Because everyone in the history of television suffers a dislocated shoulder during a car accident, it’s TV Science. Kitty and Wade are doing a horrible job of persuading her to stay in the hospital as she is getting dressed She checks herself out of the hospital because she must solve the case. A police officer phones into the station that he found Tate’s car. It’s in a cemetery. They riffle through the glove compartment and find some old parking tickets. More six-year-old breadcrumbs from Tate.  It’s the address of a nursing home where Tate’s Uncle who has Alzheimer’s currently resides.

They head to the Uncle’s house find a deep freezer with blood in the corner. Sonya state’s the obvious that this is where the legs were stored. Or maybe it is just blood from some ground beef for last year’s family reunion.  Marco receives a call from Tate. He wants to meet him ALONE. Marco abandons Sonya and meets Tate at an undisclosed location. Marco lays hands on Tate, he is feeling himself, but shows restraint because he wants to find Gus.

Marco: You mad because she chose ME! People leave their spouses all the time.

Tate: I’m different.

No, player; you’re not. The hot guy with the accent always wins.

Tate has Marco dispose of his cell phone, but not his gun and tells him to get into the car. They ride off.

What I loved about this show appears to be no more.  It was just a few episodes ago when I was shedding a few tears for Sonya as she visited her sister’s killer. Now, The Bridge has gone full blown procedural.  As a viewer I need to switch gears in order to not be put off by the poor detective work and lack of further character development.

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