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The Flash - S1E18 - All Star Team Up

Previously on The Flash, ‘Tricksters’

No show is perfect so I was bound to be disappointed by The Flash at least once. This is that time. This episode was meant to do several things:

  • Show that keeping Barry’s secret has taken a toll on Eddie’s relationship with Iris. It wouldn’t do to have Iris find out that Barry is The Flash and that Eddie knew about it in one go. She might forgive that. No, we needed to see that Iris is suspicious and knows Eddie is hiding something from her. We had to have an ultimatum, even if doesn’t seem to make that much sense.
  • Show Barry acting super suspect to Wells… again.
  • Include the highly realistic moments of doubt Barry has about Caitlin and Cisco. Why wouldn’t he think they are in league with Reverse Flash? He was certain Wells was a standup (no pun intended) guy so he could be wrong about his employees as well.

Unfortunately, they had these things happen alongside a subplot about robotic poisonous bees starring Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead), whose acting was just as robotic and poisonous.

And it was terrible.

Brie Larvan is an engineering super genius who has weaponized robotic bees and uses them to kill the former colleagues who did her wrong, and that includes Dr. McGee at Mercury Labs. Barry and Team Flash - with a little help from Felicity and Ray visiting from Starling City - ultimately defeat Brie, and in the process Ray gets the help he needed to perfect his ATOM suit.

Now, let’s talk about the stuff that really matters.

Buddy Cops

Now that Eddie is in on the secret, The Flash can openly assist him and Joe as they apprehend criminals. And one night in particular is a pretty busy one with three attempted robberies. Barry is cocky, Joe is pleased, and Eddie doesn’t look amused.

However, Barry dick-shaming this flasher was everything:

The next day the three investigate the crime scene of an engineering professor who’d been attacked - and killed - by Brie’s bees, though they don’t know that part yet. When Barry hesitates to use S.T.A.R. Labs to analyze the evidence, Joe warns him that he can’t tip off Wells they’re on to him. Barry will have to suck it up and act as if nothing is wrong.

When the toxin which killed the professor is identified as honey bee venom, the team deduces it must be a metahuman who can control bees and increase their toxicity. We also learn that Cisco is deathly afraid of bees.


Felicity is in town and she asks Team Flash to step outside. They watch as Ray comes in a little hot wearing the ATOM suit. He cracks the concrete. Felicity looks proud. Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry look shocked. Wells looks like a hater.

Barry isn’t exactly happy to see them, but he hesitates to tell Felicity about his Wells theory. The team seems excited to help Ray figure out his suit issues so Barry’s outvoted. Wells continues to look

Got a Secret

Iris’ journalistic instincts kick in and she grills Eddie at work on how successful they’ve been at bringing in criminals. Could they be working with The Flash? Eddie insists nothing of the sort, but Iris isn’t dumb. Despite his promises to the contrary, Iris is sure he’s keeping secrets.

Eddie tells Joe it’s killing his relationship with Iris. They haven’t had sex in two weeks! Information Joe really didn’t need or want. Either way, Joe reminds him that he’s the dad and his is the overriding opinion on how to keep Iris safe. Unless Eddie wanna put a ring on it. Striking out there, Eddie interrupts Felicity and Barry having coffee at Jitters. Barry was in the middle of side-stepping Felicity’s questions. Eddie learns that Felicity knows Barry’s secret, so that makes Iris odd man out. How can they justify lying to people they care about?

Speaking of odd man out, Felicity suggests the five of them go to dinner to help ease the friction between Eddie and Iris. Such a idea, Felicity.

‘member That?

While helping Ray with his ATOM overheating problems, Cisco has a flash (heh) memory of Wells confronting him, confessing he’s Reverse Flash, and then killing him.


There’s another bee attack and Barry arrives too late to save the victim, and the bees swarm to attack him. He needs Cisco’s assistance in getting out of the building, but he’s directed to a dead end. By the time Joe arrives on the scene, Barry has collapsed outside after being stung numerous times.

Barry goes into cardiac arrest, and Wells has to remotely activate the defibrillator inside Barry’s suit to bring him back. Back at the labs, Cisco apologizes for giving Barry the wrong directions. There’s no time to dwell on it after Wells assures Barry it won’t happen again, because Barry, Felicity, and Ray will be late for dinner.

Cisco visits Joe at the precinct and gets what the police have on the latest bee attack victim, but it’s not why Cisco is there. He wants to know if there’s anything going on with Barry they should know. He’s been acting weird. Joe makes excuses and when he mentions the Reverse Flash, Cisco has another flash memory of evil-ass Wells. Shaken, he leaves without telling Joe what’s going on.

Double Date Dinner +1

Ray has bought out an entire fancy restaurant so they can eat in peace. Overkill? Maybe. But also kind of adorable. Talk about Ray and Felicity’s relationship inspires Iris to be super petty and bring up secrets between couples. Ray changes the subject to his respect for Wells, which only makes Barry remember Wells is a lying liar who lies. He excuses himself and Felicity follows.

He finally tells her what he suspects about Wells, and she realizes he’s also doubting Cisco and Caitlin. Felicity tries to assure him that he can trust them. They’re interrupted by Ray who needs an adult because mommy and daddy are fighting at the dinner table.

Why must Iris be so… Iris?

She storms out, saying she’ll be sleeping at her dad’s until Eddie catches a case of Act Right.

Attack of the Drones

Unbeknownst to the team, one of Brie’s bees has hitched a ride on Barry’s suit and is now terrorizing Cisco, Caitlin, and Wells. Wells is thisclose to standing up (He moves his foot!) in order to use his speed to grab the bee, but The Flash rushes in and snatches up the bee before he can.

Too soon, Barry! Too soon!

The bee is a camera and Brie is watching them right now. After putting the bee under a microscope, the team discovers it’s a robot. They make the connection between the two murder victims: Mercury Labs.

Joe, Barry, and Wells head over to speak with Dr. Christina McGee at Mercury Labs. She’s still a little shitty that they lost her tachyon device, but does tell them Brie’s name. She also refuses their police protection.

The Feels

Felicity uses the faith she had in Oliver - back when he was asking her to do all kinds of weird things before she knew he was the Arrow - as encouragement for Barry to trust Caitlin and Cisco.

At home, Iris asks Barry flat out if Eddie is cheating on her. Barry assures her that he isn’t. He says Eddie’s work is so emotionally draining, he doesn’t want to share with her the horrible things he sees each day. When Barry tells Iris that he only wants her to be happy, she looks at him much the same way she did when she was trying to super cockblock Linda.

Brie activates her robot bug that’s in the Labs and the group scrambles to track it, hoping it will lead them to Brie - and it does.  With an assist from Ray, Cisco, and Caitlin, The Flash is able to stop and arrest Brie and save Dr. McGee.

Cisco’s worst fear comes true when he’s stung by one of the bees (Who was controlling it?) tucked into Ray’s suit. He jumped in front of Ray to take the sting, but now he’s going into cardiac arrest. Barry arrives and creates a charge with his hands and shocks Cisco back to life.

“Ain’t nobody got time for bees.” - Cisco
All on the Same Page

Dr. McGee visits Barry in his lab and thanks him for saving her life. He takes this opportunity to ask why she hates Dr. Wells so much. Fifteen years ago, they were close friends and then he changed after Tess died. He became a completely different person.

Speaking with Joe, Barry realizes what a brave and selfless thing Cisco did in saving Ray.

Ray and Felicity are headed back to Starling City, and Ray is happy because he has one of Brie’s bees which helped him figure out his power source problem: go smaller, not bigger.

Iris confronts Eddie at his desk, and she’s not sitting on it! Despite Barry’s defense of Eddie, she tells him that if he loves her, he’ll tell her everything or else.

Cisco and Caitlin show up at Barry’s lab, thinking they’re going out for karaoke with Barry and Joe. Nope. Barry hits them with that hard truth that Wells is Reverse Flash. Caitlin thinks it’s ridiculous, but Cisco looks concerned, if not convinced. He admits to the others he’s been having dreams about Wells being Reverse Flash and Wells killing him.

Score | 7/10Overall Thoughts & Questions:
  • How the hell is Cisco having memories of what happened in the day that never was? Will this happen to everyone? Is this what deja vu is? (I’m kidding about that last one.)
  • Am I the only one who thought Iris was going to have a flashback to kissing Barry when they were talking about Eddie?
  • Brilliant having Dr. McGee provide some insight into Wells, letting Barry know that he changed 15 years ago. Depending on how soon after Barry’s mother death the car accident happened, shouldn’t Joe have already made that connection?
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12 Comments on The Flash - S1E18 - All Star Team Up

  1. So apparently the bug eyed bandit is an atom villain which makes sense because they both equally bore and annoy me. I am so not excited for this atom spinoff and if Beth is back for it I will boycott, unlike some people I didn?t think Emily Kinney was that bad on the walking dead I actually liked her character but here she was really really bad and it made it hard to enjoy the episode (at least the plot involving her) it was like I was watching a really bad syfy movie. And I LOL when Nina pointed out that she didn?t even know how to type realistically, I thought about saying that but then I was like that might be too nitpicky but I guess Nina thought differently. So basically this was not my favorite episode of the flash but next week?s promo looks like it is going 2 make up for this mess.

    So how it possible that cisco is having dreams or memories of a timeline that never was? I really hope they explain that because I?m calling bullshit.

    FELICITY IS BACK! I love felicity but it really annoyed me that she was all gung-ho about Barry telling cisco and Caitlin about what?s going on (which I agreed with) but she wasn?t about Barry telling iris. I hate that, I hate this whole we should not tell iris to keep her safe bullshit first of all this is a superhero trope that shows and movies use way to often and I?m sick of it. Iris is not my favorite character by far but her character doesn?t deserve this shit and Barry thinks he is sooo slick talking about ??oh Eddie just wants you in the light? while he bats those beautiful eyes at her, hmmm I see you Barry that was more for you then it was for Eddie.

    Usually I can care less about Eddie but this episode I really felt for him. What they are asking him to do is awful and I really hope this whole lying situation isn?t what sends iris running into Barry?s arms and if she does I hope Barry rejects her because this is not fair 2 Eddie.
    One more thing I hate when characters are offered protection and then turn it down because they can take care of themselves but when something bad happens they are just standing there like an idiot (I?m talking about you Tina McGee)
    And again I love felicity but her and ray really weren?t necessary for this episode, you could have removed them from it and it wouldn?t have made a big difference.

  2. 1. Beth The Beekeeper ? Hell the fuck no!!!!!! I watched seasons of this woman on The Walking Dead and didn?t think she was that bad. My disinterest in her character was due to the writing on that show more than her performance. But this shit right here? Naw, son. This was fuckin terrible. Everything this chick did was wrong and awful. I know she?s an adult (late 20?s I think), but that terrible ass wig, and that terrible ass honeycomb ass dress made me want to make a sandwich just to slam it on the floor. She looked like a child playing dress up. There?s nothing positive I can say about her performance in this episode outside of the fact I?m glad she got paid for it. She?s one or the main reasons, if not THEE reason I?m on the fence about this episode. Not even Joe?s Black Fatherhood could save this shit job of a performance. I could go on about how bad she was, but you get the picture. Fuck this character as a concept, words on paper, and a reality.
    2. Joe/Black Fatherhood ? Can we just applaud this man for his greatness? I mean, he was able to Black Daddy his black daughter, his white adopted son, and a Mexican kid all in one episode. Joe?s Black Fatherhood is the definition of Race together!!!!!
    3. Caitlin ? While I generally like Caitlin, Nina is right about her. Her hitting those Steve Harvey eyes and struggling through lines when Barry told her and Cisco about Wells was at the top of the list of her Side Eye Highlight Reel for me.
    4. Iris ? Until this episode I wasn?t sure if the writers actually wanted us to dislike Iris or not. I personally don?t like this version of her, despite how good looking Candice Patton is (shout out to that white dress.). I thought it may just a matter of taste and my interpretation of her. But this episode has convinced me they don?t want us to like her. At least not right now. Other than hoping she?d bust out that Black Woman Neck Roll on Eddie in the dinner scene, I didn?t like anything she did? Other than put on that white dress. Did I mention the dress already?

  3. If I ignore Emily Kinney’s God-awful acting and Iris’s petty ass ridiculousness, I enjoyed Last night’s episode.

    I’m a little confused about Cisco having memories of the other timeline, but I did wonder if it was possible. I can’t wait to see how that plays out. Maybe he’ll tell Barry and Barry can tell him about his time travels.

    I’m starting to warm up to Ray, mostly because he’s so goofy. As much as I want Oliver and Felicity together, I’m not down for any dishonesty on her part when it comes to Ray. Some of her behavior last night was a little un-Felicity. “He’s like Barry in Oliver’s body??” Say what??!! First of all, Barry is hot as hell and doesn’t need either of their bodies! And stop comparing these men! But, she was bangin last night! The curls, the dress; she was bringing it.

    This Eddie business. Sigh, I just don’t know. I don’t understand why they have to continue lying to Iris. These stupid heroes thinking they can’t tell people stuff or can’t be with the people they love for fear of them being targeted by bad guys is just stupid. Can the writers stop with that shit? It doesn’t make sense to not tell Iris. Actually, Eddie being the one to keep it a secret makes the most sense because he knows she’s got the hots for Flash. And is it just me or did he seem a little jealous of Barry last night? Ooh wee, what up with that??

    Can. The. Writers. PLEASE. Start
    Writing. IRIS. BETTER?!?! What the fuck was that shit last night? She’s back to sitting on desks, asking stupid questions, jumping to ridiculous conclusions, and now she’s arguing in public and issuing ultimatums. Can someone tell these writers it’s hard to like a character that is so poorly written??? She was so fucking petty and it made no sense! The actress is doing a good job, but let me tell you, if the Trickster or Captain Cold showed up and killed her I would stand and applaud. Blurgh, I hate her!! What is the fascination with making females characters so unlikeable??

    My silly ass really thought Emily Kinney would have taken at least ONE acting class after getting fired from TWD, but no!! She seems to have gotten worse! This show is kinda corny and comic booky, especially with the villains, but she was just fucking AWFUL!! Her lines, her look, her everything! Is there a petition I can sign to get her to never act again?? Shit, I’ll start the damn thing, just let me know where to mail it!

    Can’t wait for next week! It has me wondering if they bust Eobard/Wells, what will happen? Will he leave and next season there’s another big villain? I can’t see this going on for much longer. Especially since Barry can’t seem to stay out his fuckin feelings.

  4. This was probably my least favorite episode. And the 7/10 is accurate. Could be cause I can’t stand Ray & wanted to hurt someone when Felicity said he was like Barry in Oliver’s body. HELL NO! Hell to the NO!!! Barry is sweet & earnest and so freakin adorable. And Oliver is HAWT with an extremely nice body. And then there’s Ray. He’s neither of those things. At least not to me. So that ruined things for me right there.

    Emily Kinney is really sweet in person. But yeah, definitely not her best work. At least she didn’t sing to the bees tho. I was legit worried she would for a minute.

    I felt so bad for Eddie this episode. Except when he talked about their sex life to her daddy. Cause naw man. Never tell her pops y’all are having bedroom problems. Never. Liked Joe’s line about putting a ring on it tho. Good point. Except Eddie is totally right about this being a bad idea to keep Iris in the dark. It’s gonna backfire on all of them.

    Barry would be a terrible poker player. Cause he still has no chill where Wells is involved.

    My mvp tho for this episode was Cisco. That’s my boy! Why he’s remembering the day that never was doesn’t make sense to me but I loved everything with him in the bees. Loved it!

    That’s all I can think of. I’m glad this one is out the way and we can move on to the investigation into Wells/Thawne.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast on this one!

  5. My obsession with the Flash is starting to scare me and this episode did not help my addiction!! Cisco having phantom memories of Wells killing him, I kept thinking what the fuck, what the fuck. And all the theories I have are thrown out the window. I guess with Eddie and Iris rocky relationship we now understand where the Thawne family feud begins. Listen, I think its shitty Barry, Poppa Joe & Eddie are lying to her but if Eddie says my job as a copy doesn’t allow me to talk about it, then respect that! And esp if your GF is a reporter! He can’t tell her anything and Eddie needs to grow a pair and chill the fuck out. Loved Felicity and Ray on the show….I’m not a Ray fan on Arrow but I really liked him in the Flash world, he was kinda adorable. Um…I was giving Beth chick a chance but geez she’s monotone. Thankfully she wasn’t on screen too much. I want more Cisco and Ray scenes, cause they’re fun together.

  6. Ugh!! I did not enjoy this episode!! I don’t know if my anticipation was unmatchable or what? Actually scratch that I do know exactly what was wrong with this episode RAY FUCKING PALMER IS THE WORST!!! I already had to deal with his try hard ass on arrow, and him dating my bae Felicity!! But then they have the temerity to bring this ninja on my flash show!!! Got dammit this shit best not happen again!! I mean who doesn’t water proof their suit, really ninja?!?!

    Also I’ve tried to defend Iris but this episode I can’t do it boo!! Smdh!! 1. Giving Eddie’s lame ass the ole tomato is crazy at this point!! 2. Her basically begging her best friend to fucking hit on her, when she clearly asked him to be a best friend!! Bitch get yo shit together before you turn into Laurel!! Also I’m shocked you missed the point in the beginning when she did sit on Eddies desk slightly Nina !!

    Next I wanna defend Beth!! She may have had some rough lines but yall better lay off her, no snow bunny shade will be tolerated!! I’m glad they didn’t at least give her that following treatment!!

    Lastly I wanna touch on Caitlin and Cisco!! I too was wondering if others would have flashbacks!! I need answers!! I hope Caitlin is able to remember wells doesn’t even need his glasses, and that’s why he gets hard when he describes running through things!!

    Anyway that’s all I got and can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

  7. I guess I’m the only person who actually likes Ray now. He’s so adorably clueless!

  8. The desk sitting thing doesn’t bother me as much as you guys. And other than jumping to ridiculous conclusions about Eddie, Iris could tell something was up with her man. And Barry made an excellent point too about not wanting to dump some of the ugliness you see on the job on your gf. But moving back in with daddy was too much. Jeez. Make him sleep on the couch or something. That was a little extreme.

    But I totally agree with y’all about how dumb it is to keep Iris in the dark about the Flash to protect her. She’s already connected thru her blog. Why would her knowing its Barry change much other than her being pissed at the 3 men in her life.

  9. Btw, since Beth’s bee had a camera & she could see them, does she now know that Barry is the Flash?

  10. This was a really good epi, except for the villain. Not here for Ms. Bee. Cisco as usual pushed at my heart with his ptsd in the other timeline with wells. This was the first episode where I could stand Iris, because i’ve realized this cant be her fault. There is no way the writers arent doing this on purpose to her. The other characters are so great why her? Question though - so if ray is in the spinoff that means hes eventually breaking up with felicity right? cause different citys? I’m glad cisco and kaithlin are in the know now but then everyones going to be acting weird around Wells. The writing was on point with a lot of the quips, it felt like the writers were anwering a bunch of viewer feedback with some of the quips te characters had. Im going to need Eddie to stand up to Iris because she just railroaded the fuck out of his this episode. It was a really good episode over all though!

  11. So I did like seeing Beth from twd but I wasn’t really feeling her character so much or the whole bee thing. It would’ve been more interesting if somehow a meta human could turn themself into thousands of bees. And also the bee puns were just cheesy. “I’m the queen of this hive?” #thingsabeyonceimpostersays. But also how in the heck is Cisco having flashbacks of memories that did not happen in this time line? I mean shouldn’t Caitlin be remembering wells just walking his ass out the chair and obtaining 20/20 vision instantly or iris getting visions of Barry In a tight red suit?? Doesn’t make sense. I just can’t wait till Wells is found out. And it just seemed so quick for iris to give Eddie an ultimatum. Just seem like they trying to hurry up and split them up. But all in all I still liked the episode and I loved loved the reveal at the end! Can’t wait till next week

  12. Brie Larvan - Bee Larva - I understand naming a hero or villan but connecting a name given at birth with a character’s adult life. Okay whatever

    Eddie wanting to tell Iris the secret is funny - Iris thinks it will bring them together when it will end the relationship. He is in a no win situation. Iris already has feelings for Barry - and in a fangirl of the Flash.

    Felicity “Ray = Barry in Oliver’s Body” (three guys)
    Iris “The Flash in Barry’s Body” (one man) - very strong connection

    I wonder if the reason Caitlin is having a problem believing Wells is evil is that she has the most history with him. Caitlin was worining for Wells before Cisco, her connection with him might be the strongest.

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