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The Fall - S2E6 - In Summation

Previously on The Fall, ‘The Fall’

I have a love/hate relationship with The Fall.

I absolutely adored the first season of this show – from the powerful way the women were written to great quotes from every episode and the way the two main characters were shown to be different, but very much alike. The second season is meh. There were certainly great moments, but season two is far from season one. From the plot holes, to the ridiculous twists, to the last few minutes of the episode – it’s just not what I had come to expect from this show. I certainly haven’t given up, but am I disappointed? Hell yes.

The episode begins with Stella and her crew collecting evidence from Paul’s burned vehicle – there are no human remains in his car, but a mannequin. This leads her to the house where Rose was recorded in (courtesy of a tripod and chair).

Jimmy gets a call and finds out where Liz has been sheltered, speaks to a reporter about Spector and steals her car and phone. Stella finds footage of Spector masturbating in front of Katie on her phone and sends Tom Anderson in. He’s young and good looking like Paul – Stella’s hoping that she will be able to relate to him. Katie at sixteen is cool as a cucumber.

Sally is being interviewed about suspicious jewelry and identifies Sarah Kay’s necklace. It’s then finally revealed to Sally what Paul had really been doing on his late night runs. She miscarries on the spot.

“I don’t just hate women. I hate everyone and everything. Including myself.” - Paul

Suddenly sexy McNally attempts to interview Paul, who rejects her and requests to speak to Stella only. Jimmy assaults his wife and other women in the shelter.

Stella and Spector finally meet face to face and it’s the verbal sparring match that we’ve been waiting for. While it looks like Stella has the upper hand because Spector confessed to every question she posed, he was definitely able to get under her skin quite a few times. For every question she had, he posed one back. So much alike - both have damaged pasts and neither likes the other gender, it’s very reminiscent of the best of season 1 and easily the highlight of this episode.

Spector agrees to give details of Rose’s whereabouts to have a visit with Olivia. The exchange between Olivia and Spector is sweet, but it is obvious that it affects Stella to hear their conversation. Almost wonder if it was really directed to her.

Jimmy, who seems to be the only one with the upper hand in this episode is able to find out that Spector is going to the forest and rushes out to find him. Spector gives cryptic directions and leads Stella to find Rose barely alive in her car trunk smack in the middle of the woods. At the last moment while it looks like Stella has won, Jimmy comes out of the woods and shoots Spector and Tom leaving all of us questioning the status of all three lives. I love a good cliffhanger, but this one feels cheap and disappointing.

While I gave the first season an A+ - season two was not done quite as well. A solid B would be my grade.

Score | 7/10My observations

The scene between Jim and Stella was really good. I like how she called attention to his previous actions and let him know that he wasn’t too much different from Spector. He needed that kick in the ass.

I found it sad how much Olivia and Katie worked to protect Spector from the police. Katie knew a long time ago that he was responsible for the murders of the women in Belfast and yet she kept fighting for him. Poor Olivia, who just loves her daddy, is quite damaged. What is to become of the both of them?

Sometimes, Spector did things I just didn’t expect. He finally tells Stella where to find Rose after four days, but is surprised to find her alive. Yet he left her food and water in the trunk. Huh.

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