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The Flash - S1E20 - The Trap

Previously on The Flash, ‘Who is Harrison Wells?’

Gideon Spills All The Tea

In the Secret Chamber of Lies, Barry gets a little truth and more than a few shocks. The newspaper article not only reveals The Flash disappears into a ball of light in 2024, but that his uniform is different as well. It’s a little disconcerting that Cisco seems more blown away by that than anything else they’ve learned. The article also reveals Iris is still a reporter in the future, and she’s Barry’s wife.

Then Gideon speaks up and we learn that Barry is the Director of the CSI division of the Central City police department in the future and also the founding member of… then Barry cuts her off because she can say, “The Justice League.” !@#$% She doesn’t reveal Wells’ real name because she doesn’t understand the way Barry phrased the question, but she does tell him Wells killed his mother because he was angry that Barry “escaped.”

Wells arrives at the labs because of course he does and Cisco is alerted by the tracker he placed on Wells’ wheelchair. As Wells gets closer to the secret room, Cisco briefly wonders if he can access Gideon’s mainframe to wipe all trace that they were there. That’s too complicated and will take too long so Barry simply asks Gideon not to tell Wells they were there. And she agrees because she is programmed to obey his every command - Barry built her. BOOM.

They make it out just before Wells arrives. Gideon tells him that all is well.

Father, May I?

Eddie meets with Joe at Jitters and asks his permission to propose to Iris. Joe delivers a stone-cold, thoughtful no. They don’t have time to argue about it because Joe gets a message that Barry needs them.

“I don’t need your permission, Joe,” Eddie says to Joe’s back because he’s already halfway to the car.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Time Travel

At Joe’s house, he tells Barry and team that it was extremely stupid to go snooping in Wells’ Chamber of Lies. But it’s all good because guess what? Wells is from the future. Bring up time travel and that’s all anyone wants to talk about… finally. Eddie may believe that Barry came move faster than the speed of sound, light, and everything else, but time travel? Pffft. Bridge too far. Not so, says Cisco. He explains they know for sure adult Barry will go back to the night his mother died. Then Barry FINALLY tells them about going back in time when he tried to stop a tsunami and that was weeks ago. Maybe that’s the day Cisco was killed by Wells and those are not dreams, but memories.

Okay, I gotta stop here. Why haven’t they had this conversation before now? Some people mentioned on Twitter that maybe Barry didn’t tell them because he didn’t want to risk changing anything. One, he already changed shit. Major shit. Two, he could have told them before - just as he did now - without giving up all the details. Three, considering it was his traveling back in time that changed Mason’s fate and tipped him off about Wells, you would think the first time Eddie, Joe, Cisco, or Caitlin asked, “Why do you think Wells is evil?” that would have been his answer. Finally, it should have come up the moment Cisco started talking about his dreams. Clearly, this is a case of delaying important conversations that should have happened just to have a major reveal late in the game. And I’m going to forgive it because this show is awesome.

Anyway, Barry isn’t sure how Cisco remembers that day, but he does. And it has given him a really bad idea. They’re going to use Cisco’s memories to get Wells to confess to killing his mom so that Barry’s dad can be released from jail.

Let Me Save Your Son

Three weeks into Barry’s coma and Joe hasn’t left his hospital room. When Barry starts to code, Joe and Iris are pushed out the room. Iris runs off in tears. As Joe watches the confused doctors try to save Barry, Wells appears and offers to help. Joe is skeptical. Wells’ machine blew a hole in the city. Wells insists he has the technology to save Barry. He can make him stronger. Faster. Better. Sorry. Wrong show.

Always Here to Help

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin explains some science stuff she’s come up with to help Cisco recall those memories. Wells rolls up because HE FUCKING WORKS THERE. They recover by giving him some bullshit excuse about metahumans and he comes up with the final piece of the puzzle to get Caitlin’s device to work.

Barry in the Middle

At the precinct, Captain Singh is being uncharacteristically nice to Barry. He’s having pre-wedding jitters. Speaking of jitters, Iris arrives and needs to talk to Barry, but he’s too busy to talk to his future wife and asks if it can wait. Then Eddie shows up because Barry doesn’t have enough stress in his life right now, and he has to watch Eddie kiss his future wife. He needs to talk to Barry as well. Once they’re alone, Eddie shows Barry the ring he bought for Iris. Now Barry knows which ring NOT to buy when he proposes to HIS FUTURE WIFE. Eddie is hurt and confused by Joe’s denial and asks Barry to talk to him. Barry looks like he’d rather walk over hot coals using normal people speed, but he agrees. Mainly to just get the hell away, I bet.

Dream a Little Dream

In Barry’s lab, Cisco prepares to sleep and use Caitlin’s device. Once he’s under, they’re able to talk to him and ask questions. He describes what happened that day: Caitlin left so Cisco could investigate the containment field, he discovered the Reverse Flash was just a recording, Wells caught him, revealed his real name, admitted that he was there to kill Barry and not Nora, then Wells kills him. Caitlin manages to wake Cisco up while he screams for help and his vitals spike.

And not one of them asked what kind of name is Eobard.

Barry realizes his mom’s death was his fault. Then he almost shits himself when Wells calls and creepily asks, “Where are you?”

I Believe in You, Barry… I Guess

Wells is calling to tell Barry about a fire in the building where Captain Singh’s fiance works. Barry rushes on the scene and finds the fiance and others trapped by the fire. Wells urges him to swing his arms really fast to create a wind tunnel to suck out the air (and the fire). Barry tries and fails. Until Wells tells him to try again because he believes in him. The eye roll Wells gives before he says that was epic. Barry puts out the fire and everyone is fine.

Later, Wells questions why Barry doubted himself. Barry says he was just worried he wasn’t able to save everyone. Wells gives him his usual pep talk, but knowing what we know now, it’s creepy as hell. Barry says he wouldn’t have been able to do any of the the great things he’s done without Wells. Wells feels the same.

At home, Barry admits that it’s weird to look at Wells, knowing what he knows, but still liking him. Joe never liked his ass. Barry wants to use Cisco to recreate the moment when Wells busted him so they can get Wells to confess. Joe feels like this is all his fault for letting Wells take care of Barry to begin with. Barry insists it’s Wells’ fault, and he will pay.

Setting the Trap

Dr. Wells is attending a lecture downtown so Team Flash have time to set their trap. Cisco has reversed engineered the containment field to keep a speedster out and will use it to keep Wells from killing him. They test it on Barry and when Barry goes flying across the room, they know it works. Everyone has a job to do except Eddie. He just needs to keep Iris safe, says Joe. Eddie takes offense and stomps off.

Alone with Joe, Barry tells him why Eddie is so butthurt. Joe admits to shutting Eddie down, but he did it because he knows Iris really has feelings for Barry. She will say yes to Eddie and regret it later. Awwww. Joe got your back, boo! He says Barry knows it, too. And Barry proves it almost immediately by rushing out when Iris sends him an emergency text.

At his lab, Barry thinks Iris is about to confess her true feelings for him, but instead she says she’s been investigating all of the strange occurrences in Central City and none of them pre-date the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs. She thinks something was released into the atmosphere that night and it gave some people powers. Barry then lies to her face, saying he was exposed and doesn’t have powers.

Oh, Barry. Then he brushes her off and rushes out.

I Do Dumb Things Like That When You’re Not Around

Iris sits by Barry’s bedside at S.T.A.R. Labs while he’s in a coma. She tells him about accepting Eddie’s date and refers to it as a “dumb thing.” Mmm hmm. She needs him to wake up. When she touches his hand, a spark of electricity zaps her fingers.

Dr. Wells is Playing Chess; Everyone Else is Playing Clue

Wells arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs and Caitlin tells him Cisco is working in the containment field. He’s had some kind of breakthrough. Wells is going to mosey on down there to see what’s what. He pauses outside the door, takes off his glasses, and his face totally looks like, “Okay. They really gonna make me do this shit.”

Wells walks in on Cisco and the scene plays out almost exactly the same except Barry and Joe are hiding in the room, Wells’ hand doesn’t vibrate when he threatens Cisco, and Cisco stumbles into the containment field thinking it will protect him. It doesn’t. Wells walks right in. Joe jumps out and fires off three shots. Barry catches all but one of the bullets which finds its way into Wells’ chest. He’s dead and there goes Barry’s chance to free his dad. Then Wells morphs into Hannibal Bates.

Team Flash Stay Fucking Up

Wells is not there, but he speaks to them via speaker. Suckers. He taunts them that their lives are all better because of him. And he’s not going to kill Barry, because he needs him. And he’s not going to free Barry’s dad. Cisco’s tracker picks up Wells in the Chamber of Lies, so Barry rushes off.

He finds the Reverse Flash suit is gone, an empty wheelchair, and a wall of surveillance videos of his house, his lab, Eddie’s house, the newspaper, etc. Iris is in trouble.

Iris is going on a nighttime stroll with Eddie when he stops to propose on a bridge. Before he can, Reverse Flash snatches the ring, and then slams Eddie to the ground. Iris confronts him for killing Barry’s mom. Before he can hurt her, The Flash arrives and RF takes off with Eddie. The Flash, distorting his face, but still sounding like Barry Allen talking into a fan, tells Iris to go home and promises to bring Eddie back. Their fingers touch before he speeds away and a spark of electricity jolts Iris.

And just like that, finally, she knows Barry is The Flash.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Eddie confronts RF, saying he knows it’s Wells. Wells reveals his real name and Eddie assumes this has all been about him. Wells is all, “Aww. Slow your roll, stupid. This is bigger than you.” Eddie is just his insurance.

While Barry is in his coma, Wells speaks to him about how easy it would be to kill him. But he needs him. And even though watching Barry for 15 years haven’t shown any signs of the man Barry will become, he will still kill Barry eventually. Barry is not forgiven for whatever the hell it is he has done to this man.

Barry’s Possible Offenses Against Eobard Thawne
  • Barry wouldn’t let him join The Justice League.
  • Barry didn’t give him the big piece of chicken.
  • Eobard really wanted Iris to be his great-great-great-great grandma, and he resents Barry for marrying her.
  • Eobard was in love with the real-life Gideon and Barry is responsible for her death. He added insult to injury by modeling his AI after her.
  • Eobard is a dick and picks on people will real names that don’t sound made up.
Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts & Questions:
  • Eddie is such a goober. A lovable, destined to lose the girl, goober.
  • Did I not tell you he had cameras everywhere?
  • We still don’t really know how Cisco was able to remember the day that never was.
  • Until now, we’d not seen Wells use speed after being trapped, but before getting the blood sample from the metahuman who could take Barry’s powers. Now we know that he retained his speed after being stranded (or at least got it back before Barry woke up - maybe in the explosion?).
  • I hate the way they piece together things they should have already known or suspected. Caitlin: “Maybe he knew the explosion would make you The Flash!” Uh, you guys speculated about this already and it seemed to be the obvious answer. Sure, you don’t yet know why, but you already said this!
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10 Comments on The Flash - S1E20 - The Trap

  1. Gideon: Ok, so now it makes perfect sense why Gideon has an attitude with wells, it?s because she knows that wells isn?t her creator and has probably been reprogram 2 take commands form wells. Did you see that smile she had when she told him everything was fine? She was probably thinking ??you?re going down mother fucker??.

    JUSTICE LEAGE Maybe? : On the website they pointed out a Easter egg in the newspaper article that I missed. ?Besides calling Oliver Queen’s character “Green Arrow” instead of “Arrow,” they also mention that when the Crisis is happening, the heroes of Central and Starling Cities are joined by Hawkgirl and the Atom. Did you guys catch that?

    Eddie: This man is the thing that?s standing in the way of west-allen so fuck him. How come he has never talked about the fact that iris basically got wet every time she mentioned the flash who he now knows is Barry? Because If he puts that together he should know that iris is in love with barry/flash and his try hard ass wouldn?t be asking her 2 marry him. I really hope he turns evil after this episode so that his character could be less dull.

    Sisqo: just like you guys were spoiled about Caitlin in the comics I was spoiled about sisqo. I am a little pissed that I was spoiled but it does kind of help me understand why sisqo is able to remember a timeline that never was (fucking afterbuzz).

    Iris WEST-ALLEN: I am so happy about this, iris isn?t my favorite character by far but barry is and for some reason he loves iris so I want them 2 be together (for barry). I squealed when I saw the article was written by Iris West-Allen, Finally she is part of the show now. She knows about the particle accelerator giving people powers and she FINALLY knows Barry is the flash (again I squealed). I know it?s a bit cheesy that the spark of their love is what helped her figure it out but I don?t care because it?s about fucking time, I hope she doesn?t cuss them all out for lying to them and understands that they were doing it because they wanted 2 keep her safe (is that wishful thinking?). And I really don?t want them 2 do the on and off again relationship thing, I just want them together and happy and maybe iris can get a power and they can fight crime together. (Again, wishful thinking)

    #Blackfatherhoodfeels: He ships west Allen, he called Barry his son, and basically told Eddie 2 kiss his black ass when it comes to marrying his daughter, Can this man get any better? NOPE that?s why unfortunately he has 2 die by the end of the season.

  2. Damn this show for having me all up in my feels!!

    First off I love Joe, shutting down Eddie’s lame ass!! It was hilarious, although after his convo with Barry I got a Papa Pope vibe!! Or maybe that’s just me being racist and sayin all Black TV fathers are the same!!

    Onto Wells! Was I the only creeped out by all the video layout he had set up on them? I mean the fact that he’s a Voyeur is not surprising but why did he have the video of Iris straddling Eddie in the morning? You know he had to have watched the video multiple times!!

    Then I can’t get over the fact all these people seem to want to blame themselves for everything going wrong? I mean to steal Nina ‘s phrase “Wells is a lying liar who lies” so being me I’d totally blame him and not lose a wink of sleep!! Plus his name is Eobard so he gots to be the problem!!

    Last thing is Iris!! I’m glad she’s finally in the loop, and I can’t wait to see how she reveals she knows!! Bc when she breaks eddies heart causing him to snap and kill joe I’m gonna laugh so hard and watch as the world slowly burns around me!!

    Anyways that’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

  3. This show just gets better and better every week!!

    I KNEW Wells was watching them. These idiots are just going around having conversations about him all willy-nilly. You believe this man is an evil speedster capable of time traveling to kill Nora, of disappearing Mason and that other guy, but you don’t think he’d have cameras watching you?? I issue a collective #bigdummy. I keep trying to think of a way to keep Tom Cavanaugh on the show, because I love him and he’s doing so good with this character, but I can’t think of anything. He has to go away then come back!

    Was I the only one who noticed Pannabaker’s awful line delivery at the end of the episode? She’s awful!

    Joe cracks me up! He straight old Eddie “hell no, you can’t marry my daughter!” That shit was hi-laruous. I like Eddie, but I still laughed. He needs a gut check anyway. He’s much to loose around the father of his girlfriend.

    Cisco is so damn cute. I love that he couldn’t stay focused, even during his state of hypnosis or whatever the hl they did. I don’t science very well. Did everyone catch all those references? My favorite was the Kali Ma reference! I was dying!

    Iris didn’t annoy me as much as usual, but I think it was because she wasn’t on enough to do something to set me off. I’ve pinpointed my issue with her, and as I’ve said before it’s a thing with the writing. I’ve noticed the writers for Arrow and Flash give us these pretty, but flighty females ago flit about the lives of their men, simpering and smiling and being annoying fools. Then you have Felicity. Smart, funny, capable. And I don’t think the writers or casting director thought about how fucking hot Emily Bett Rickards is and how much the fans would want to see her with Oliver. Now they have to make her as senseless as Iris and Laurel and that pisses me off. There’s no reason for any of these characters to be this level of annoying. I need the writers to stop.

    I can’t wait to see how everything shakes out. That next crossover episode will be beast!

  4. This show once again proves that they know their audience . The past two episode we’ve been like, doesn’t he hear them talking in the other room…how come this super scientist from the future not have security at his house or future secret time lab. Then BOOM …he knneeeewww the whole time . He pulled a Straight up “Sliver” (Sharon stone movie) on all of them .Camera in the lab? No no, how about a camera in your grandmothers second cousins house. How this show is able to make someone in a wheel chair so creepy I’ll never know .. And who else got choked up when joe called Barry his son . ..and yes Nina I’m a guy 🙂

  5. Sooooo…Wow! Loved the episode and definitely agree with the 10 rating. I loved finding out that Gideon was made by Barry and that Iris and Barry get married. However, I am wondering like Cisco if them knowing the future messes with what they do now in the present and could affect the future. Like, now that Barry knows he marries Iris, maybe he could come on too strong or maybe not try as hard because he thinks he has things in the bag and then ultimately drive Iris away. I wonder if Wells stole Gideon from Barry somehow or if Gideon was made for everyone in the future, like a dope Siri or something. I am upset that Barry just lied straight to Iris’s face even after she put everything together and said he did not have powers. Next, when Cisco sets up the trap for Wells, I thought something funny was happening because Wells hesitates in the hallway before going to see Cisco and when he lifts up his arm to act like he was going to kill Cisco, his face has an expression like “I do it like this right?” Making me wonder if Wells also can recall what happened so he could tell Hannibal how to act or was just Cisco’s description of the dream enough for him to recreate things. I mean he even slammed down the laptop and everything, things Cisco did not verbalize while he was lucid dreaming. But even though I thought something was fishy, I did not expect it to be Hannibal! I literally yelled out in my apt and scared my dog lol. And you called in Nina that Wells has been knowing what they have bee saying this whole time! Then, poor Eddie was in front of Iris with his nose wide open wide enough to drive an 18-wheeler up there (lol, a phrase my dad says all the time) and gets taken away for Eobard’s “let me introduce myself, my name is HOV…” speech! I am happy that Iris finally has realized that Barry is the Flash. I didn’t realize why that spark made her think of Barry until I read the recap. Finally, I am wondering if Barry really did something to Eobard that we as an audience think was messed up or is it him just being petty for something like he wants to be the only speedster around or something. Whatever it is, he has a serious vendetta against him. I cant wait to till next week and to hear the podcast! It’s about to go down!

  6. This might be the best episode of the season. They?ve all been great, except for the Bethisode, but this one really did a lot. Here are some comments on it.
    1. Joe ? Hey, anyone need a black daddy?? West ? Once again my dude came with that classic fatherhood. He wasn?t the highlight of the episode, but I liked the fact it was revealed that he never liked Wells punk ass from the beginning. Those black fatherhood skills knew something was up with this cat, and even though he let Barry go with him, he was wishing a mutha fucka WOULD jump bad.
    2. Wells/Thawne ? This is one diabolical mutha fucka. We knew that already, but this week really showed it. I?m going to go ahead and put him in that Malcolm Merlyn/Captain Cold class of evil sons of bitches that I like. Tom Cavanagh is acting his ass off. He?s on that Robert Downey ?I?m the dude playing the dude, playing another dude? Tropic Thunder shit. It was dope how they showed how he had cameras everywhere too. The kids were still stupid to talk about him in the lab, but as we saw, he had eyes and ears all over the place.
    3. Iris West-Allen ? I already knew that she and Barry were going to end up together, but I?m glad the show revealed it to anyone who didn?t know that. We still have to see the process of it, but that was a nice touch. I also like that she figured out Barry is The Flash. Now we?ll have to see how she confirms it and how she reacts to realizing she?s been lied to by everyone else about his identity. That said, they?re making her seem inconsistent. She?s clueless on some things, but then in other cases she?s a Felicity level computer wiz, and compiling a bunch of information on Wells. Come on, writers.
    4. Catlin ? I still have my side eye on this chick because, reasons. Also, she?s a TERRIBLE liar. Terrible.
    5. Cisco ? Cisco is a cool cat. He was great in this episode. Especially the dream stuff. That was cool to watch.
    6. Eddie ? I wonder if Eobard?s beef with Barry started with something with Eddie. Like some kind of Iris related stuff that made Eddie hate Barry and snowballed into something that eventually made Eobard hate him too. Or if Eobard is trying to kill Barry to prevent him from harming Eddie in some way. Either way, it feels like Eddie is tied to it all and will eventually become a bad guy.

  7. This week’s episode was too good.. I’m just sat there after it ended and mouthed, “I’m a spoiled motherfucker.”

  8. Another one is airing Thursday?

  9. Yup. Rogue Air will air on Thursday. The podcast I record on Friday will cover these two episodes and Rogue Air. Then the finale airs on Tuesday.

  10. Gotta remind Winifred Johnson cause she missed last Thursday’s episode.

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