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The Fall - S2E3 - It’s Always Darkest

Previously on The Fall, ‘One Named Peter’

I have been a huge fan of this series since the very first episode. I thought the juxtaposition between a strong woman and her hunt for a man who hunts strong women was unique and well done. While I still believe in this show, I think this episode was one of the weakest. In fact, at this point, I need to call bullshit on the main characters’ motives and abilities. I understand the need to move the plot forward, but I don’t understand the need to make Paul a super spy or make Katie as naïve as she is. Some of the storylines in this episode just don’t make sense.


Katie is young and immature. Any time you find yourself tied up to a bed by someone you think might be a serial killer and rapist, and your response is to leave “fottiti sfigato” in Italian on their mirror in red lipstick? You got a problem, girl. Then your next move is to go to dinner with said rapist/killer to brag about lying to the police for them? No? Not done? Now I am to believe she is so thirsty for him that she breaks into his house to take a selfie. Just to prove her loyalty?

She knows he’s dangerous, yet she keeps playing these games with him that eventually will be the end of both of them. I just don’t think it’s necessary to dumb down the character of Katie so much you just don’t believe in her at all. So far she has shown herself to only be stupid, reckless, and dangerous.

“… the basic human form is female. Maleness is a kind of defect.”

It’s obvious that time is not on his side. The cops are aware of who he is, where he was in relation to Sarah Kay, and have found his prints on the murder weapon. They are also aware of the stolen car he reported without an insurance claim. It is now a priority to find Paul – not so much apprehend him, but to find Rose.

It’s also obvious he is enjoying manipulating Katie. He knows she is obsessed with him and that she knows more than she should about his crimes – however he gets pleasure in toying with her.

The biggest issue I had with the episode was the way Paul keeps being portrayed. To take this show as seriously as it deserves to be taken, the storyline needs to be plausible. And it’s not when he sneaks into Stella’s hotel room with the ease. I don’t understand how getting into the room of the main investigator can be so simple. Isn’t there a serial rapist/killer on the loose? And he was there for what seemed to be hours – walking around touching and sniffing her clothes. Also – since when are hotel keys hung in the kitchen for everyone to access? No way. When did Paul become Jason Bourne?


For someone who prides herself in exhibiting complete control as Stella, she had control of very little in this episode. From her reaction to the press conference Tom held, to being rejected by her colleague Reed, to her diary being read and written in by Paul. What is Stella like without complete control? Will she still be able to focus on finding the killer?

My Observations:
  • WHERE IS ROSE? The recording of her voice was really haunting. My mind was racing to figure out what he had done with her. Could she be in the woods – he was walking out of them in the beginning. Is she dead or alive?
  • It’s interesting Sally Anne could not give an alibi for Paul and directs them to Katie. Wonder what will be made out of that.
  • So Paul was in multiple orphanages as a child, one of which had a pedophile priest. So if he was molested, was he evil before he was assaulted or after? Does this mean Katie will have some of his same traits as an adult?
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  1. I agree this episode was so disappointing. Everything seemed fake, out of character or the producers trying to get cheap thrills. Please don’t ruin this show.

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