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The Fall - S1E4 - My Adventurous Song

Previously on The Fall, ‘Insolence and Wine’ 

It hasn’t been a good week for Paul Spectator. Up until now, he has been perfect in his crimes, almost robotic. His ability to create two different personas has kept him as a very unlikely suspect. It almost seems he believes he is two different personalities – one as a loving father and husband and the other as a psychopath or “stranger on a prowl” as he refers to himself. However, in this episode his perfect crimes start to unravel before him.

From using his daughter’s stationary to send a letter to the father of Sarah Kay, to causing havoc at his job by visiting a grieving woman at home, to his final scenes in the episode as he botches a murder – Paul’s struggle for perfection is real.

Meanwhile, Stella and pathologist Smith find a young lady who describes having a one night stand with someone who tries to choke her while having sex. The investigation into Olsen’s death takes a turn as a prostitution ring is discovered and his former partner commits suicide.

The writing is just so good on The Fall. Everything connects. If you really want the full experience, watch each episode more than once. It’ll help you catch the minute details. For instance, when Sally Ann is helping the mother of a newborn deal with its death this scene happens:

“I don’t want to stop holding her.”

“You don’t have to. When you’re ready we can wash and dress her. Take some photos if you like.”

OMG. The irony. Great episode leading to the finale!

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  1. Oh wow! Just realized u guys are covering this — goody! Now I can rewatch!!

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