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The Fall - S2E1 - Walk the Line

Previously in season one of The Fall

No resolution. That’s how season one of The Fall ended and when we begin season two, ten days later, it’s clear there is still no resolution in sight. And that’s okay.

I’ve enjoyed my creepy journey into this cat and mouse game between Stella and Paul, and will continue to watch with baited breath.

This show is frightening - especially the portrayal of Paul. Not just because he’s probably a psychopath, but because you would NEVER guess he could be a psychopath. We all believe we would be able to tell good people from bad – but can we ever really? Look at him from Sally’s perspective. Paul’s wife sees him as a loving father, husband, and bereavement counsellor until recently – not to mention he’s easy on the eyes. Now she believes he cheated on her. As terrible as that sounds, she has no earthly idea who her husband really is and would be stunned to know the horrendous crimes he has been committing against women.

She’s clueless to the fact that he’s tying up his daughter’s Barbie dolls and is climbing in the bed with sleeping women before he kidnaps them. She’s living life, completely unaware of things done in the dark - things impossible to conceive of until mistakes are made. We can see Paul uses Sally’s trust and his image to his advantage to commit his crimes. The real evil in the world is often the one you’d least suspect.

Score | 10/10My episode observations:
  • Poor Rose. The end of this episode was not looking good for her. She has guts, but odds were definitely stacked against her. First the cops leaking the ‘Peter’ information, then the ease in which Paul was able to Google and find her.
  • Paul calling himself ‘Peter Piper’ – I know he has a soft spot for children, but when he did that I was reminded of last season when he said to Katie there was ‘a stranger on the prowl’. He enjoys hiding in plain sight and that may be why they’ll eventually catch him.
  • Katie’s obsession with Paul and his need to keep playing with her can’t be good for either of them. It’ll be interesting to see who this will hurt the most.
  • The encounter on the train really pissed me off. So you change your hair color so the killer of Belfast won’t attack you, but you meet a complete stranger on a train who asks you if they have any semblance to a picture of the killer and you show him your ID with your full name and address? Really? Guess you don’t need to Google her.
Fave Quote: 

“You have no idea who he is or what he’s like.”

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