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The Flash - S1E14 - Fallout

Previously on The Flash, ‘Nuclear Man’

Don’t be mad, but… I wasn’t feeling this episode either. Though, as I said last week, this show is still better than 98% of everything else on TV. Also, just like last week, my only issue is the Ronnie/F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M storyline - it just isn’t doing anything for me. I do like seeing Victor Garber, though.


We pick up right where last week left off, Barry racing Caitlin away from the blast. Once they clear, Cisco radios in that there’s no radiation. They race back to the point of explosion to find it worked! Ronnie and Stein are separated and everyone can go home. Well, to S.T.A.R. Labs for a reunion of hugs, and some lab tests.

Now that they’re separated, Stein and Ronnie argue like an old married couple. And speaking of marriage, Stein is all too happy to head home to his wife.

General Eiling and his men investigate the explosion and he quickly figures out that it’s the work of Firestorm.

Joe takes Barry to his childhood home and shows him what he and Cisco discovered. And when Barry realizes he’s the second speedster and was there as an adult when his mother died, I just want to hold him tight because Grant Gustin is bae.

Timey Wimey

Wells confirms that time travel is possible and Cisco uses movies like The Terminator and Back to the Future to explain it to Joe. Cisco suggests Barry to head over to Stein’s since he’s done extensive research on time travel. Stein is all too happy to talk about it, and confirms that time travel is possible, which is what Wells already said. This makes Barry feel terrible because if it is him, it means he’s destined to fail and his mother is destined to die - which is exactly what Reverse Flash said to him.

Iris’ mentor at work, Mason Bridge, plants seeds of doubt in her mind about Harrison Wells and S.T.A.R. Labs. He hints that the explosion might not have been an accident. Since she has an in with them, he wants her to use that to do some digging.

At Jitters, Ronnie and Caitlin are catching up when he suggests they leave town for a fresh start. Caitlin feels like their lives are in Center City. Ronnie isn’t so sure sticking around S.T.A.R. Labs is good for their health. Neither is drinking in Jitters, it turns out, since Eiling and his men show up and start shooting up the place. They corner Ronnie in an alley, but Stein can feel Ronnie’s fear and tells Barry where he is.

The Flash arrives just as they’re about to grab Ronnie, but he’s taken down by some special spikes that Eiling had made just for him. Caitlin arrives with the van and they’re able to escape.

Caitlin pauses from plucking the spikes out of Barry to slap herself in the forehead over not putting together that the military men who stole the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. research were with Eiling. Stein arrives and points out what we already know: he and Ronnie are still synced in some way.

To keep them safe, Ronnie and Caitlin will stay at Joe’s which makes for a really awkward conversation when Iris arrives. They lie and say that Ronnie is Caitlin’s cousin, and they’re acting suspicious as fuck.

Later, Joe feels bad about telling Barry what he learned, but Barry doesn’t blame him. He does want to know why his blood was specifically tested against the sample. Joe admits that he wanted to know if Wells was involved. Barry sticks up for Wells again, and Joe says he finally believes Wells wasn’t involved. Lies.

Let’s Make a Deal

Wells goes to see Eiling, who admits he knows Barry is The Flash (he saw him without the mask episodes ago). Eiling wants Wells to turn over Stein.

Wells has Stein over to the labs for a drink, and it’s a trick! He slipped something into Stein’s drink and Stein passes out. Eiling arrives to collect his prize. Wells is a motherfucker, but it feels like this is about protecting Barry.

Mason looked into the shooting at Jitters and learned that Caitlin was there when that super creepy military group showed up. Why wouldn’t she tell you about that, he asks Iris. She has no answer. He leaves her with a pic of The Burning Man and Iris clearly recognizes him as Caitlin’s “cousin.”

Wells lies and says he was attacked when Stein was taken. The team tries to use Ronnie’s connection to Stein to locate him. Stein is being tortured by Eiling, but he refuses to give up his research. He’s finally able to relay a message to Ronnie once Eiling leaves the room and reveal his location - an abandoned military base.

Wonder Twins Powers, Activate

Ronnie convinces Caitlin that he should go with Barry to rescue Stein. She’s always going to be the girl who tries to save people, and he’s always going to be the guy who does the same. He does take the tachyon device to hopefully ward off merging with Stein again.

Once they arrive at the shady-ass looking military base, Wells radios in that if Ronnie merges with Stein again, they may not be able to separate them. When Eiling is about to shoot Stein in the head, Ronnie feels it and is able to direct The Flash in to rescue him. Once outside, The Flash is shot with yet ANOTHER specialized weapon. He has to run and create a vacuum to stop its effects.

Pinned down, Ronnie and Stein are forced to merge again so that they can fuck shit up. Because they don’t try to fight it, it works and they’re stronger than ever. They take out most of Eiling’s men, but they’re knocked down when Eiling launches an ion grenade. He’s about to shoot him/them when Barry knocks him on his ass. Then, Ronnie and The Flash fly/run off like badasses.


Back at the labs, Ronnie and Stein are able to successfully separate. Ronnie and Stein are leaving town to find a colleague of Stein’s who can help them control and learn from their powers. Also, this will hopefully keep Eiling off their asses at the lab.

At Jitters, Caitlin is talking way too loud to Cisco about what happened with Ronnie. Girl, shhh! Iris stops by their table and asks questions about Caitlin’s cousin, which Caitlin answers poorly. Iris is not stupid. She goes to Mason and says she’ll help him figure out what’s going on at S.T.A.R. Labs because she believes the Burning Man used to work there.

Barry takes Joe back to his childhood home and tells him he plans on using the images to learn what not to do that night. He’s going to save his mom.


Reverse Flash snatches Eiling up and drops him into the sewer tunnels. He takes off his mask and reveals himself to be Wells. Then Wells reintroduces him to an old friend of theirs: Grodd.

Overall Thoughts:
  • March 17th! We have to wait a full month! *flips table*
  • I’ll admit, the scenes after they merged at the military base were great.
  • Did Wells really do a Doc Brown impression? Yes. Yes, he did.
  • Loved the Dothraki reference made by Mason.
  • I still think Eddie is Reverse Flash. I’m on to you, show!
  • “Last time I did this, was to a gorilla.” How’d that work out for you, Eiling?
  • The writing in the flesh communication method was gross, but cool.
  • “I bet you that’s where they’re keeping Stein.” “I bet that’s where they’re keeping the aliens, too.” Oh, Cisco. Never change.


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