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The Bridge - S1E6 - The Eyes Have It

Previously, on The Bridge: “The Beast

This episode goes back to what continues to draw me to the show: character study. In a fictional world full of the painfully flawed we get another glimpse at events that have impacted the paths of our protagonists.

Charlotte and Tampa Ray are getting it on at the ranch. She is a screamer with a tramp stamp. During some post coital snuggling she decides she trusts Ray enough to show him her other tunnel. While there, Fausto and his crony are taking the body of Calaca over to Juarez. The next day, Charlotte and Tampa Ray meet up with Monty P. Flagman and Marciela. Charlotte has decided she wants no parts of the tunnel and has deferred all dealings to Tampa Ray, because that make a whole hell of a lot of sense Charlotte. Tampa Ray is overly tan and untrustworthy, he makes a call to Patrick Swayze’s brother in order to make a deal to move product to and from Mexico. This won’t end badly.

Lt. Wade while perpetuating his wise law keeper persona, he made a less than upright decision 20 years ago involving the rape and murder of an 18 year old young woman. He shares the story with Marco. Upon finding the murderer, Jim Dobbs in a motel, Wade shot him under the guise that he was reaching for a firearm. He didn’t, although that is what the official report says. And the shot did not kill Dobbs but injured him to the extent that his brain is soup. As he states Dobbs got 3 hots and a cot. And Wade got no answers. He reveals that the murdered girl is Sonya’s older sister, and there is a man sitting in prison who can never give Sonya the answers she needs and desperately deserves.

As a viewer, we have accepted that Marco is a bit of a Lothario and walks the edge of what is right in his law enforcement job. We are further informed that he and Fausto have greater ties than just law man versus criminal. Fausto’s and Marco’s fathers built the business that Fausto holds dear. Marco travels to Juarez to return the suitcase full of money. Fausto accepts and offers Marco a reward, recompense, in the form of $10,000. Marco politely declines, although there is some understandable hesitation, he has another child on the way. Fausto does not take kindly Marco’s refusal and throws the money into the fireplace, while reminding him that is money from the business THEIR father’s built. In turn Marco reminds Fausto that they chose different paths and bids him goodnight. He also visits his wife to pick up a few things. She lets him know in no uncertain terms, she will talk to him when she is damn well ready. Until then, he needs to get the hell out.

Daniel Frye is furiously emptying out enough liquor and pill bottles to supply a frat party. He is going cold turkey. 51 hours sober he and his partner travel back to Jauarez to get more answers. They just return with more Questions.

Gina is at the police station after witnessing the murder of her father. Sonya ham handedly tries to get information from her, to no avail. Gina asks for a cig. Sonya refuses because she isn’t 18. Marco eventually comes to the rescue and is able to get Gina to relax enough to offer some description of The Beast. The composite sketch is of a man’s eyes. Upon realizing that Gina’s mom isn’t worth a hill of beans and they have break it her that she will be taken by social services. Wade decides it’s time for chili burgers and heartburn. Because what makes the idea of foster care go down easier than diner food. At the restaurant Sonya reveals a stoic tidbit, her father was a deadbeat and her mom love cocaine and men. This was her very Sonya like attempt at relating to Gina. Gina excuses herself to the ladies room and attempts to run away, she is shot by The Beast. Sonya watches her die in a parking garage. Sonya calls Marco they realize The Beast has someone on the inside.

Sonya visits a cognitively delayed Jim Dobbs, who is drawing the same picture over and over again, a blonde girl with a red dress and black mask. Sonya is still searching for answers.

Mid-season observations:

We are halfway through season one of The Bridge, there are a few things we can discern right now.

  1. We have seen “The Beast”. Whether, he was referenced in passing as another officer, made a brief cameo, or is staring us smack in the face, we have seen him. I can’t see them bringing on a completely new character at this point and saying TADAA! This is your killer.
  2.  He can’t be working alone.
  3. I think it is Det. Pornstache Cowboy Hat. I honestly haven’t trusted his I’m just here for some yucks and a ten gallon hat since episode one.
  4. The killer has a method to his madness. Marco and Wade have skeletons, but they are not targets. What makes them the exception?
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